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About Classes

Classes provide the learning opportunities that are probably the most important reason adults join the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University. This page provides details about classes at OLLI-Mason.

Class Schedule

Classes and other events are offered during eight-week terms in both the spring and fall, a six-week summer term, and a four-week midwinter term. Once enrolled, you may take as many courses and events as you would like, subject to space availability.

Registration Procedures

When to Register
  • Priority Registration Period
    Members are encouraged to register for courses and special events during the priority registration period (see back cover of catalog for priority registration dates). Requesting classes at any time during this period offers registrants the best chance to gain access to classes they most desire.When you register, you must click “Request Class” to add a class to your selections.  To complete your registration, you must list the courses and events you want in priority order—the order of their importance to you. To prioritize classes or to see what you have requested, click “Prioritize/Finalize” on the left side toolbar of the member portal. Courses and events are prioritized separately.Members are placed in courses and events based on the priority number they assign to their requests.  If class enrollment reaches capacity (a number limited by the instructor or room size), those who have designated that course as priority one will get in first, then the priority twos, and so on.  In addition, a random number is assigned by the registration system to each class request. If all members of a priority group cannot be included in the course, those with the lower random numbers will be admitted into the course first. Therefore, requesting a class does not guarantee enrollment.
  • Space-Available Registration Period
    Space-available registration begins after the priority period ends. You may still register for classes and special events, but you will be placed into classes on a space-available basis after all registrants in the priority period have been assigned.

Request Class vs. Add to Cart

  • Request Class” is the button you click when you are registering for a class or event during the priority registration period. These require a priority assignment.
  • “Add to Cart” is the button you click when you are registering for classes or events in which you are immediately enrolled or which are designated in the catalog as first-come, first-served. This includes all clubs and ongoing activities. All Add to Cart courses and special events are clearly indicated throughout the catalog with a shopping cart icon. If there is a fee associated with these offerings, they will also be clearly marked with a shopping cart followed by a dollar sign.  Payment for these courses and special events with  fees must be made at the time of registration. Please remember to go to View Cart and Check Out to complete enrollment before logging off the member portal.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You are urged to register early for Add to Cart offerings, especially trips and performances. These popular offerings can fill up quickly, even as early as the first day of registration. Early registration will increase your chances for enrollment.


Making Changes to Your Registration (Add/Drop)
You may add classes at any time either online or by using an add/drop form (available in the Tallwood office and, during the term, at the Reston and Loudoun locations). If you are unable to attend a course or event in which you are enrolled, please drop the course or event as soon as possible. You may drop courses by emailing or by turning in an add/drop form to the Tallwood main office. Watch OLLI communications to sign up for classes with spaces still available.

Confirmation and Class Payments
Once classes are assigned, you will receive a series of emails with your confirmed class enrollments and  wait-listed courses. If you do not have an email address on file, the confirmations will be mailed to you. Confirmation emails for Add to Cart classes will be sent immediately only once after checkout.  Read your confirmation emails and letters carefully. They will include any updates to classes, including changes in times or locations.

Event fees must be paid in full by all participants regardless of any special transit, food, or other arrangements. OLLI cannot guarantee a refund for courses or events once you have paid and are enrolled. As such, please consider carefully before signing up for courses with fees.