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Spring 2018

F1001/R704 - Federal Law of Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) for Criminal Investigations, Part 3
   - Instructor: Wes Clark
       Slides [PDF] 
       List of Sources [WPD] 
       Carpenter v US [PDF]     
       Carpenter oral argument transcript [PDF]     
       Federal Law of Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) for Criminal Investigations [PDF]    

Winter 2018

F702 - Politics in the 2018 Midterm Elections - Instructor: Helen Desfosses 
       Slides [DOCX]  

Spring 2017

F702 - Migration, Immigration, Refugees: The Humanitarian Response
              - Coordinators: Rosemary McDonald, Stephen Canner
        Politics, Peace Operations, and Human Security - Dr. William Durch [PDF] 

F704 - Where Is the Supreme Court Headed? - Instructors: Robert Zener, Anthony Steinmeyer 
       Slides (261) [PPTX]  

Winter 2017

F702 - Politics and Policy - Instructor: Helen R. Desfosses 
       Week Two - [DOCX] [PDF]     

Spring 2016

R704 - The Supreme Court and the Law of Discrimination - Instructor: Bob Zener
       Sessions 1 and 2 [PPTX] [PDF]     

Winter 2016

F702 - Malaysia, Land of Transition - Instructor: Kathleen Burns 
       Presentation - Feb 2 [PPTX] [PDF]  

Fall 2015

F702 - Challenges and Opportunities Facing U.S. Foreign Policy in 2015 - Coordinator: Tom Switzer
       Oct. 6 - Ambassador Richard Miles [PDF]  

L706 - Korea: North and South - Instructor: Greg Scarlatoiu 
       The North Korean Conundrum  [To be supplied] 
       The Han River Miracle: South Korea’s Past, Present, and Future [PDF] 

Winter 2015

L705 - Opinions, Opinions, Opinions! - Moderator: Conrad Geller
       Week 1:   Artificial Intelligence [Word]       Assault [Word] 
           Forfeiture [Word]       Terror [Word]
       Week 2:   Same-sex marriage [Word]       Sports ethics [Word] 
           Obamacare [Word]  
       Week 3:   Death penalty [Word]       Sororities [Word]    
       Week 4:   Fraternization [Word]       Handwashing [Word]  
           Vaccination:   Rand Paul [Word]  Caplan, NYU [Word]  

Fall 2014

F703 - Korea: North and South - Coordinators: Jack Samarias, Carole Richard
       Greg Scarlatoiu - Contemporary South Korea ... the “Han River Miracle" [PDF]    

Spring 2013

F703 - National Intelligence Community - Instructor: Doug Hottel
       Sources [Word] [PDF]  

F706 - The Supreme Court and the Sexual Revolution - Instructor: Bob Zener
       First session readings [Word] [PDF]    
       Second session readings [Word] [PDF]    
       Fourth session readings [Word] [PDF]    
       Fifth session readings [Word] [PDF]    

Winter 2013

R704 - Ramifications of the 2012 Election - Moderators: Ben Gold, Glenn Kamber, John Johns
       Week 1: The Size and Role of Government - John Johns [PDF] 
       Psychology of Voter Behavior - John Johns [PDF]
       Week 3: Intro to Session 3 [PDF]   
       Foreign Policy [PDF] 
       Op-Ed Blog Posting [PDF] 

Fall 2012

F703 - Foreign Policy Roundtable - Moderator: John Coffey
       Foreign Policy Roundtable description (updated 8-29) [DOCX] [PDF] 
       John Coffey review of Robert Lieber Power and Willpower in the American Future [PDF]
       John Coffey review of Zbigniew Brzezinski Strategic Vision [PDF]
L707 - Analysis of the 2012 Election - Instructor: John Johns
       Introduction to L707 [PDF]
       Political Ideologies as Perceptual Filters [PDF]
       Week 2 - The Changing International System [PDF] 
       Week 3 - Analysis of the 2012 Election [PDF] 
          Distributive Justice [PDF] 
       Week 4 - Political Ideologies [PDF]  
       Week 5 - Foreign Policy [PDF]
       Week 6 - Economic Policy [PDF]  
       Week 7 - Psychology of Voter Behavior [PDF]  
       Week 8 - Election Consequences [PDF]  
L709 - International Relations Today - Instructor: Ray Beery
     Course objective, topics and references [Word] [PDF] 

Summer 2012

F702 - Legalizing Marijuana - Instructor: Bob Bohall
     Slides [PPTX] [PDF]  
     Notes [DOCX] [PDF]  

L706 - Election Issues - Instructor: Ray Beery
        Election Issues 2012 [Word] [PDF]   

Spring 2012

F701 - America and the World
       Mar. 19: The Changing International System and Implications for U.S. National Security
             -- General John Johns
          Lecture Outline [Word] [PDF]  
          U.S. Foreign Policy and Military Interventions (Book Chapter) [PDF]   
          2012: Showdown at the OK Corral [PDF]   
          National Will and National Security [PDF]   

Winter 2012

F702 - The Afghan War: Two Years into the Surge
          Moderator: John Coffey
       Reading List [Word] [PDF] [HTML]  

Fall 2011

F702 - America and the World - Coordinator: Carlyn Elder 
       Oct 10: Terrorism: War of Ideas - John Johns 
          Terrorism [PDF]  
          Morality and International Relations [PDF] 
       Oct 24: Political Will to Meet Current Crises - John Johns   
          National Will and National Power [PDF]  
          Political Gridlock and National Security [PDF]  

