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Online Publications and Documents

Online Publications and Documents:

  • OLLI E-News is OLLI’s newsletter. While classes are in session, OLLI E-News is distributed via email to OLLI members, and printed copies are placed in classrooms. The DocStore OLLI E-News archive contains links to all issues from present through July 2005, listed by year and issue date within year.
    • OLLI E-News (version 2.0 – a new format using the MailChimp commercial email service) began publishing on Friday, August 30, 2013. If you are an OLLI member with an email address and do not receive this newsletter, send an email to the OLLI office so the staff can solve the problem.
    • Rod Zumbro’s OLLI E-News was published weekly from July 2005 through July 2013. The final issue in this original format of Rod’s own design was the issue of July 19, 2013, and all issues of the eight years of the original E-News are available online in the DocStore OLLI E-News archive. During three of those years, Rod published April Fool’s issues that fooled some and were well received; you can view them here: 2008; 2009; and 2011.
  • Membership Directory – online at the Member Portal. You must sign in first (the directory is available only to OLLI members), then click “Membership Directory” in the green navigation table at the far left of the page. This directory lists the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all current OLLI members (except those who have opted out of being included).
  • A Teacher’s Manual (pdf). Written by former Membership Committee Chair and instructor, the late Debbie Halverson, and last updated in 2012. Visit the office to obtain your own copy of this manual if you plan to teach an OLLI course.
  • Pathways to the Future (pdf). Published September 2009 after 18 months of effort by the Planning  Committee, this document is a report to the Board that summarizes OLLI’s then-current situation and recommends short-term and strategic actions in five areas (membership, program, facilities, finances and  organization). The report was the basis for discussions at the October 2009 Board retreat.
  • Annual Reports. To view “State of the Institute” presentations given to the membership at annual membership meetings in May and Institute briefings given to the membership at annual town hall meetings in November, see the Annual Reports page.
  • The Board Handbook (formerly called the Executive Handbook) is a basic reference source for OLLI Board members,  officers, committee chairs, and the executive director and staff. A printer-friendly PDF version is available near the top of the same page for those who prefer a printed document.
  • Catalog information for classes is published online before the start of registration for OLLI’s spring, summer, fall and winter terms. You can view the latest catalog information anytime by clicking on “Catalog” under “Our Program” on the website’s Main Menu. Shortly before registration starts for a term, course descriptions are also available on the Member Portal, where you can view the catalog without logging in or you may log in to register for classes that term.
  • Board minutes. To view the highlights of Board meetings, click here, where you can view highlights of Board meetings as originally reported in OLLI E-News back to the summer of 2005, when E-News had just commenced publication. Official minutes of meetings of OLLI’s Board of Directors are much more detailed; these are available to members online at the password-protected Member Portal. You must sign in first, then click “Official Documents” in the green navigation table at the far left of the page. Click “Board Minutes” in the list of official documents. (Members who wish to be put on the email distribution list to receive an email copy of the official Board minutes should send an email to the office with “Board Minutes” in the subject line.)
    The official printed minutes of recent meetings of OLLI’s Board of Directors are available in the Tallwood social room and can be made available upon request from administrative assistants at the Reston and Loudoun sites for review by OLLI members.
  • Official documents. To view the latest independent auditors’ report of OLLI with related audited financial statements and the latest tax return (IRS Form 990) as well as the University/OLLI affiliation agreement and other documents, please visit the Official Documents page.

Other Publications and Documents.

  • Printed Membership Directory. If you are an OLLI member without computer access to the online Membership Directory, you may obtain a copy of the Membership Directory, containing names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, at the OLLI office.
  • OLLI Ink (formerly Fairfax Ink) is OLLI-Mason’s literary journal, a collection of short stories, poems, artwork, and memoirs by members of the Institute, usually published annually.
  • The Poets of OLLI (formerly Poets of Tallwood) is a collection of poems by members of OLLI-Mason, published occasionally.

You will need an Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) reader to view some OLLI publications. A free Adobe Reader can be found here; click on the white “Get Adobe Reader” icon to go to the download page. You will not need the “Adobe Yahoo! Toolbar” or the “Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition,” so those check boxes may be cleared before downloading. [/raw]