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Spring 2018

F964 - Health Reform: Will This Repeal and Replace Kabuki Dance Ever End? 
       Health Policy 2018 [PPTX]  

R962 - Crazy Airline Rules Can Make Some Sense! - Coordinator: Leo Brennan 
       The Crazy Airline Industry [PDF] 

L973 - It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over: The Life and Times of Yogi Berra - Instructor: Jim Dunphy 
       Slides [PPTX] [PDF] 

L996 - Airline Regulations: Do They Really Help Consumers? - Coordinator: Leo Brennan 
       Airline Regulation [PDF] 

L999 - The Continental Colors in Philadelphia in 1754? - Instructor: Peter Ansoff 
       Morris  [PDF]    
       Richardson 1982 Text  [PDF]    
       Philadelphia Engraving  [JPG] 

Winter 2018

R901 - Finding Our Way: A Workshop on Self Re-discovery - Instructor: Anne Drissel 
       Introduction message for Day 1 [DOCX]  
       Suggested Self-Observation Homework – Week 1-2 [PPTX] 
       Session 2 Notes [DOCX]  

L956 - How to Take Control of Your Health and Wellness Through Mindfulness Practice
           - Instructor: Martha Brettschneider 
       Health Benefits of Mindfulness [PDF]     

R958 - The Legend Lives On: “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” - Instructor: Jim Dunphy 
       Slides [PPTX] [PDF]  

F963 - Baseball Promotions Gone Bad - Instructor: Jim Dunphy 
       Slides [PPTX] [PDF]  

F965 - The Psychology of Art, Fiction, and Imagination - Instructor: Thalia Goldstein 
       Slides [PDF] 
L972 - Future History - Instructor: Al Carroll 
       Possible Future History [DOCX]  

L973 - It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over: The Life and Times of Yogi Berra - Instructor: Jim Dunphy 
       Slides [PPTX] [PDF] 

L975 - The Empire State Building Dirigible Mooring Mast - Instructor: Peter Ansoff 
       Suggested Reading [PDF]      

F982 - Principles and Practices of Cybersecurity - Instructor: Christine Pommerening
       Slides [PDF] 

Fall 2017

956 -  Why Get a G#? The Perks of OLLI Membership - Instructor: Stan Schretter
       Slides [PDF]  

968 - Downsizing Your Home - Instructor: Ellen Moyer  
       Sellers Timeline [DOCX]  
       Pre Listing Inspection [DOCX]  
       Real Estate Definitions [DOCX]  
       But Zillow Says [DOCX]   

1101 - Caffè e Dolci Italiani (Italian Delights and Coffee) - Coordinator: Judy Sapienza  
       Slides [PPTX]  

Spring 2017

956 - Health Reform: After Repeal, Replace with What and When? - Instructor: Len Nichols 
       Health Policy 2017: Déjà Vu [PPTX] 

Fall 2016

F901 - Adventure Beckons! The Path to Your New Mental, Spiritual, and Fitness Future
              - Instructors: Anne Drissel, Dave Lloyd 
       Summary of Day 1 – September 26, 2016 [DOCX] [PDF]       
       Reflections on Moving On [DOCX] [PDF]    

F902 - Finding Our Way: A Workshop on Self Re-Discovery - Instructor: Anne Drissel 
       Resources [DOCX] [PDF]    Reading List [DOCX] [PDF]     Basic Practices [DOCX] [PDF]     
       Week 2 Summary [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Week 3 [PPTX] [PDF]   
       Week 4 [PPTX] [PDF]    Seeing the Light [PPT] [PDF]     Websites of interest [DOCX] [PDF]   
          Week 4 Summary [DOCX] [PDF]     Class Feedback [DOCX] [PDF]  
       Reflections on Moving On [DOCX] [PDF]    

961 - The 2030 Roadmap: Greater Washington’s Economic Future - Coordinator: Leo Brennan
       Roadmap [PDF]   Flyer-August 2016 [PDF]   WBJ Insert [PDF]  

Summer 2016

F901 - A Midsummer’s Cheese Tasting - Instructors: Bob Coffin, Doris Bloch 
       Chocolate Cheese Fudge [DOCX] [PDF]       

Spring 2016

969 - How to Fix Health Reform: Mid-Course-Correction or Repeal and Replace? - Instructor: Len Nichols
       The ACA’s 6th Birthday scorecard [PPTX] 

