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600 - Religious Studies
 650 - Humanities and Social Sciences



Spring 2014

 F651 - Cultures and Religions of the Middle East - Johnnie  Hicks
 F652 - The Changing Middle East – A Roundtable Discussion - Johnnie  Hicks

The Turks and Turkey
    Ottoman Empire [PDF]  
    The Republic of Turkey [PDF]  
    The “Turkish Model” in the Middle East [PDF] 
    Frustrated with the West, Turks Revel in Empire Lost [LINK] 
    Turkish Proverbs [PDF]  

The Kurds and Kurdistan
    Who are the Kurds? [PDF]  
    The Kurds in a New Middle East [LINK] 
    The Game Changer – Syria, Iran, and Kurdish Independence [LINK] 
    Turkey and the Kurds [PDF]               
    Northern Iraq – Peace, Harmony, and Oil [LINK] 

Persians and Zoroastrianism
    Understanding Zoroastrianism [PDF]    
    Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity [PDF]    
    Understanding Persians [PDF]            
    Inside Iran’s Fury [LINK] 
    Iran and the Looming U.S. Russian Cold War [HTML]  

Children of Abraham
    Children of Abraham [PDF]    
    Similarities - Jews, Christians, and Muslims [PDF]    
    Scriptures on Children of Abraham [PDF]    
    Christians in the Middle East [PDF]    
    Understanding Islam [PDF]    
    Wide Angle – Sunni and Shi’a Islam [HTML]    
    A World Without Islam [LINK] (registration req'd)  
    Prayer for Peace [PDF]    

Iraq: Country with Deep Roots
    Biblical Iraq [PDF]    
    Long History of Iraq [PDF]    
    Iraq: A Country [PDF]    
    Iraq’s Unruly Century [PDF]    
    After Iraq [PDF]    
    The Last Jews of Baghdad [LINK] 
    For Iraqi Christians, Money Bought Survival [LINK] 

Israel and Palestine
    Brief History of Palestinian – Israeli Conflict [PDF]    
    Zionism and Modern Israel [PDF]    
    Who Are the Palestinians [PDF]    
    Understanding Modern Israel [PDF]  
    The Geopolitics of Israel [HTML]   
    Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start? [LINK] 

Arabs and the Arab World
    Understanding Arabs [PDF]    
    Arab Country Snapshots [PDF]    
    The Key to Understanding the ‘Arab Spring’ [LINK] 
    Why Is the Arab World So Easily Offended? (no link yet)
    The Arab Sunset [LINK]    

Recommended Books [PDF]     

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