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600 – Religious Studies and 650 – Humanities and Social Sciences

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Spring 2018

L607 - St. Paul and the First Christians - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Slides [PDF]      

F651 - Ethics: Philosophical Approaches - Coordinator: Rachel Jones 
       The Ethics of Culture [PDF]      
       Aristotle, Alain Locke, and “The Ethics of Culture” [PPT]  

Winter 2018

F601 - The Jesus of History - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Slides [PDF] 

Fall 2017

F601 - The Jesus of History - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Slides [PDF] 

F602 - Survey of Non-Traditional Beliefs - Instructor: Linda Bender 
       Session I: Introduction, Sources,  Mystical Traditions, What Is a Mystic [DOCX] 
       Session II: Resolution of Karma [DOCX] 
       Session III: Reincarnation [DOCX]  
       Session IV: Free Will Choice [DOCX]  
       Session V: Chakras, Aura, Kundalini [DOCX]  
       Session VI: Astrology, Healing System [DOCX]  
       Resources, all classes [DOCX]    
       Additional Discussion Topics [DOCX]  

F603 - The Great Christian Schism: East and West - Instructor: John Rybicki
       Class 1 [PPT] 
       Class 2 [PPTX] 
       Class 3 [PPT] 
       Class 4 [PPT] 

R606 - The Jesus of History - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Slides [PDF] 

F653 - Culture Wars in Modern America - Instructor: David Heymsfeld 
       Culture Wars - Class 1 [PDF]     Class 2 Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]   
              Class 3 Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]   
       Gay Rights - Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]     

F658 - ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Organization - Instructor: Ahmet S.Yayla 
       Open LetterTo Dr. Ibrahim Awwad Al-Badri [PDF]   

Summer 2017   

F601 - Jesus at the Movies - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Slides [PDF] 

Spring 2017   

F603 - Genesis: The Beginning of Wisdom? - Instructor: Gilah Goldsmith 
       Jewish Versions of Genesis in English [ODT] [DOC] [PDF]   
       Recommended Reading [ODT] [DOC] [PDF]     

R606 - Jesus at the Movies - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Handout [PDF] 

F651 - Mass Media Today - Coordinators: Lillian Brooks, Terri Feldmayer, Camille Hodges,
           Gloria Loew, Jeff Milstein, Peg O’Brien 
       The Changing Faces Of Us Media Today - Dr. Richard T. Craig [DOCX] [PDF]     
       Does the Media Need Fixing? - Steve Herman, VOA [PDF] 

Winter 2017   

F658 - Family History Research and Analysis - Instructor: Ann Moore Campbell
       Day 1  [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Ancestral Chart [PDF]     
       Family Group Sheet [PDF]  
       Five generation family tree chart [PDF] 
       Claire Kluskens - Introduction to Genealogy at the National Archives [PDF] 

Fall 2016   

F601 - Survey of Non-Traditional Beliefs - Instructor: Linda Bender 
       Agenda, version 3 [PDF]  
       Session I - Introduction, Sources, Mystical Traditions [DOCX] [PDF]  
       Session II - Karma [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Session III - Reincarnation [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Session IV - Free Will Choice [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Session V - Chakras with Aura Discussion [DOCX] [PDF]      
       Session VI - Astrology, Healing Systems [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Additional Discussion Topics [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Resources [DOCX] [PDF]      

F604/L609 - Religion in American History - Instructor: John Turner
       The 19th Century [PPTX] [PDF]    
       New England Puritanism [PPTX] [PDF]    
       Religion and the American Founding [PPTX] [PDF]  

L607 - The Jesus of History - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Class 1 [PDF] 

F654 - Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle - Coordinators: Camille Hodges, Johnnie Hicks
       The Abolitionists - Stefan Wheelock [DOCX] [PDF]    

Summer 2016   

L607 - A History of Bible Translations, or Which Bible is Which? - Instructor: Gilah Goldsmith 
       Recommended Reading [ODT] [PDF] 
       Chronology of Bible Translations [ODT] [PDF] 
       Session 2 - Birth and Development of NT [DOC] [PDF] 