Winter 2016

958 - The History and True Meaning of Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah?) - Instructor: Gilah Goldsmith 
       Hanukkah [PDF]     
       Megillat Antiochus [PDF]     

962 - Chemistry for Those Who Hate or Flunked Chemistry - Instructor: Lorrin R. Garson 
       Slides [PPTX] [PDF] 

Fall 2015

F902 - Refresher Bridge - Instructor: Gordon Canyock 
       Handout on Play of the hand [PDF]     
       Lesson 1 [PDF]         
       Lesson 2 [PDF]         
       Lesson 3 [PDF]       
       Lesson 4 [PDF]     
       Lesson 5 [PDF]     
       Lesson 6 [PDF]     
       Lesson 7 [PDF]     
       Bridge Scoring [PDF]     
       Instant Scorer (ACBL) [PDF]   

966 - Ten Advantages of Aging for Psychological Health - Instructors: Jerome Short, Diane Wagner
       Slides [PDF]     
       Handout [DOC] [PDF]     

Spring 2015

957 - Crossing the Bar - Instructor: Conrad Geller 
       Twenty ways to read a poem [DOC] [PDF]     
       Thomas Gray - Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard [DOCX] [PDF]     

Winter 2015

R902 - Meditation - Instructor: Linda Bender 
       Resources [PDF]  
       Session I [PDF]   
       Session II [DOCX] [PDF]   
       Session III [DOCX] [PDF]   

967 - Solar and Super-Insulated Homes - Instructors: Rich and Marian Taschler  
       31 Years Of Pocket Change  [PPTX] [PDF]   

Fall 2014

L902 - Meditation - Instructor: Linda Bender  
       Resources [PDF]      
       Class 1 [PDF]   
       Class 2 [PDF]   
       Class 3 [PDF]   

964 - Ten Advantages of Aging for Psychological Health - Instructors: Diane Wagner, Jerome Short
       Slides [PDF]  

983 - Biblical Archaeology - Instructor: Mark Sweberg
       People in the Bible [PDF]    

986 - Caring for a Person with Dementia - Instructor: Christi Clark  
       Presentation - Nov 13, 2014  [PPTX] [PDF]    

991 - The Battle of Second Bull Run/Manassas, August 28-30, 1862 - Coordinator: Jim Anderson
       Bus Trip - Friday, 8:30–4:30, Oct. 17
       Trip Description, Logistics and Agenda [DOC]  

Spring 2014

L902 - Meditation - Instructor: Linda Bender
       Handout, Session I [PDF]  
       Handout, Session II [PDF]  
       Handout, Session III [PDF]  
       Resources [PDF]        

L903 - Mysteries of the Paranormal - Instructor: William E. Stoney
       Lecture 1 [PDF]  
       Lecture 2 [PDF]  
       Lecture 3 [PDF]  
       Lecture 4 [PDF]  
       Lecture 5 [PDF]  
       Lecture 6 [PDF]  
       Lecture 7 [PDF]  
       Lecture 8 [PDF]  

957 - Mindfulness and Health - Instructors: Jerome Short, Diane Wagner
       Presentation slides [PPTX] [PDF]   

Winter 2014

951 - Astronomy and the Social Concept of Time - Instructor: Jeffrey L. Kretsch
       OLLI Notes [PDF]  

957 - The Role of Physical Therapy in Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis - Coordinator: Dr. Barry Berkey
       Bone Health 101 - Chuck Ottavio PT [PDF]  

959 - The Sinai Peninsula - Instructor: Mark Sweberg 
       My time in the Sinai [PDF]   

966 - OLLI Visit To Las Vegas And Southern Utah, June 1-6, 2014
       (Very) Rough Draft [DOCX] [PDF]   

Fall 2013

960 - Obamacare Geekonomics: AKA What’s It (ACAPPA) All About ALFIE?? - Instructor: Bruce D. Phillips
       Handout [DOCX] [PDF]   

963 - Legalizing Marijuana - Instructor: Bob Bohall
       Slides [PPTX] 4 MB [PDF] [PDF-notes pages]

968 - Making the Visual Verbal in Live Theater - Instructor: Marianne Metz 
       Schedule of audio-described performances [PDF] 

976 - An Evening at Downton Abbey
       Resources and recipes [DOCX] [PDF]   

