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Loudoun Newsletter – Winter

Winter 2020

It is that time again. Cold and snowy, oh wait a minute, it was 70 degrees this past weekend! Winter will arrive and so does winter term for Olli. The holidays are over and now is the time to get back to basics, Olli classes!

Winter term runs January 27-February 21.  First on the agenda is class 1101 Coffee and Conversation from 11-12 on January 27. Come out, greet your friends and meet new members.

We have so many classes to offer. Here are some that look very interesting.

  1. L653 Ted Talks with Barbara Wilan. She always chooses topics that appeal to everyone. The discussions are educational and great fun. This class is getting bigger as we speak so see if there is still room for you.
  2. L311 The History of Department Stores offered by Robert

Cather. The inside story goes back over 500 years. I lived in Watertown New York where the original Woolworths was!

  1. How about a class on L962 Active Shooters or L107 Understanding Opera?

Check your catalog for a full listing of all of OLLI’s interesting classes.

And don’t forget our fabulous OLLI clubs! Loudoun hosts a Science and Technology Club that will be meeting on an evolutionary topic, “How We Became Human,” presented by Mary Kornreich on February 4 from 2:15-3:40. Join cohorts who are interested in exploring science questions that expand the mind.  In addition, the Loudoun Non-Fiction Book Club will meet winter term to discussing A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway on January 28 at 2:15-3:40.  All members are welcome to attend both club meetings.

The planning committee of Loudoun had a meeting January 14, and we were thrilled with the number of participants. I don’t know if cabin fever took hold or everyone really wanted to be there. We all had grins on our faces and multiple ideas came forth. India is Loudoun’s country theme for 2020 and we are looking for India related classes involving anything from politics to dancing. If you have an idea, please let me or Barbara Wilan, Loudoun Program Committee Chair, know. I know that turmeric is very popular in India for your health and I take it every day! Does anyone else know anything about India that would benefit our age group?

We are still looking for literature classes and teachers. If you have a favorite book or author please let us know and we will see what we can do to develop a class to accommodate your wishes.

Friday February 14th is the mid-winter social event at Tallwood, the ice cream social. Sign up and come as this year as the event focuses on Margaritaville. You all know Jimmy Buffet. Come and have fun and see the Olli Players tweak your guitar strings with their rendition of Margaritaville!

On February 27, 2020 at noon, OLLI is hosting at the Loudoun campus a Teacher Training Event. If you are a teacher or thinking about teaching a class/making a presentation at OLLI, please join us!  Just drop a note to coordinator Jim Dunphy so he can plan lunch accordingly:  There will be free pizza and presentations on best teaching practices. Come on out and hopefully some Tallwood and Reston teachers will come also.

This is a reminder of snow events and GMU closings. As a rule of thumb, if Loudoun schools are closed then OLLI Loudoun classes are cancelled. Any decision to close the OLLI campus will be emailed to you by 8am that same day, and posted on the OLLI website:  See p. iii of the winter catalog for a full explanation of OLLI’s closing policy.

Finally, on volunteering, the Washington Post recently ran an article in its Health and Science section titled “The Life Effects of Volunteering.” The article quotes Martin Luther King Jr. from 1968: “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” It is an article that all of us should read as it pertains to us all. OLLI Mason runs on volunteers and we would welcome your service.  Contact the OLLI office if you would like to learn about opportunities: or 703-503-3384. Thank you, OLLI!

Until next time, this is your newsletter volunteer saying farewell.

Kathie West
Loudoun Newsletter