L659 - Understanding India - Instructor: Vinod Jain
       Understanding India [PDF] 

L662 - International Washington - Instructor: Vinod Jain
       Around the World in Washington D.C. [PDF] 

L663 - Globalization: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Instructor: Vinod Jain
       Globalization: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow [PDF] 

Spring 2016   

F601 - Eastern Orthodoxy: the Ancient Church - Instructor: Panorea Stalter 
       Intro to Orthodoxy through the Creed [PDF]  

F602 - Religious Ideas in Transition: The Books of the Maccabees - Instructor: John Rybicki 
       Background …The Texts …Implications [PPT] [PDF]  
       The Defeat of Foreign Evil by the Power of God [PPT] [PDF]  
       Maccabees [PPT] [PDF]  

R606 - God’s Problem: Why Do We Suffer? - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Handout [PDF]  

R659 - Human Difference, Cultural Understanding, and Social Healing - Instructor: Tony Whitehead 
       Course Syllabus [DOC] [PDF] 
       Course slides [PPT] [PDF]     
       Who Am I - Multiple & Core Self Assignment [DOC] [PDF] 
       Appendices for Workshop in Cultural Understanding [DOC] [PDF] 
       Notes on Five Sexes [DOC] [PDF]  

Winter 2016   

F655 - Introduction to “What Now, Cuba?” - Coordinators: Walt Carlson, Johnnie Hicks 
       About MEDICC [PDF]           
       Tips for Travel to Cuba [PDF]  
       Introduction to "What Now, Cuba" [VIDEO] (posted Jun 16, 2016)  

Fall 2015   

F601 - Judaism, Jews and Jewishness - Instructor: Gilah Goldsmith  
       Jewish Organizations in America [ODT] [PDF]  
       Basic Jewish Texts [ODT] [PDF]     
       Reading List [ODT] [PDF]      
       Chronology - Ancient Jewish History [ODT] [PDF]     
       Chronology - Late Antiquity [ODT] [PDF]     

F603 - How Jesus Became God - Instructor: Jack Dalby
       Handout [PDF]  

F605 - From God To The Afterlife in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - Instructor: John Rybicki 
       Part 1 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Part 2 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Part 3&4 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Part 5 [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Part 6&7 [PPTX] [PDF]  

L608 - Survey of Non-Traditional Beliefs - Instructor: Linda Bender 
       Session 1 - Intro [DOCX] [PDF]       
       Session 2 - Karma [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Session 3 - Reincarnation, Akashic Records [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Session 4 - Free Will Choice [DOCX] [PDF]  
       Session 5 - Changing Your Energy [DOCX] [PDF]  
       Session 6 - Chakras, Mystery Schools [DOCX] [PDF]    
       Resources - All Classes [DOCX] [PDF]    

Summer 2015   

F603 - Joseph in Africa, the Story of a Story - Instructor: Morgan Johnson 
       Lion woman [PDF]        
       Tale of Two Brothers [PDF]        
       Joseph B for OLLI, Part 1 [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]  
       תלדות toldot [PDF]   
       Megabe Beluy Johannis [PDF]  
       Mysteriat Zaman [PDF] 
       Zenahu laYosef [PDF] 
       Coptic Version [PDF] 
       OE. Introduction [PDF] 
       OE. Berber stories compared [PDF] 
       Koran - transliterated [PDF] 
       Jan Knappert's hadith translation [PDF] 
       Hadith translation in process [PDF] 
       Crowther's testimony [PDF] 
       Lamin Sanneh on Crowther [PDF] 

R607 - Meet the Mormons - Instructor: Douglas B. Turner 
       Class 1 - Origins [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]      
       Class 2 - The Plan [PDF]  Part 2 [PDF]        

L654 - War on Poverty - Instructor: Glenn Kamber
       The Great Society - Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty [PPT] [PDF] 

L655 - Today’s Classrooms, Tomorrow’s Leaders - Instructor: Laura Rahn    
       Technology as a Tool [PDF]  

Spring 2015   

F601 - A House Divided: The Councils of the Early Christian Church... - Instructor: Pete Gustin
       List of Heresies [DOC] [PDF]    
       Council of Ancyra [DOC] [PDF]     

