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OLLI Course Proposal Form

OLLI Course Proposal Form

  • Thank you for your interest in teaching at OLLI Mason.  Please fill out the following course proposal form in its entirety, as we need all of this information for curriculum development.  Click guidelines on writing OLLI course descriptions.

    The description you provide will be used for our catalog and can be modified as you see fit leading up to catalog production. To make changes, please email the program associates –

    Please note that OLLI classes may be taught online through at least summer 2021. In the event we can meet earlier on campus, even in a limited capacity, we ask that you fill out location preferences per below.

    ** Be aware ** The OLLI catalog editors may modify course descriptions for length, consistency and style, and the edited copy will be re

    Forms will be reviewed by OLLI’s Program Planning Committee with the aim of providing a diverse and quality curriculum of interest to our membership.  Expect a prompt response about your proposal from our program planners.

  • Scheduling: Depending on the number of sessions you have chosen, please respond to either "One-Time Presentations OR Multisession Courses"
  • One-Time Presentations:

    I am available to teach (check all that apply for your preferred campus:
    (In summer term, one-time presentations are spread throughout the schedule. Please use the "Any scheduling conflicts?" box to detail your availability.)
  • Multi-session courses:

    I am available to teach (check all that apply for your preferred campus).

  • Unique Classroom Need?

  • All OLLI classrooms are equipped with state of the art audiovisual equipment to support all types of academic presentations. The administrator will email you at a later date regarding specific set-up needs. If you know now that you will need something extraordinary in the classroom that may impact your room assignment - like a piano, kitchen - please indicate that below.

  • Instructor 1 Information:

  • Instructor 2 Information (if applicable):

  • Other

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.