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800 – Science, Technology and Health

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Spring 2018

F804 - Medical Updates from the Health Professionals at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital - Coordinator: Cathey Weir
       Benign Colorectal Lecture [PPT] 

L809 - The History of Mathematics from 3300 BCE to 1200 CE - Instructor: Michael Flicker 
       History of Mathematics of Egypt and Mesopotamia [PPTX]     
       Early Greek [PPTX]       
       Euclid of Alexandria [PPTX]   
       Archimedes - Master of Thought [PPTX]       
       Conics [PPTX]          
       Heron, Nicomachus & Diophantus of Alexandria [PPTX]    
       Chinese Mathematics [PPTX]       

Winter 2018

F801 - History of the Universe (Classical) - Instructor: Mark Dodge 
       History of the Universe 1st Week [PPTX]  
       History of the Universe 2nd Week [PPTX]  
       History of the Universe 3rd Week [PPTX]  
       History of the Universe 4th Week [PPTX]  

L806 - Global Health: The Evolution of Today’s International Health Architecture and Future Impacts on
           Responding to Emerging Infectious Disease - Instructor: Felice Apter 
       Presentation 1 [PPTX]  
       Presentation 2 [PPTX]  

Summer 2017

F805 - Medical Updates from the Health Professionals at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital - Coordinator: Cathey Weir
       Arthritis and Joint Replacement - Zachary Weidner, M.D.  [PDF]  

Summer 2017

F802 - Bicycle Riding for the Chronologically Gifted - Instructor: Lorrin Garson 
       Presentation [PDF]  

Spring 2017

R809 - Savvy Searching for Senior Health - Instructor: Janet Cochran 
       Top 100 Health Websites You Can Trust [PDF]    
       Finding Health Information [PDF]  

Winter 2017

F802 - Psychology Potpourri - Coordinator: Cathey Weir
       Links between Stress, Thinking and Health - Linda D. Chrosniak [PPT] [PDF]  
       Understanding Alzheimer's Disease [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Sensory-Cognitive Interactions [PDF]  

Summer 2016

F803 - “Honey, Turn Down the TV!” - A Consumer’s Holistic Guide to Living with Hearing Loss
    - Instructor: Bonnie O’Leary    (LARGE FILES)
       Part One  [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Part Two  [PPT] [PDF]  

L810 - Cybersecurity: Red Team, Blue Team - Instructor: Tom Manteuffel 
       Week 1 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Week 2 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Week 3 [PDF]  

L812 - Exercise is Medicine, Food is Fuel - Instructor: Wendy Johnson MS, RDN
       Exercise is Medicine! Food is Fuel! [PPT] [PDF]  

Spring 2016

F803 - Fourth Quarter Athletes: Mastering the 100+ Lifestyle Game - Instructors: Anne Drissel, Dave Lloyd
       Homework [DOCX] [PDF]  

Winter 2016

F801 - The New Autism - Instructor: Ellen H. Korin
       The New Autism - Life on The Autism Spectrum (REVISED) [PPT]

F802 - Stress and Well-Being - Instructor: Ali A. Weinstein 
       Stress and Well-Being [PPT] [PDF]   
       Why Doesn’t Everyone React to Stress in the Same Way? [PPT] [PDF]  

Summer 2015

R807 - Senior Moments? Fact, Fiction and Fixes - Instructor: Catherine Weir  
       Introduction, Prospective Memory, Culture  [PPTX] [PDF]    
       Short-term memory, Working memory, Working Memory Training  [PPTX] [PDF]    
       Long-term memory, Levels of processing - Fact, Fiction, and Fixes  [PPTX] [PDF]    
       Exercise, Memory at microscopic level, Dementia  [PPTX] [PDF]    

Spring 2015

L814 - The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
               - Instructor: Mark Weinstein
       Session 1  [PPTX] [PDF]    
       Session 2  [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Session 3  [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Session 4  [PPTX] [PDF]
       Session 5  [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Session 6  [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Session 7  [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Session 8  [PPTX] [PDF]   

F805/L815 - Space Weather and Hazards - Coordinators: Art Poland, Jeff Rosendhal 
          (The password for videos is 3384)
       Week 2, Apr 2   [Video] - The Sun and Heliosphere 
       Week 3, Apr 9   [Video] - Solar Activity and Magnetic Fields 
       Week 4, Apr 16 [Video] - The Earth’s Magnetosphere I – Structure 
       Week 5, Apr 23 [Video] - The Earth’s Magnetosphere II – Activity 
       Week 7, May 7  [Video] - Coupling between Earth’s upper and lower atmosphere. 

