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1.  Closing Policy
2.  OLLI Bus Policy
3.  Picture Policy
4.  Refund Policy (Courses and events)


Closing Policy

Severe Weather or Emergencies
OLLI does not hold classes or events (and the Tallwood office is closed) when county schools are closed due to inclement weather or area-wide emergencies. When schools announce a delayed opening, OLLI will generally open on time. OLLI follows the Fairfax County Public Schools for classes in Fairfax (Tallwood) and Reston. It follows the Loudoun County Public Schools for classes in Loudoun. However, an email from OLLI is the ultimate notification of closing, as road and parking lot conditions at our facilities need to be assessed.
Note: Because OLLI uses the Mason building at Tallwood and in Loudoun, it is required to abide by any decision by Mason to delay or close. In rare instances when Mason announces a delayed opening, we may need to cancel the first class of the day at one or both of those facilities. To avoid confusion, OLLI will send an email to members in the affected classes by 8:30 a.m.
Tune in to your TV or radio for closing announcements when the weather is bad or emergencies exist. You can also check the notification bar at the top of the main page on the OLLI website or the Tallwood answering machine (703-503-3384) to confirm closing information.
Regardless of decisions regarding closings or delays, it is important for OLLI members to use personal judgment regarding travel to and from OLLI during inclement weather. Remember– there are no grades or exams in OLLI classes!


OLLI Bus Trip Policy

All OLLI members participating in activities that entail bus transportation to locations other than
sites of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute must sign a bus waiver form. They do so either by signing
their paper course registration forms or by completing their registration and a bus waiver form
via the member portal. The waiver releases OLLI from any and all claims for injury or damage
sustained by, through, or as a result of such activities, and holds OLLI harmless for any claims
resulting therefrom.


Picture Policy

From time to time, OLLI staff take pictures or videos of classrooms and events for promotional purposes. If a member objects to use of their photo/video in OLLI materials or on the OLLI website, please do so in writing to the Executive Director.”


Refund Policy

Event fees must be paid in full by all participants regardless of any special transit, food or other arrangements.  OLLI cannot guarantee a refund for courses or events once you have paid and are enrolled.  As such, please consider carefully before signing up for courses with fees.