R605 - The World is About to End... - Instructor: William A. Reader
       Class 1 - Origins - [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Class 2 - The Antichrist and his Impact - [PPTX] [PDF]  
       Class 3 - Secularized & Catholic Apocalypticisms - [PPTX] [PDF]  

L607 - The Historical Saint Paul - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Presentation slides [PPTX] [PDF]

Winter 2015   

F604 - A History of Bible Translations - Instructors: Gilah Goldsmith, Pete Gustin 
       Translations of the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) into English [PDF]  
       Books of the Bible Chart [PDF]  
       Chronology of Bible Translations [DOC] [PDF]     
       Recommended Reading [DOC] [PDF]     
       Birth and Development of the New Testament [DOC] [PDF] 

L606 - How Jesus Became God - Instructor: Jack Dalby 
       Presentation slides [PPTX] [PDF] 

F653 - When the Walls Fell: Ending the Cold War - Instructor: Richard Melanson  
       Reading and Discussion Schedule--
          January 22--James Wilson Graham, The Triumph of Improvisation, pp.1-62.
          January 29--Graham, pp. 63-115.
          February 5--Graham, pp.116-169.
          February 12--Graham, pp. 170-204.

L655 - Crime, Crime Prevention and Contemporary Crime Issues - Instructor: Cynthia Lum
       Evidence-Based Policing [PDF]  
       Additional readings and videos [Website] 

Fall 2014   

F604 - Introduction to Rabbinic Judaism - Instructor: Gilah Goldsmith   
       Amoraim [PDF]  
       Mishnah   [PDF]  
       Tannaim  [PDF]  
       Time Line [PDF]  

L607 - Prophetic Messianic Expectation - Instructor: John Rybicki
       Development, Meaning, Fulfillment [PPT]  
       Development, Meaning, Fulfillment - Series 2 [PPT]  
       Isaiah [PPT]  
       The Books of the Maccabees [PPT]  

F651 - The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright - Instructor: Claudia Day
       Bibliography [PDF]     
       Handout Week 2 [PDF]  
       Handout Week 4 [PDF]  
       Handout Week 5 [PDF]  
       Week 6 - Room With No View [PDF]  
                      1958 Visit to the Glass House [PDF]  

R659 - The Nuremberg Trials - Instructor: Steve Greenhouse  
       History and Legacy [PPTX]     

Summer 2014   

F603 - The Historical Saint Paul - Instructor: Jack Dalby  
       The Historical St. Paul [PDF]  

F652 - The Best of TED - Instructor: Russell Stone
       T.E.D. 1 topics only [DOCX] [PDF]  
       T.E.D. 1 topics with links [DOCX] [PDF]  

F653 - 1965 in America: The Year Everything Changed - Instructor: Richard Melanson 
Note: Students enrolled in this class are strongly encouraged to watch the PBS American Experience documentary on Tuesday evening, June 24 entitled Freedom Summer as background for our discussion of civil rights and racial tensions.
       Discussion schedule:
       June 26, Patterson, Preface and chapters 1-3 (38 pages)
       July 3, Patterson, chapters 4 and 5 (50 pages)
       July 10, Patterson, chapters 6-8 (50 pages)
       July 17, Patterson, chapters 9-12 (61 pages)
       July 24, Patterson, chapters 13, 14, and Epilogue (44 pages)

Spring 2014

F651 - Cultures and Religions of the Middle East - Johnnie Hicks 
F652 - The Changing Middle East – A Roundtable Discussion - Johnnie Hicks
       CLICK HERE for documents for F651 / F652.