Fall 2014

F804 - Topics on Nuclear Power - Coordinators: Palmer McGrew, Paul Murad
       Fukushima [PDF]     
       Thorium [PDF]     
       Fukushima Health Effects [PDF]     

L807 - Responses to Climate Change - Instructor: Robert Means 
              Class 1 [PPTX]     
              Class 2 [PPTX]     
              Class 3 [PPTX]     
              Class 4 [PPTX]     

L808 - Cybercrime and Digital Privacy - Instructor: Dan Venese  
              Digital Privacy [PDF]     
              Personal Computer Security [PDF]     

Summer 2014

F801 - How to Get What you need from 21st Century Medicine - Dr. Steven P. Simmons
       Slides [PDF] 

R808 - A History of Mathematics from 600 BCE to 300 CE - Instructor: Michael Flicker
       1 History of Mathematics - Early Greek [PPTX] [PDF]  
       2 Euclid [PPTX] [PDF]  
       3 Archimedes [PPTX] [PDF]    
       4-1 Conics [PPTX] [PDF]    
       4-2 Heron, Nicomachus & Diophantus of Alexandria [PPTX] [PDF]    

Spring 2014

F804/L810 - Current Topics in Physics and Astronomy Research at George Mason
       Overview of SPACS Physics & Astronomy - Michael E. Summer [PDF]   
       An Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics - Phil Rubin [PDF]   
       Black holes: a Journey through Modern Astronomy - Mario Gliozzi [PDF]      
       The Dusty Universe - Joe Weingartner [PDF]      
       The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope... - Kirk Borne [PDF]      
       Some Exotic Phenomena in the Quantum World - Indu Satija [PDF]      

R806 - Cybercrime and Digital Privacy - Instructor: Dan Venese
       Cyber Security for the Home [PDF]   

Winter 2014

R805 - History of Life on Earth, Part II - Instructor: Steve Greenhouse
       Slides [PPTX] 6.6MB  
       Meet Your Ancestors [PDF]  

R807 - How to Look and Feel Younger - Coordinator: Mary Kornreich  
       Class readings - Click here for listing  

L809 - Climate Change - Instructor: Robert Means
       Class 1 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Class 2 [PPTX] [PDF] 
       Class 3 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Class 4 [PPTX] [PDF]  

Fall 2013

F801 - Nuclear Power - Coordinators: Palmer McGrew, Paul Murad  
       LNT for Radiation Health Effects - Tarantino & Welch [PPTX] [PDF] 

F802 - Advances in Healthcare - Coordinator: Gloria Loew  
       Colorectal Cancer: Treatment for a Preventable Disease - Dr Daniel Otchy [PDF]  

F803 - Climate and Society - Coordinators: Alan Rubin, David Herring 
          Week 1: The State of the Climate [PDF]     
          Week 2: Ethics & Issues Surrounding Geo-Engineering [PDF] 
          Week 3: Climate and Coastal Inundation [PDF]  
          Week 4: Climate & Marine Ecosystems [PDF] 
          Week 5: Climate Choices [PDF]  
       Suggested readings
          Recommended readings [PDF]       
       Abstracts and Bios
          Course syllabus [PDF]   

R806 - The History of Life on Earth–Part I - Facilitator: Steve Greenhouse
       Slides [PPTX]4.6MB [PDF] 3.9MB  
       The “Cambrian Explosion” of bilateral animals - Karl J. Fryxell, GMU [PDF]  

R808 - The Practical Uses of Space - Coordinator: Jeff Rosendhal
       LANDSAT - 1 [PPT] [PDF]  
       LANDSAT - 2 [PPTX] [PDF]  

L809 - Climate Change - Instructor: Robert Means
       Class 1 [PPTX] [PDF]  

