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Resources for Our Instructors

Here are some resources and information of possible use to our current and prospective instructors and speakers.

  • OLLI Course Proposal Form. This form is used to propose an OLLI course or special event. Please submit the form via email to our Program Associates; it will be shared with the appropriate Program Planning Group chairs.
  • A Teacher’s Manual (pdf). Written by former director and instructor Debbie Halverson and updated August 2012, this manual is especially valuable if you are deciding whether or not to volunteer as a teacher.
  • Instructor Information Brochure (pdf). This link is to the DocStore entry where you will find the latest version of this brochure – given to OLLI instructors and providing information about the class liaison, course materials, audiovisual equipment, GMU Library privileges, helpful hints, and staff phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Guidelines for OLLI Catalog Course Descriptions
  • OLLI Document Storage (“DocStore”). DocStore contains a large number of OLLI documents for the use as desired by instructors, staff and members.
  • Copyright rules. Two recommended resources are
  • Feedback for Course Instructors (Microsoft Word document) – An optional evaluation questionnaire instructors can provide to class attendees at the end of their course.
  • George Mason University Libraries materials. Available to OLLI members with a GMU ID card (note: click here for details about University benefits for OLLI members and how to obtain a GMU ID card)—
    • Take out 10 books at one time.
    • Books may be withdrawn for a three-week period with one renewal (instructors with a Mason affiliate or faculty ID card can check out books until the end of the Mason semester).
    • Request books from other University campuses.
    • Use of Arlington Law Library is excluded.
    • Access to hundreds of online databases via the George Mason University Libraries Website (requires GMU email address).
    • Current OLLI instructors and speakers may also borrow audiovisual materials (videos, DVDs) from the Johnson Center Media library for one week.
  • Primary OLLI contacts for program matters—
  • Audiovisual equipment available in classrooms for use by instructors include—
    • Laptop computers (Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2013)
    • DVD/CD player and VCR player
    • Wireless microphone worn over ear, with battery pack (Microphone Use Policy, a Microsoft Word document)
    • Docucam that can display stored digital images as slide shows, overhead transparencies and items such as maps, book pages and objects (for details, click here).
  • About the “senior” OLLI audience—
    • Almost all are above 50, with many in their 60s and 70s, some in their 80s, a few in their 90s.
    • Some have vision problems so visual aids should be easy to read, with large fonts (e.g., black text on a white/light background is much easier to read than white text on a light gray background).
    • Some have hearing problems but everyone prefers that instructors use a microphone.
    • Many were experts in their field, so expect serious questions.