F653 - Foundations of Moral Theory - Coordinators: Ted Kinnaman, Abbie Edwards
       Aristotle’s Virtue Theory - Rose Cherubin [PPT]  

Winter 2014

R654 - The CIA and the 1954 Guatemalan Coup - Instructor: Richard Melanson
       Course outline [DOCX] [PDF]  

Fall 2013 

L606 - The Idea of a Soul in Judaism - Instructor: Michael Leavitt
       Part 1: Introduction and the Bible - Lecture Notes [PDF] 
       Bibliography of Jewish Soul [DOC] [PDF]  

F653 - Cultures and Religions of the Middle East - Instructor: Johnnie Hicks
       Week 1_Cultures and Religions [PDF]  
       Week 1_Sacred Geographies         
       Week 2_Zoroastrianism [PDF]  
       Week 2_Children of Abraham [PDF]  
       Week 2_The Baha'i Faith [PDF]  
       Week 2_Understanding Islam [PDF]  
       Week 2_Who are the Christians [PDF] 
       Week 3_The Arab World [PDF] 

Winter 2013

L605 - The Jesus of History - Instructor: Jack Dalby
       Presentation slides [PDF] 

Fall 2012

F652 - Introduction to the Maya Calendars and Hieroglyphic Writing
          Instructor: Graham Atkinson 
       Numbers and Calendars [PPTX] [PDF] 
       The Writing System [PPT] [PDF]    
       Maya Ceramics [PPT] [PDF]    
       Tortuguero Monument 6 and 2012 [PPT] [PDF]    
       Iconography [PPT] [PDF]      

R654 - Life Lessons from the Great Myths 
       Gilgamesh - Bob Bohall [PDF]  

Spring 2012

F651 - 1846 in the United States and the World - Coordinator: Bob Lawshe
       May 3: Women and the Lady Book - Wendy Campbell [PPT] [PDF] - Large files

Winter 2012

F652 - A Washington Celebration - Coordinator: Bob Lawshe
       Jan 31 and Feb 7: OLLI member and resident poet Mike McNamara
          George Washington’s favorite play: Cato (A Tragedy in Five Acts) 

Fall 2011

F602 - Sheol…Gehenna…Hell: Thoughts on Divine Punishment - Instructor: John Rybicki
       Week 1 - Thoughts on Divine Punishment [PDF]  
       Week 2 - Gehenna in the Christian Scriptures [PDF]  
       Week 3 - The Parables [PDF]  
       Week 4 - Differing Views [PDF]  

F603 - Jesus, Paul and the Law - Instructor: John Rybicki
       Week 1 - Paul’s Writings on the Law [PDF]  
       Week 2 - Jesus & The Law [PDF]  

L605 - Seven Voices, Seven Faiths
       Sep 19: Bahaʹi Faith - Mitchell Jacobson [PPT] [PDF]    
       Oct 3: Unitarian Universalism - Reverend Anya Sammler-Michael
          Unitarian Universalism [PDF]    
          Sixteen Historical Affirmations of the Unitarian Universalist Faith [PDF]    
          How UU's Practice their Religion [PDF]    
       Oct 10: Islam - Chaplain Farhanahz Ellis [PDF]  
       Oct 24: Judaism - Rabbi Linda Joseph [PDF]  

F653 - Improving the Education of Low-income and Minority Children -
             Coordinator: Jack Underhill
       Improving Education of Low-Income and Minority Students in FCPS [PDF] 
       Formative vs. Summative [PDF] 
       Accountability Document [PDF] 
       FCPS 2011 State of the Schools Report [website]  
       Oct 27 - Promise the Future - David Brewer [PDF]   

L655 - Deep Roots: Mythology and Us - Instructor: Bob Bohall
       Week 1 - Origins, Definitions and Differences [PDF]  [PDF notes pages]  
       Week 2 - Other Traditons and Stories [PDF]  [PDF notes pages]  
       Week 3 - Mythology; Myths of Humanity [PDF]  [PDF notes pages]    
       Week 4 - Supernatural Beings [PDF]  [PDF notes pages]    
       Week 5 - Gilgamesh [PDF] [PDF notes pages]    
       Week 6 - Body and Soul [PDF] [PDF notes pages]    
       Week 7 - 4000 BCE to Middle Ages [PDF] [PDF notes pages]    
       Week 8 - Middle Ages to present [PDF] [PDF notes pages]    

Summer 2011

R651 - The Psychology of Voter Behavior - Instructor: John Johns
       How Do We Know What We Know? [PDF] 
       Voting Behavior [PDF] 