L812 - Healthcare Topics - Coordinator: Kathleen McNamara  
       Oct 17: How to Help Someone with Memory Loss - Julie O’Brien, RN [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Oct 24: Signs and Emergency Treatment of Strokes - Edward Puccio, MD [Link]  
          Explaining Stroke 101 [Link to PPTX]  
       Oct 31: The Spine: From A to Z - Ali Moshirfar, MD [Link]  
          Back Conditions A-Z [Link] 

Summer 2013

F801, L811 - "Nana" Technology - Instructor: Andrew Carle 
       Slides [PDF]  
       Videoconference from Tallwood [Link]

F802, L812, F813 - Successful Aging Versus Realistic Aging - Instructor: Thomas Prohaska
       Slides [PPT] [PDF]  
       The interpretation-and misinterpretation-of health status and risk assessments [PDF]  
       Videoconference from Tallwood [Link]  

F804 - Beginner Chen-Style Tai Chi - Instructor: Jerry Cheng
       Health Benefits of Taichi Exercise [Word] [PDF]  

R805 - iPad Potpourri - Instructor: Stan Schretter
       Charts - Class 2 [PDF]  
       Charts - Classes 3 & 4 [PDF]  

L807 - iPad Basics - Instructor: Charlie Pryor
       iPad Gee Wiz Handout [DOCX] [PDF]  

L810 - Climate Change - Instructor: Robert Means
       Class 1 - What Determines Earth’s Temperature? [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Class 2 - [PPTX] [PDF]  
       A Greenhouse Gas Illustration [DOCX] [PDF] 
       Class 3 - [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Class 4 - [PPTX] [PDF]  

Spring 2013

L806 - Advances in Robotic Surgery - Coordinator: Kathleen McNamara
       Apr 4: Robotic Surgery: A revolution in Urologic Surgery - Jennifer Young, M.D
          [Link to GoogleDocs download] 

Fall 2012

F801 - Savvy Searching for Senior Health - Janet Cochran
       Top 100 Health Websites [PDF]  
       Choosing a Medigap Policy [PDF]  
       Web links - Patient Forums  E-Newsletters  Drugs  
          Doctor Locator  Symptom Checker  Insurance  
       Savvy Searching week 1 [PPTX] [PDF] 
       Savvy Searching week 2 [PDF]     
       Savvy Searching week 3 [PDF]       

L804 - Climate Change 101 - Instructor: Ray Beery
     Big Think blog posting: [Link]  
     Link to download presentations (PPTX) and videos (MP4): NOAA website   

L805 - A Brief History of Aviation—Predominantly American
          Instructor: Mark Weinstein
       Introduction [PDF]  
       World War I [PDF]  
       Between the Wars [PDF]  
       World War II-1 [PDF]  
       World War II-2 [PDF]  

Spring 2012

F801 - Sleep: A Key to Successful Aging - Instructor: Kathy Richards
       Sleep: A Primer [PPT] [PDF]  
       Sleepiness Scale [PDF]  
       Sleep Diary [PDF] 

F802 - Fundamentals of Nuclear Power - Coordinator: Palmer McGrew
       Class 1 - Basic concepts in nuclear physics [PDF] 
       Class 2 - Radiation Health effects [PDF] 
       Class 3 - Nuclear power plant designs [PDF] 
       Class 4 - Current status of nuclear power in the world [PDF] 
       Class 5 - Nuclear fuel cycle [PDF] 
       Class 6 - Nuclear power accidents and effects [PDF] 
       Class 7 - America's Nuclear Future [PDF]  Uranium Mining [PDF] 
   [ These are large files and will take some time to download. ] 

L805 - Heart Health - Coordinator: Mark Weinstein
       Mar 21 - Heart Rhythm Disorders. Dr. Chirag Sandesara [PDF]   

Winter 2012

L805 - George Mason’s Library Online - Instructor: Suzy Jampoler  
       List of suggested databases [HTML] [PDF] 

