Theme Topics for "F806, Climate and Society"

I. Mitigation: - Sept 29: Energy and Economy – Led by Dr. Steven Smith, PNNL, and Tyler While, Pepco
This course would examine possible win-win strategies for meeting our energy needs, helping to boost the economy and/or promote new growth in the job market while also addressing the root causes of climate change. What are the issues, opportunities and challenges?
  - Oct 6: Roundtable discussions

II. Adaptation: - Oct 13: Food and Water – Led by Dr. Louie Tupas, USDA
This course will examine how climate changes are likely to affect human health, the types of adaptation strategies that could be implemented to avoid some of these effects, and the co-benefits to health of changes individuals and communities can make to adapt to and mitigate climate change.
  - Oct 20: Roundtable discussions

 - Oct 27: Climate and National Security – Led by Courtney St. John, U.S. Navy
This course will examine the issues, challenges and opportunities presented by climate that are faced by the U.S. military as it sustains its missions to maintain our nation’s (and other nations’) security, today and in the future.
  - Nov 3: Roundtable discussions

 - Nov 10: Climate and Human Health – Led by Dr. John Balbus, NIEHS
This course will present the relationships between climate and the availability of food and water. As climate change and climate variability affect precipitation and soil moisture patterns, what areas are likely to be “winners and losers”? What adaptation measures are being taken to reduce vulnerabilities and improve resilience to adverse impacts while also taking advantage of possible benefits?
  - Nov 17: Roundtable discussions