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100 – Art and Music

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Spring 2018

R111 - History of Protest Music - Instructor: Jim Dunphy 
       Class 1 [PPTX] [PDF] 
       Class 2 [PPTX] [PDF] 
       Class 3 [PPTX] [PDF] 
       Class 4 [PPTX] [PDF] 

Fall 2017

F105 - Advanced Smartphone Photography - Instructor: Stan Schretter 
       Advanced Mobile Photography [PDF]   

Spring 2017

F106 - Protest Songs: the 1960s and Beyond - Instructor: Jim Dunphy 
       Class 1: Origins to the Folk Revival: Lyrics [DOCX] 
       Class 2: The Civil Rights Era: Lyrics [DOCX] 
       Class 3: The Vietnam War: Lyrics [DOCX] 
       Class 4: Current Issues and Songs: Lyrics [DOCX] 

Fall 2016

F106 - Seeing Like Your Camera, Part 2 - Instructor: Stan Schretter 
       Handouts [PDF]  

R111 - Public Art Films - Instructors: Anne Delaney, Jeanne Loveland 
       IPAR - Initiative for Public Art Reston [PDF]   
       Patrick Dougherty [PDF]
       Public Art Films Week 1 [PDF]
       Public Art Week 1 - Handout [DOCX] 
       Public Art Week 2 - Dougherty Handout [DOCX] 
       Week 3 - Troublemakers Handout [DOCX] 
       Troublemakers Press Kit [PDF]
       Week 4 - Inside Out Handout [DOCX]

R112 - Women Artists - Instructor: Jeanne Loveland  
       Handout [PDF]  
       Week 1 - 15th–17th century [PDF]  

Fall 2015

R110 - Artists working in Multiple Mediums - Instructor: Jeanne Loveland
       Alexander Calder
          Presentation [PDF]    Handout [DOCX] [PDF]    
       Henri Matisse
          Presentation [PDF]    Handout [DOCX] [PDF]    
       Joan Miró
          Presentation [PDF]    Handout [DOCX] [PDF]    
       Pablo Picasso
          Presentation [PDF]    Handout [DOCX] [PDF]    

Fall 2014

F104 - Drawing and Sketching 102 - Instructors: Susann Hamilton, Josie Tucker, Kathie West
       Drawing Horses - Oscar Vigano [PDF]      

Winter 2014

F103 - The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Cults in Rome - Instructor: Stephanie Grimes
       Livy's History of Rome [Word] [PDF]      

Fall 2013

L113 - Photography as Art - Coordinators: Mary Coyne, Dennis Govoni
       Sep 18: Shooting the Light: Dennis Govoni (text slides) [PDF]  
       Sep 25: Finding Photographic Art in Ordinary Every Day Things: Dan Feighery [PDF] 9.5MB 
       Oct 2: Shooting Landscapes: Roger Lancaster [PDF] 10.7MB 

Fall 2012

R114 - The Art of Papercrafting - Instructor: Jean Keefe
       Samples of the projects to be made in this course [HTML] 
       More photos available for downloading [Dropbox]  

Summer 2012

R103 - Japanese Printmaking - Instructor: Elna Hunter 
       Handout [PDF]  
       Addendum to handouts [PDF]  

L104 - American Craftsmen - Instructor: Ray Beery  
       Boston: Cradle of Craft [Link to article]  

Spring 2012

R111 - Art in Vienna:1850-1918 - Instructor: Christopher With
       Selected Readings [Word] [PDF]   

L114 - Photography as Art - Coordinator: Mary Coyne
       Apr. 3: Everyday Abstracts - Matthew G. Schmidt [PDF] 3.6MB   

Spring 2011

F102 - Music Sampler - Kathleen Meyer, Kelly Ker Hackleman, coordinators
       Biographies: Martin Hackleman, Peter Haase [PDF] 

F104 - German Art: 1850-2010 - Christopher With  
        Suggested Reading List [Word] [PDF]   

F106 - Antiques Road Show - Linda Cunningham Goldstein
       Suggested Restoration Experts [PDF] 

Winter 2011

F101 - Wagner: A Fearsome Genius - Dan Sherman
       Notes & References for Class 2 “Jumping into the Ring” [Word] [PDF]  
       Notes & References for Class 3 “Wrapping up the Ring” [Word] [PDF] 

Fall 2010 

F103 - The Symphony Orchestra and its Music - Christopher Zimmerman
       Class 2 - "Homework" 

Summer 2010 

R103 - Field Photography - Stan Schretter
       Class description -
       Shared images -   

Spring 2010

F103 - Sketching Workshop - Kathie West and Josie Tucker 
       Note to students [Word] [PDF] 
       ArtGraphica [Web site] 

R110 - Introduction to Digital Photography - Stan Schretter
       Class 1 [PDF] 2.7MB Password required
       Class 3 [PDF]  
       Class 4 [PDF] 1.5MB Password required  

Fall 2009

R111 - Learning to Think Visually - Stan Schretter    
       Thinking Visually for Photography [PDF] (revised Sep 30) 
               (Password from instructor required.)

R112 - Documentary, Travel and Street Photography - Stan Schretter   
       Getting Ready [PDF]
Class 1 [PDF] Class 2 [PDF] Class 3 [PDF] 
               (Password from instructor required. Same password as R111 above.)

Summer 2009

L110 - Little-Known Women Composers - Mary Coyne - Jul 2 & 9
       Playlist for both class sessions [PDF]

Spring 2009

F101 - Early Medieval England: Four Key Monuments
       Course Handout [MS Word] [PDF] 

L114 - Music of Spain - Teresa Seldomridge
       Week 1 - Music of Spain: Origins to Present [PDF] 
       Week 2 - Flamenco: Song, Dance, Guitar [PDF] 
       Week 3 - Two Spanish Composers [PDF] 
       Week 4 - Folk Music - Regions of Spain [PDF] 

Winter 2009

F104 - Intermediate Watercolor Painting
       Leonard Justinian  Website  Fairfax Art League 

Fall 2008

112 - Beginning Watercolor Painting
       Leonard Justinian  Website  Fairfax Art League  

191 - Eighteenth-Century French Painting   [PDF]  [MS Word]