F703 - Asia and Pacific Rim Perspectives -- II - Facilitator: Kathleen Burns
       Sep 21: Asia Matters to America - Endy Bayuni [PDF] 

F705 - Foreign Policy Roundtable - Moderator: John Coffey
       Schedule and Reading List [Word]   

Spring 2011

F702 - America and the World
       May 2: Making Sense of a Changing China - Madelyn Ross
          Presentation [PPT]2.7MB  [PDF]2.3MB

Winter 2011

F702 - The Afghan War: One Year into the Surge - John Coffey, moderator
       Afghanistan map - LOC website 
       Reading list [Word] [PDF]  
       Local strongman is US troops most reliable friend...[PDF] 
       Petraeus reviews directive meant to limit...deaths [PDF] 
       Petraeus rewrites the playbook in Afghanistan [PDF] 

Fall 2010

F702 - America and the World
       Nov 8 - The Road to Recovery - Matthew Teems, CFP [PDF] 

F703 - Foreign Policy Roundtable  
          Moderator - John Coffey
       Schedule and Reading List

F704 - U.S.-Iran Relations: Is There a Solution?
          Coordinator - Ben FitzGerald 
       Revised speaker list [PDF] updated Oct 5   
       Speaker biographies [PDF]  
       Added biographies (Oct 5) Placke Laipson 
       Biblilography [PDF]     
       Structure of the Iranian Government [PDF]   

R707 - National Will and National Security - John H. Johns  
       National Will Cover [PDF]   Table of Contents [PDF]
       Course Intro [PDF]   How Do We Know What We Know? [PDF]
       Session 1, National Will [PDF]
       Session 2, Constitution [PDF]
              The Constitution of the United States [PDF] 
       Session 3, Morality and National Security [PDF]
       Session 4, Economic Crisis [PDF]
       Session 5, Terrorism [PDF]
       Session 6, Public Dissent [PDF]

L709 - The Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) - Kent Stansberry
       Oct 25 - Class slides [PPT] [PDF]         
PDF files -
New START Text
Article-by Article Analysis
White House Fact Sheet
White House Press Release
Key Quotations
Fact Sheet on Missile Defense
SecState to President 6May10
President to Senate 13May10
US Unilateral Statement
Russian Unilateral Statement
12 Flaws of New START - Heritage

Spring 2010

F702 - America and the World
       Torture in the War on Terror - Jeremy Mayer [PPT]2.9MB [PDF]2.2MB

F704 - The United States, Israel, Palestine: The Search for Peace in the Middle East
       Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories    
       Slides - Week 1 [PDF] 
       Selected Web links - Hussein Ibish#1  Hussein Ibish#2  ATFP 

F705 - Constitutional and Legal Issues Potpourri
       Census Bureau - Paulette Lichtman-Panzer [PDF] 

R706 - U.S. Criminal Justice: Effective Public Policy - Bob Bohall
       Lesson 1 - Crime, Crime Victims [PPT] [PDF] 
       Lesson 2 - Arrests, Clearances, Convictions [PPT] [PDF]
       Lesson 3 - Incarceration [PPT] [PDF] 
       Lesson 4 - Drugs, Race [PPT] [PDF]  
       Lesson 5 - Sherrif's Office - Jim Whitley [PDF]  
       Lesson 6 - The Media [PPT] [PDF]   

Winter 2010

F701 - South America’s Southern Cone in the World-Economy:
            Problems and Prospects - Eldor Pederson
       Southern Cone Countries - Basic Information [PDF] 
       Population Data for the Southern Cone Countries [PDF] 
       Week 1 - Introduction [PDF]
       Week 2 - The Richer Three [PDF] 
       (Some materials deleted where copyright issues might be a problem)

F702 - The Afghan War - Jack Coffey   
       Reading List

F703 - The State of News Media 2010
       Feb 4: Amy Eisman - AU School of Communication
        - Frontline Video - Digital Nation (Click yellow or red triangle to start)

Fall 2009

F701 - Foreign Policy Round Table - Jack Coffey   
       Reading List    
       Book review - Peter Rodman [MS Word] [PDF] 

Spring 2009

F703 - Afghanistan at the Crossroads
       Understanding the Taliban and Insurgency in Afghanistan [.5MB, 32pp]
       The Afghan-Pakistan War: Status Report [6.3MB, 238pp]
       Afghanistan maps (JPG) - Political  Relief  
        - Ethnic Groups PDF map  Pashtun PDF map  
       Week 8 - Mike McNamara: A Hard Slog - [PowerPoint] 5.8MB  [PDF] 1.6MB 

F705 - American Perspectives: Vietnam, a Retrospective
       Vietnam War Glossary 
       Reading List [MS Word] [PDF] 

Winter 2009

F703 - Why Intelligence Failures Occur
       Pearl Harbor Warnings  [MS Word] [PDF]
       The Iraq-Niger Deal (Yellowcake) [MS Word] [PDF]

F704 - Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oil and Islam
       Arab World Words  [MS Word] [PDF]
       Arab World Reference List 
[MS Word] [PDF]

Fall 2008

703 - Public Policy Roundtable  [Reading List]

704 - Movers and Shakers - Nov 3: Stephen Fuller  Profile  GMU-CRA 
       Oct27: John Mason  NVTA  [PDF]  [PowerPoint]

705 - U.S. Criminal Justice and Corrections - Weeks 1-4  [PDF]  [PPT]
References  [PDF]  [MS Word]

708 & 709 - Supreme Court: Current Cases - Link to course Website