Winter 2011

F651 - Aristophanes’ Clouds
       The Development of Greek Theatre - Kathie West [PDF]4.8MB 
       Aristophanes’ The Clouds - Barbara Nelson [PDF]3.5MB  
       The Clouds - Bob Lawshe [PDF]3MB   

L655 - Psychology of Voter Behavior - John H. Johns
       How Do We Know What We Know? [PDF] 
       Voting Behavior [PDF] 

Fall 2010

F651 - Deep Roots: Mythology and Us - Bob Bohall
       Week 1 - Origins, Definitions [PPT]4MB [PDF]1MB 
       Week 2 - Neolithic, Definitions [PPT]4.4MB [PDF]1MB 
       Week 3 - Creation [PPT]2.9MB [PDF]1.3MB 
       Week 4 - Cosmos and Humanity [PDF]6.7MB
       Week 5 - Supernatural Beings [PPT]6.6MB [PDF]3.5MB 
       Week 6 - Samhain and Gilgamesh [PPT]2.8MB [PDF]2.5MB   
       Week 7 - Body and Soul [PDF]5.6MB [PDF w/notes]3.3MB
       Week 8 - Paganism [PDF w/notes] 

Spring 2010

F601 - Nicomachean Ethics: Part III - Bob Lawshe
       Aristotle's Ethics [PDF] 

F602 - Topics in Philosophy
       Apr. 19: Philosophy and craft - Jeanne Day
          A note from Jeanne Day [Word] [PDF] 
          Project Gutenberg: Symposium, by Plato 

F603 - The Great Christian Schism - John Rybicki
       The Church Divided, Part I [PPT] [PDF]  
       The Church Divided, Part II [PPT] [PDF]  
       The Church Divided, Part III [PPT] [PDF]  
       The Church Divided, Part IV [PPT] [PDF]  

L608 - Six Voices, Six Faiths 
       Mar 25: Rabbi Michael Ragozin - Judaism [PPT] [PDF]
       Apr 1: Rev. Anya Sammler-Michael - Unitarian Universalist
          Handout for class [Word] [PDF]  Slides [PDF] 
       Apr 15: Rev. Kate Bryant - Christianity [PPT]2.3MB [PDF]0.9MB   

Winter 2010

L607 - Epictetus - Bob Lawshe 
       A Stoic and Socratic Guide to Life [Word] [PDF]

Fall 2009

F603 - Nicomachean Ethics: Part 1 - Bob Lawshe    
       Handout [Word] 5MB [PDF] 0.8MB  

Summer 2009

F602 - Government-Funded Religion - Rabbi Jack Moline
       Interfaith Alliance Home Page  Government Funded Religion 
       "Keeping the Faith" [PDF]

Spring 2009

F601 - Topics in Philosophy
       Week 1 - Andrew Light: Climate Change [PowerPoint]7.5MB [PDF]3.5MB  
       Week 2 - Irmgard Scherer: The Beautiful Soul [MS Word] [PDF]

F602 - Plato’s Republic: Part III 
       Plato's Theory of Forms [MS Word] [PDF]
       Epictetus [MS Word] [PDF] 

F604 Isaiah the Prophet: Differing Views
       John Rybicki - Complete handout [PowerPoint] [PDF] 

F606 - Poverty, Homelessness and Hunger in the World’s Richest Nation
       Week 1 - Jack Underhill: US Poverty & Inequality [MS Word] [PDF]

Winter 2009

L604 - Explorations in Religion
       Week 1 - Hinduism in India [PowerPoint] [PDF] 
       -- Photos    Note: PPT files below are very large (5-10MB)
          1st set [PPT] [PDF] 
          2nd set [PPT] [PDF] (Rajdhani Temple)
          3rd set [PPT] [PDF]

Fall 2008

603 - Plato's Republic: Part 1  [PDF]  [MS Word]
       Some Platonic Images  [PDF]  [MS Word] (added Dec 4, 2008)
Updated version of the Myth of the Ring of Gyges:
              The Black Hole
(YouTube video, added Dec 8, 2008)