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Be a “Friend of OLLI”

OLLI needs your financial support. Your annual membership dues cover OLLI’s day-to-day operating expenses, but extra contributions from members are still needed for other items such as classroom comfort and equipment enhancements and scholarships to deserving Mason students in University departments that provide instructors to OLLI. Please become a Friend of OLLI by making a tax-deductible donation.

OLLI strives to offer the best possible learning experience at the lowest possible cost. We now have what must be one of the best lifelong learning organizations in the country. Just look at our plentiful and varied course offerings, our excellent instructors and the enthusiasm of our members. We all enjoy attending our wonderful classes and events in the company of friends with similar interests in a non stressful learning environment.

OLLI has always counted on the generosity of its members. With only a small paid staff of a full-time executive director and a few part-time workers, OLLI relies heavily on member volunteers who work on behalf of all members, serving on the board of directors, on committees and resource groups, in the office and in other capacities. Many members volunteer their time as instructors and class coordinators.

We are making this personal appeal to you because OLLI really does need your financial support. Friends of OLLI donations are primarily designated for capital expenditures, such as updated audio visual equipment and computers for our classrooms and office. Friends of OLLI donations also help fund a few OLLI scholarships given to deserving Mason students as one way of showing our support for the University which assists OLLI in so many ways—including providing instructors from the Mason faculty and maintaining the buildings at Tallwood at no cost to OLLI.

If you appreciate how much OLLI enriches your life, one way you can show your appreciation is by becoming a Friend of OLLI. Please make a donation to OLLI now by sending OLLI your check payable to "OLLI" ... or send a donation check with your registration form when you sign up for classes. OLLI is a 501(c)(3) organization; all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contributions to OLLI made in memory of deceased family members or friends, or to honor someone or mark a special occasion, are always suitable and may be made at any time. In such cases, OLLI will send a written note to the appropriate parties, acknowledging the contribution. An alternative or supplement to a direct cash contribution could be the donation of securities. There is a tax advantage for most contributors because the current value of the securities is deductible, so if the securities have appreciated, the contributor avoids capital gains tax. Another alternative is to include OLLI as a beneficiary in your will or trust.

All contributors’ names will be listed as Friends of OLLI on a poster that is displayed in the Tallwood social room and, if space is available, in an issue of OLLI E-News -- unless contributors prefer to remain anonymous. There are three categories of donors:

  • Patron—aggregate contribution of $250 or more during the calendar year;
  • Supporteraggregate contribution of $100 or more during the calendar year; and
  • Donoraggregate contribution of less than $100 during the calendar year.
Your contribution can make a difference. Remember all that OLLI brings into your life, and become a Friend of OLLI now!