Fall 2011

F806 - Climate and Society - Coordinator: Alan B. Rubin   
       Course Dynamic [Word] [PDF]
       Note from Alan Rubin [HTML] 
       Theme Topics [HTML]  
       A 2nd note from Alan, Nov 2 [PDF]  
       Climate Mitigation - Steven J. Smith [PDF]  
       Pepco - Tyler White [PDF]  
       National Security and the Threat of Climate Change [PDF]   
       Climate Change and National Security - Courtney St. John [PDF]  
       Climate Change and Health - John M. Balbus [PDF]  
       Arctic Sea Ice Continues Decline, Hits Second-Lowest Level [NASA]
       A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed Itself [NY Times] 
       Under the Sea, Coral Reefs in Peril [NY Times]  
       NASA Readies New Type Of Earth-Observing Satellite For Launch [Website]   

Summer 2011

F803 - “Nana” Technology - Instructor: Andrew Carle
       Is There A Robot In Your Future? [PDF] 

Spring 2011

F803 - Climate Change - Alan B. Rubin, coordinator
 short course videoAdded Feb 2012: OLLI-NOAA Climate Science Short Course videos
       Mar 31: What Is the State of the Climate Today? - Derek (Deke) Arndt
          State of the Climate 2009 - Full report [PDF]  Summary [PDF] 
       Apr. 7: What Is the Difference Between Weather and Climate? - Wayne Higgins
          Weather and Climate [PDF] 
          Presentation slides [PDF]5.5MB 
       Apr 28: Ocean Acidification - Christopher Sabine
          WWF article [PDF]     NOAA Fact Sheet [PDF] 
          EPOCA Guide for Decision Makers [website] 
          Oceanography magazine special issue [website] 
       May 5: Future Climate Change - Robert Fri & Claudia Mengelt [PDF] 
       NOAA Climate Services documents [] 
       Report - Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S. [PDF]6.9MB
       Report - Ocean Acidification [PDF] 
       Report - Impact of Anthropogenic CO2 [PDF] 
       As Clinton works against global warming in Greenland,
          some there don’t mind it (May 13) [WashPost] 
       Contribution of Claudia Mengelt and Robert Fri (May 5)
          Study origin and links [website] 
          Limiting the Magnitude of Future Climate Change [PDF] 
          Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change [PDF] 
          Advancing the Science of Climate Change [PDF] 
          Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change [PDF]  
          Linking greenhouse gas emissions with climate change [website] 
       Climate Impact Studies On Species And Ecosystems [NASA press release] 
       Frozen remains help explain...the woolly mammoth [WashPost]   
       Salt-Seeking Spacecraft Arrives At Launch Site [NASA press release] 
       Popular Consensus: Climate Change Is Set to Continue [PDF]
       Effects of Increased Atmospheric CO2 [PDF]5.7MB
       The Science of Climate Change [Economist]
       2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record [NASA] 
       Earth's Lakes Are Warming [NASA] 
       For Many Species, No Escape as Temperature Rises [NY Times]   
       Global Warming Is Undeniable [ScientificAmerican] 
       Is severe winter weather related to global warming? [WashPost]

R805 - The Search for Life in the Universe -  Mary Kornreich, coordinator   
       Mar 22: Assembling the Jigsaw-Puzzle Picture of the Universe
          Jeffrey D. Rosendhal, PhD [PDF]5.7MB 
       Apr 5: The Evolution of Life on Earth - Karl Fryxell [PDF] 8.6MB  

Winter 2011

F801 - Change Your Mind, Change Your Body
            - Beth Wiley, Anita Ohlhausen, Sharon Brown

Eat Right [PDF]
Food Groups & Portion Sizes [Word]
VDA Nutrition Resources [Word]
Nutrition Facts Label [PDF]
More Resources [Word]
Live Well! Tool Kit [PDF] [website]
   Food Intake Patterns [PDF]
   Results [PDF]
Create Your Plate [Word]
Food Group Weekly Tracker [PDF]
Virginia Produce Chart [PDF]
Reading Nutrition Labels [Word]
Shopping List [PDF]

MyPyramid Worksheet [PDF]
   Activity and Calories [Word]
   Calorie Levels [PDF]
L803 - Mathematics: From the Egyptians to Archimedes - Michael Flicker
       History of Mathematics (slides) [PDF]  

