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Summer 2018 Catalog Changes

The following information in the summer 2018 catalog has changed since it has been published and mailed. Updated: 5/18/2018

Change Pg Course # Course Name Details
Canceled 1 F104 Coat of Many Colors: Dolly Parton
Dates Changed 7 F302 Hard-Won Lessons: WWII Strategic Bombing Campaign July 3 & 17
Dates 34 What’s in the Daily News? June 4-July 23, Aug 13-27,
Sept 10; 10-11:30 am
Cnaceled 16 F602 Personal Experience of the Ineffable
Canceled 34 Theater Lovers Group – Fairfax
Next meeting: Sept. 28
June 29, July 27, August 31
Canceled 34 Theater Lovers Group – Reston
Next meeting: Sept. 27
June 28, July 26
Added F608 The Parables of Jesus Tuesday, June 19-July 10,
Time Change 31 Bridge Club 10 am-12 pm, June 18-July 2
Added L608 Jesus and Mary in the Muslim Tradition Wednesday, June 20, 9:40
New Date/Time 1202BT Bring the Grandkids to a Move Friday, June 22, 1-3pm
New Venue 4 F202 Taxes! Clarifications on the Tax Cuts
& Jobs Act
Fairfax Lord of Life
New Venue 7 F304 An Army Colonel Tells his Story Tallwood TA-1
New Venue 21 F802 Weather and Climate Church of the Good Shepher
New Venue 5 F205 Airlines Regulations Tallwood TA-3
New Venue 20 F701 Maritime Challenges Fairfax Lord of Life
New Venue 20 F702 Voter Fraud Tallwood TA-1
New Venue 5 F206 Behavioral Economics Church of the Good Shepher
Canceled 13 R413 Process of Writing Poetry
New Venue 2 F107 Frank Lloyd Wright Hunters Woods RCC, Room 1-4
New Venue 2 F108 Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein Hunters Woods RCC, Room 1-4
Date Change 28 952 Tour Udva-Hazy Air & Space June 29