703 Public Policy Roundtable
Fall 2008 Reading List

Sept. 18: Foreign Policy After Bush.

Henry A. Kissinger, “The Three Revolutions,” The Washington Post, April 7, 2008

Lee Hamilton, “The Art of the Possible,” The National Interest (Nov.–Dec., 2007)

Lawrence Harrison, “The End of Multiculturalism,” [PDF] The National Interest (Jan.–Feb., 2008)

Sept. 25: The Future of Military Force.

Andrew Michta, Double or Nothing,” [PDF] The National Interest (Jan.–Feb., 2008)

Steven Metz,  Three Years and You’re Out,” [PDF] The National Interest (Jan.–Feb., 2008)

Oct. 2: Coming Resource Wars? 

The readings are from the symposium, “The World Is Not Enough,The National Interest (Jan.–Feb., 2008)

Scott Borgerson, “Arctic Meltdown,Foreign Affairs (Mar.–Apr., 2008)

Oct. 9: The Struggle Against Terrorists.

Max Boot, “Are We Winning the War on Terror? [PDF] Commentary (July–Aug., 2008)

Philip Gordon, “Can the War on Terror Be Won?” [MS Word] Foreign Affairs (Nov.–Dec., 2007)

 Oct. 16: China:  Big New Kid on the Block?

Minxin Pei, “How China Is Ruled, [PDF] The American Interest (Mar.–Apr., 2008)

Rajon Menon, “The Changing of the Guard,The National Interest (Jan.–Feb., 2008)

 Oct. 23: Russia:  The Empire of the Czar?  The readings are

Dimitri Simes, “Losing Russia, [PDF] Foreign Affairs (Nov.–Dec., 2007)

Richard Pipes, “Putin & Co.:  What Is to Be Done?
[PDF] Commentary (May. 2008)

 Oct. 30: Does NATO Have a Future?

Jamie Shea, “Facing the Future, [PDF] Journal of International Security (Spring, 2008)

E. Wayne Merry, “An Obsolete Alliance, [PDF] Journal of International Security (Spring, 2008)

 Nov. 6: What Do Soldiers Need to Know? 

A debate between Gen. David Petraeus and Lt. Col. (ret.) Ralph Peters, “To Ph.D. or not to Ph.D…. [PDF] The American Interest (July–Aug., 2007).

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