Fall 2010

F801 - U.S. Health Care Reform - Bill Scanlon 
       Week 1 - What’s Special about Health Care and the Uninsured [PPT] [PDF]
       Week 2 - Controlling Costs [PDF] 5MB
       Week 3 - Promoting Better Value and Quality of Care [PPT] [PDF] 
       Week 4 - Long Term Care [PPT] [PDF]     

F803 - Major Chemicals and Plastics We Use Every Day - Brian Martin
       Oct 19 - History of Chemistry [PDF]  Haber‐Bosch Process [PDF]
       Oct 26 - Bakelite [PDF]  Thermoplastics [PDF]
       Nov 2 - Silicones [PDF]  Polyethylene [PDF] 
       Nov 9 - Chemicals and Plastics with Chlorine [PDF]

F804 - World Water Supply: The Coming Crisis - Eldor Pederson
       Course syllabus [PDF] 
       A Glossary of Water Terminology [PDF] 

F807 - Topics in Health and Human Services - Thom Clement, Coordinator
       Oct 21 - The Future of Long-Term Care - Robin Remsburg [PPT] [PDF] 
           Aging in Place Alternatives - from Eileen Duggan [Word] [PDF] 
       Oct 28 - Health Reform and Medicare - Jack Hadley [PPT] [PDF]
       Nov 4 - Long-Term Care and the CLASS Act - 
           Mark R. Meiners [PPT] [PDF]
       Nov 11 - Overcoming the Hidden Stressors in Life -
           J. Goodlett McDaniel [PPT] [PDF]

F808 - Where Your Next Meal May Come From - Barbara Osgood, Coordinator
       Week 1 - What Happened to Grandma and Grandpa’s Farm?
          Jim Cropper - Northeast Pasture Consortium [PPT]9.5MB [PDF]0.7MB 
       Week 2 - How does Our Garden Grow?
          Jim MacDonald - ERS/USDA [PPT]2.6MB [PDF]0.6MB 
       Week 3 - Why Does a Gallon of Milk Cost $4?
          Jim MacDonald - ERS/USDA [PPT] [PDF] 
       Week 7 - The “Double-edged Sword” of Agricultural Technology
          Dr. Felix Spinelli - NRCS/USDA [PPT] [PDF] 
          Hearing release - BP Oil Spill [Word] [PDF]  

R809 - Technology and Society - James Wentworth
       Sep 21 - Communications [PPT] 
       Sep 28 - Artificial Intelligence [PPT] 
       Oct 5 - Robotics [PPT] 
       Oct 12 - Unintended Consequences [PPT] 

R811 - Savvy Internet Searching for Senior Health - Janet Cochran
       Top 100 Health Websites [PDF]  
       Choosing a Medigap Policy [PDF]  
       Web links - Patient Forums  E-Newsletters  Drugs  
          Doctor Locator  Symptom Checker  Insurance  
       Search Tips [PPT] [PDF]  

L812 - Exercise for Health - Betty Price
       Class 1 - Laying the Foundation [PPT]
       Class 2 - Aerobic Exercise and Flexibility [PPT]
       Class 3 - Strength Training [PPT]
       Class 4 - Balance, Putting it all together [PPT] [PDF notes] 

L813 - Topics in Science, Health and Technology - Ram Krisn, Coordinator
       Oct 14 - William Bundy - Bringing Drugs to Market [PPT] [PDF]

Summer 2010

F802 - Only in America No One Dies - Dr. Nicholas J. Robert 
       [Powerpoint]4.3MB  [PDF]1.2MB 

L803 - Design of Naval Warships - Russell Kupferer 
       Survivability and the Design of Modern Warships [PDF] 3.0MB

R811 - Change Your Mind about Weight Loss - Beth Wiley
       Course outline [Word] [PDF] 
       Redefining terms [Word] [PDF] 
       Questions to answer [Word] [PDF] 
       What's the plan? [PDF] 
       Activity suggestions [Word] [PDF] 
       Week at a glance [PDF] 
       Flow charts [PDF] 

L813 - Volcanology: Part I, The Science - John Eichelberger
       Week 1 [PDF] 2.7MB
       Week 2 - Section 1 [PDF] 4.7MB Section 2 [PDF] 4.0MB
          Note: large files may take a few minutes to download 

