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Canceled, Changed, & Added Courses

Fall 2019 Catalog Changes

The following information in the summer 2019 catalog has changed since it has been published and mailed.  Updated 8/19/19.

Change Pg Course # Course Name Details
Date Change Loudoun Science Club Meeting New date Oct. 29, 2:15 pm (moved from Oct. 12)
Added F323 World War II in the Shadows: A Film Study Mondays, Sept. 23 – Oct. 14, 11:30-1:30
Added F420 Rags Monday, Oct. 14 & 21, 11:50 am
Canceled 1213 AARP Smart Driver Class
Added 1020 Happiness Thursday, Nov. 7, 9:40 Loudoun
Added F660 TED Talks Discussion Thursdays, 9:40, Oct. 24- Nov. 14
Added 1021 Professional Touring Artist Series: Iberi Choir
Wed., Oct 23, 8:00 pm RCC Hunters Woods
New 1022 Fall for the Book: New American Voices Reading Thursday, 7-8:30 pm, October 10, Grand Tier III, Center for the Arts at George Mason University
Canceled 3 L114 “I want to be famous but unknown:” Marketing Impressionism
Canceled 6 F302 A Deep Dive into the Life & Times of John Mosby
Date Change 13 F410 Memoir Writing One session, Oct. 3
Canceled 14 F416 Christopher Newman and Lambert Strether in Paris
Date change 21 L657 American Culture in Depth Wednesdays, Oct. 23 & 30, 11:50 am
Correction 17 F603 The Making of the Scriptures Trip date: Nov. 19
Canceled 24 F803 Medical Updates from INOVA
Canceled 30 L908 Exploring along Spiritual Paths, Part 2
Canceled 30 L909 Attention Training through Maha Yoga
Updated 31 954 Rainbow Rowell, author Friday, Oct. 11, 7:30 pm, Sherwood Center
Canceled 35 971 How do you like THESE Apples?
Updated 40 992 1969: Sharing Memories and Moments from the Vietnam War Tuesday, Nov. 12, 3:30 -5:00 pm, Mason Fenwick Library
Canceled 44 1009 Vox Clamantis

Change of Venue

Course # Course Name New Venue
F105 Sisters in Song Fairfax Lord of Life
F108 Chinese Traditional Arts Fairfax Lord of Life
F305 A Private’s Life in the Union Army Fairfax Lord of Life
F307 Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Sherwood Community Center
F309 The City of Magnificent Intentions – NPS Fairfax Lord of Life
F653 Education Series Tallwood Campus, TA-1
F703 Get Empowered Fairfax Lord of Life
F805 Beginner Chen Style Tai Shi The Church of the Good Shepherd
F905 Attention Training through Maha Yoga Fairfax Lord of Life
962 From Poetry to Song Fairfax Lord of Life
979 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Sherwood Community Center
985 What Made George Washington Tick Fairfax Lord of Life
1004 The 2020 Presidential Election The Church of the Good Shepherd
1106 Thanksgiving Potluck Fairfax Lord of Life