OLLI Weekly Conversations Continue – October 5: Travel 


 By Doris Bloch, Co-Moderator

Continuing our Wednesday Conversations Series, Team Bloch (Brenda Bloch-Young and Doris Bloch) will moderate a Zoom discussion on October 5 at 4:00, where any and every OLLI member is most welcome to join us to talk about our chosen topic: Travel (a fascinating topic and lots to discuss!). It will
combine a learning experience, a getting-to-know you experience, and just a friendly outlet where we can all relax and relate. No sign-ups needed; participation is totally open and spontaneous. Check the Daily-Schedule email or just use the OLLI Chat Line meeting ID.

October 5: Travel – Where have you been recently? Where have you been dreaming of going? What precautions are you taking? Share any horror stories or good experiences with us. We love to hear them. Cancelled trips? Lost luggage? Quarantine stays in foreign surroundings? Tour group feedback? We can all learn lessons from your tales, whether good, bad, indifferent.
Heads-up for the following week’s Conversation: October 12: Mystery Novels, Movies and TV Shows – What are you reading? Watching? Who’s your favorite? Recommendations welcomed. Should OLLI provide a future class on mysteries? Is anyone here currently writing a novel or has in the past? – please do share with us.

Each week we pre-select a topic, and advertise it in the OLLI E-News, the OLLI E-Blast, and the OLLI Daily-Schedule email (so it will be “in your face” and hard to miss.) If you have a suggestion for a topic that will be of interest to members, please do send it to one of us (Bblochyoung@gmail.com or
dbloch50@hotmail.com). We love receiving your suggestions. Our first conversation was devoted to discussing Word Games based on apps, mainly, but not exclusively, those played on cellphones. The “mothership” of these is Wordle, sponsored by the New York Times but available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

We are working on a list of games to share with OLLI members. OLLI puzzle-mad folks, stay tuned. Check your Daily Schedule for the Zoom link each Wednesday and plan on some social time with Team Bloch (who are totally non-related, in case you were wondering).