979 - Learning to Connect with the “Connected” Generation - Instructor: Kate Kamber 
       Powerpoint Slides [PDF]      
       Best Platforms to Connect With [PDF]   
       A Portrait of "Generation Next" [PDF]     
       Millennial Trends - Pew Center Report [PDF]      
       Attention Deficit Trait vs ADD [PDF]   
       Workplace Drive - Global Trends [JPG] 

980/981 - Emotions in History - Instructor: Peter N. Stearns
       Oct 30 at Tallwood and Loudoun [Link to video]  

Summer 2013

F902 - Summer Soups and Salads - Instructor: Debbie Halverson
       Recipes [Word] [PDF] 

Spring 2013

R902 - Mysteries of the Paranormal - Instructor: William E. Stoney
       Parapsychology [PPT] [PDF]  
       UFOs [PPT] [PDF]  

953 - Taking Tea in the Colonies II - Kathleen Pablo
          Coordinator: Manny Pablo
       Colonial Tea Recipes [Word] [PDF]  

967 - Secrets of Versailles - Instructor: Kathleen Pablo
       Handout [PPTX] [PDF]   

973 - The George Mason University Story - Instructor: Alan Merten
       Dr. Merten's application for the Mason presidency [PDF]  
       Website link []  
       To view a video recording of the May 8th class, click here.

974 - Home as We Age - Instructor: Sue Thomas
       Class slides [PDF] 

982 - Family History Basics: Get Started! - Coordinator: Manuel Pablo
       Brian Goldsmith - Slides [PDF]  

Winter 2013

F901 - Comfort Foods II - Instructor: Debbie Halverson
       Recipes [Word] [PDF]  

955 - Legalizing Marijuana PROS AND CONS - Instructor: Bob Bohall
        Presentation slides [PPT] [PDF]

963 - What Next for Health Reform? - Instructor: Bill Scanlon
       Presentation slides [PPTX] [PDF]    

965 - Have You Had Your Rocks Today? - Instructor: Sue Marcus  
       The Importance of Minerals [DOC] 
       Mining products in a car [DOCX] 
       Smartphone origins [DOCX]    
       The Life Cycle of a Mineral Deposit (4.2 MB PDF) [USGS link]   
          Activity 4, Cookie Mining [PDF]  
          Graph paper [PDF]  

Fall 2012

F902 - Baking 101 - Instructor: Debbie Halverson
       Dave Mason's Chandler Family bread recipe [Word] [PDF]  
       Debbie's Devil's Food Cake [PDF] 
       Doris's Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies [PDF] 

F905 - Slightly Gourmet - Instructor: Debbie Halverson
       Recipes [Word] [PDF]    

955 - Our Shenandoah - Instructor: Bob Webb
       Handout (with hyperlinks) [DOCX]  

964 - Social Networking Update - Instructor: Danielle Brigida 
       Presentation [Slideshare]  

966 - Vitamin D Deficiency - Instructor: Vibha Thakral-Saalinger
       Presentation [PPT] [PDF]    

Spring 2012

F900 - Ethnic Cooking - Coordinator: Debbie Halverson
       Recipes [Word] [PDF]  

950 - Black Holes - Instructor: Mario Gliozzi
       Black Holes: a journey through modern astronomy [PDF] 

956 - An OSS Officer in France
Look - Norma LaGueux Hamilton [PDF]   

964 - Technology of the 1930s - Instructor: Bill Reader
       Slides [PPTX] [PDF]     Notes [PDF]   

965 - The Plains Indian Wars: 1862–1890 (Bus Trip, June 4-8, 2012)
OLLI Visit to Montana and Wyoming - Michael Kelly, Dick Cheadle & Jim Anderson
       June 4-8 - Fact sheet and itinerary (Very Rough Draft) [PDF] 

Winter 2012

F901 - Comfort Foods - Instructor: Debbie Halverson
       Comfort Foods: Recipes [HTML] [PDF]   

Fall 2011

F903 - Cooking Basics: 101 - Instructor: Debbie Halverson
       Basics of Cooking recipes [PDF]  

Spring 2011

972 - eBooks and eAudiobooks from the Fairfax County Public Library
       Handout - eBooks and Mobile Devices [Word] [PDF]  