L819 - Geomorphology: How Landforms Are Created - Barry Haack
       Intro, Earth Materials [PDF] 2.5MB 
       Tectonic Forces [PDF] 3.6MB 
       Gradational Forces [PDF] 2.1MB 
       Landforms 1 [PDF] 2.8MB 
       Landforms 2 [PDF] 2.5MB 

Spring 2010

F801 - The Universe: From Origins Through Life on Earth
       Mar 22 - The Universe - John C. Mather [PPT]5.8MB [PDF]0.6MB 
       Mar 29 - Solar System - Michael E. Summers [PDF]
       Apr 12 - Evolution of plants - Jim Lawrey [PDF]  
       Apr 26 - Evolution of primates - Erika Bauer [PDF]3.0MB 
          [PPT]3.8MB - requires PowerPoint 2007 or Open XML Converter

F802 - Engineering Topics
       Underwater Acoustic Engineering - Michael Flicker 
          Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) [PDF]  

R806 - Water, Water Everywhere - Alan B. Rubin
       Water: Will There Be Enough? [Yes Magazine]   
       Las Vegas Running Out of Water... [] 
       Stimulus cash needs to go right down the drain [PDF]  
       India - Water Problems [Word] [PDF] 
       Abstracts - Matt Ries  Cy Jones  John Woods  Kathryn Jacobsen 
       Course overview [Word] [PDF] 
       Apr 15 - Dr Jerome Delli Priscoli - Background [Word] [PDF] 
          Water and Security [PDF]3.9MB 
       Ontario to ban toilets that waste water - Link to article 
       Power From Trash ... And Sewage, Too - Link to article 
       Apr 22 - Sustainable Water Management - Matt Ries [PDF] 
       Apr 29 - Water Conservation in Egypt - John Woods [PDF] 
       May 13 - Water Quality: Eurtrophication - Cy Jones [PDF]  

L808 - Savvy Searching for Senior Health - Janet Cochran
       Top 100 Health Websites [PDF]  
       Choosing a Medigap Policy [PDF]  
       Web links - Patient Forums  E-Newsletters  Drugs  
          Doctor Locator  Symptom Checker  Insurance  
       Search Tips [PPT] [PDF]  

Winter 2010

F801 - Vaccines and Viruses
       Overview of Vaccines - Donna Chandler - Jan 25 [PDF]
       Vaccine Production - Dr. Robert Kaminski [PDF]1.7MB

F803 - The Large Hadron Collider - John Metzler
       What is a Collider? [PDF]3.3MB 
       What is a Hadron? [PDF] 
       How Large is Large? [PDF]3.0MB 
       Potential Contributions - [PDF]slides-2.0MB [PDF]handout-1.9MB

L807 - Cleaning Up Our Environment - Charles Brunner
       Recycling and Energy Recovery [PDF] 

L808 - Global Regional Climates - Barry Haack 
       Presentation [PPT]3.5MB  [PDF]2.2MB

Fall 2009

F803 - Engineering Topics
       Navigation & Flood Control - Tom Sands - Oct 19
          Presentation [PDF]
          Mississippi Valley Division [Web site] [History] 
       Satellite Communications - Dick McClure - Nov 2
          [PowerPoint] 2.5MB [PDF] 0.7MB 

F804 - Muscles in Motion 
       Pilates and Yoga - Lisa Brunson - Oct 27 
          You and your Core [Word] [PDF]
          Yoga For Strong Legs [Word] [PDF]  

Summer 2009

F809 - After the Flush: Options for Managing Biosolids - Alan Rubin 
       Biosolids Introduction [PowerPoint] 7MB [PDF] 2MB 
       Biosolids Management Evaluation Sheet [MS Word] [PDF] 
       Commentary: Stimulus cash needs to go right down the drain

L813 - PowerPoint Basics and Beyond - Suzy Jampoler  
       For overview and exercise files, click here.     

Spring 2009

F801 - Science and Technology Today
       Week 4 - Spectrum Management and the Global Positioning System
Presentation by Dana Johnson [PDF] 
       - Paper: Transformational Space Programs [PDF] 

Winter 2009

L808 - Seminar in Science and Technology
       Week 1 - Today’s Transportation Technology [PowerPoint] [PDF]

Fall 2008

801 - Science and Technology Today
802 - Global Warming