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Winter 2019 Catalog Changes

The following information in the winter 2019 catalog has changed since it has been published and mailed.  Updated 1/14/19.

Change Pg Course # Course Name Details
Venue Change 1 F104 Women In Focus Fairfax Lord of Life
Canceled 2 F105 Drawing & Sketching Workshop
Canceled 3 F108 Watercolor Painting
Venue Change 4 F203 The Tom Crooker Investment Forum Tallwood, TA-1
Venue Change 5 F303 The Racial Integration of the USAF Tallwood, TA-3
Canceled 7 L311 History of America in 101 Objects
Canceled 13 R504 Intermediate/High School Spanish
Canceled 14 F603 The Power of Myth
Venue Change 15 F652 Current Issues in Nuclear Deterrence Tallwood, TA-3
Canceled 16 F702 Politics and Policy
Time Change 19 R807 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 6:15-7:45 pm
Canceled 21 955 The Underground Railroad Redux
Venue Change 21 959 Growing Up Russian Cascades Library
Canceled 23 966 A Conversation with a WWII Fighter Pilot
Venue Change 23 967 The Russian Revolution of 1917 Cascades Library
Venue Change 24 969 Russia’s 1990s and the Preconditions for Putin’s Authoritarian Rule Cascades Library
Canceled 1202 A New Congress  Thursday, Jan. 17, 1-2:30 pm