Winter 2011

954 - Pacific Rim Perspectives: A View From the Top – New Zealand
          The Right Honorable Mike Moore, Ambassador
          Kathleen Burns,
       Air New Zealand [PDF]  

967 - Computer History and Hardware - Prakash Rao 
       Lecture slides [PPT] [PDF] 

968 - Computer Software and Social Networking - Malathi Rao
       Lecture slides [PDF]

Fall 2010

L904 - Family History Basics - Ray Beery 
       Family Tree Tutorial [Word] [PDF]  
       Eisenhower [Word] [PDF]  
       Contacts Log [Word] [PDF]  
       WorldConnect [Word] [PDF]  
       Hourglass Chart [PDF]  
       Genealogy Software 2010 [Word] [PDF]  
       Family History Log [Word] [PDF]  
       Pedigree Chart PBS [PDF]  
       Family Group Record PBS [PDF] 
       GenWriters Guide [PDF]  
       Interviewing a Family Member [Word] [PDF]  
       Bookemon: Publish Your Family History [Word] [PDF]  
       RootsMagic Reports [Word] [PDF]  
       Reverse Genealogy [Word] [PDF]  
       Shaking the family tree [Word]4.7MB [PDF]  
       Ancestry Profile Page [Word] [PDF]  
       Organizing Your Research [Word] [PDF]  
       Publish Your Work [Word] [PDF]  

958 - The New Health Care Law: How It Affects You - Bill Kallio, AARP
       Health Care and You [PPT] [PDF] 

964 - The Public Library or the Kindle: 2010 and Beyond - Barry Berkey,
            Edwin “Sam” Clay, Director, Fairfax County Public Library
       FCPL Fact Sheet [Word] [PDF]  

Summer 2010

L905 - BOOT CAMP: So…You Think You Might Like to Teach?
       Kathie West, Suzy Jampoler, Stan Schretter
       Day 1 [PDF]   Day 2 [PDF]  (Kathie West)
       Day 3 [PDF]  Stan Schretter  

Spring 2010

F901- Topics in Psychology
       Stress - Linda Doss Chrosniak, PhD [PPT] [PDF]   

F903 - Trip Tales
       Apr 21 - A Walk on the Chemin St. Jacques - Eldor Pederson
          Trip Resources and Recipes for Aligot [PDF] 

Winter 2010

F901 - Contemporary Bridge: Play of the Hand 
       Handouts - Gordon Canyock, Susanne Zumbro
       #1 [Word] [PDF] 
#2 [Word] [PDF]  #3 [Word] [PDF] 

Fall 2009

F955 - Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants - Shelley Reynolds 
       Presentation [PPT] 2.2MB [PDF] 1.7MB
       Need More Information? [PDF] 
       Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas [Web site]  
       Native Plants ( [Web site]  

Spring 2009

F901 - Education Today: Opportunities and Challenges 
       Week 1 - Today's Schools...  [PPT] [PDF]
       Week 3 - Special Education [PPT] [PDF]
       Week 4 - Assistive Technology [PPT] 2.8MB [PDF] .8MB

F951 - Everything’s Coming Up Roses
       Roses 101 - 30 Roses in 30 Minutes [PPT] 7MB [PDF] 4MB

F958 - How Generation Y is Changing Our Workforce
        Michelle Marks: The Young and the Restless [PDF] 

F963 - Poetry Reading by OLLI’s Own

Winter 2009

F902 - So You Want to Teach - Week 1 [PowerPoint] [PDF]
Week 2 [PowerPoint] [PDF]
       How to Engage an Audience [MS Word] [PDF] 
       Teaching Tips - U. of Hawaii 
       Bloom's Taxonomy - U. of Hawaii 

L906 - Understanding Sports
       Basketball [PowerPoint] [PDF] 
       Basketball Handout [PowerPoint] [PDF] 

F951 - Aging in Place
       Safety suggestions for aging in place [PDF] 

January 8 & 15, 2009

Introduction to PowerPoint
     PowerPoint Handout  [MS Word]

December 11, 2008

Introduction to PowerPoint
     Class Outline  [MS Word] [PDF]
     PowerPoint Basics  [MS Word] [PDF]
     Draft show  [PowerPoint] [PDF]
     Working document  [MS Word] [PDF]

Fall 2008

956 - How to Teach a Course - Oct 15
       Kathie West - How to Engage an Audience  [PDF] [MS Word]