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Canceled, Changed, & Added Courses

Winter 2020 Catalog Changes

The following information in the current term catalog has changed since it has been published and mailed.  Updated 1/16/2020.

Change Pg Course # Course Name Details
Date, Time, & Venue Change 1 F102 Blues, Classical and All That Jazz Jan 27 (Good Shepherd) & Feb. 3 (Sherwood) 11:50-1:15
Canceled 1 F104 Drawing & Sketching Workshop
Session Venue Change 2 F105 Dabbling Artist Feb. 12 @ Tallwood, Annex
Venue Change 3 F202 Tax Prep Simplified Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue & Date Change 4 F302 History of the Mediterranean Basin Sherwood Center, no class Feb. 18, additional session Feb. 25
Venue Change 5 F306 History of the Jews of Spain Sherwood Center
Venue Change 6 L310 Peloponnesian War Cascades Library
Canceled 9 L407 Behind the Footlights
Venue Change 11 F601 Biblical Wisdom Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue Change 11 F602 The Nature of Scripture Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue Change 12 F603 Passover & Easter Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue Change 13 F652 Conspiracy Theories Sherwood Center
Canceled 15 R702 2020 Presidential Election
Date Change 16 F802 Psychology Potpourri No class Feb. 6, rescheduled Feb. 7, 11:50 am
Venue Change 20 954 The Catcher was a Spy RCC Hunters Woods, Room 1-4
Date/Time Change 20 956 Mechanical Engineering Thursday, Feb. 6, 11:50 am, TA-1
Venue Change 21 961 Gee-Gee and Speedee Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue Change 23 965 Estate Planning Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue 24 975 How Satellites Benefit the US Fairfax Lord of Life