From the Maestro

September 24, 2010

homework! part two

I am pretty sure that we won't be able to get through all excerpts from these pieces, but here is the "big list".

Beethoven--Symphony no.3 "Eroica", "Grosse Fuge" from string quartet op.132
Berlioz--Symphonie Fantastique, 1st mvt. and maybe 4th
Schumann--Carnaval for Piano Solo, Symphony no.2, 3rd mvt.
Liszt--Sonata in b minor for piano, the lugubrious gondola for piano
Wagner--Tristan and Isolde prelude
Brahms--Symphony no.1, opening
Bruckner--Symphony no.9, opening
Tchaikovsky--Symphony no.6, finale
Mahler--Symphony no.6, finale, song from Ruckert Lieder called "ich bin von der Welt abhanden gekommen"
Debussy-L'apres-midi d'un faune

Happy listening to everyone!