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February 20, 2007

Dear Members:

We are once again pleased to acknowledge the generosity of our friends, those who contributed in 2006 to the Friends of OLLI fund. Donations amounting to $23,315 from members and others amounted to a 28% increase over 2005. On behalf of our members, let me express my gratitude to all the contributors.

A significant fact is that 245 members donated to the Friends this year, representing more than 32% of our membership. This compares to 186 in 2005, when 27% made donations.

We are grateful to all of our donors, regardless of the amount they donated. We should point out that 34 patrons donated $250 or more and an additional 89 donated from $100 to $250. Eight OLLI members donated between $500 and $1,000.

A list of the 2006 contributors follows. Some names do not appear as these donors have requested anonymity. An honor roll of this list is being prepared and will be prominently displayed in the social room at Tallwood.

Friends of OLLI funds are used primarily to support our scholarship program with GMU (in appreciation of the free use of Tallwood) or capital expenditures such as computers or audiovisual equipment. If we didn’t have these donations, funds for these expenditures would have to come from dues. We should note that since the 2006 donations equaled more than $31 per OLLI member, were it not for this generous support, our new dues fee would be over $380.

We invite all members to show their support of OLLI by contributing to the 2007 campaign. You can do this by adding a contribution to your class registration or by responding to our annual solicitation.

With warm regards and much gratitude,

Debbie Halverson
President, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University

Friends of OLLI Patrons

Barbara Achilles
William & Helen Ackerman
Robert & Janice Bohall
Valerie Braybrooke
Gordon Canyock
Garrett Cochran
Duane Cooley
Janice Dewire
Charles & Eileen Duggan
David & Abbie Edwards
Arthur & Julie Fintel
RoseMary Gustin
Eric & Carol Henderson
Palmer & Ceda McGrew
Katie Nicolai
Richard Nolan
Charles & Roberta Paturick
Martha Scanlon
Mary Jane Steele
Audrey Thompson
Arthur Thue
Joanne Tucker
David Watson
Donald & Carol Yesukaitis
Anonymous (1)

Friends of OLLI Supporters

Florence Adler
Charles Allen
Paul & Margaret Andino
William Beckett
Gregory Bednarz
Doris Bloch
Dennis Bloomquist
Roger Brewster
Dick & Brenda Cheadle
William Ciccolo, Sr.
Roxanne Cramer
Jeanne Daussin
Rick & Lynette Davis
John & Joyce DeVoll
Bernard Doe
Louise Donargo
Al & Judy Erickson
George & Doris Ewing
Emmett Fenlon
Donald & Lisa Ferrett
William Forster
James Galloway
Beverly George
Bennett & Sheila Gold
Bonnie Gregory
Tom & Marilyn Hady
Victoria Hall
Deborah Halverson
Raymond Hine
William Hunt
Geraldine Inge
Karl & Shirley Ingebritsen
Carol Kearns
Dorothy Kelly
Richard & Barbara Lanterman
Joanne Lingerfelt
Elizabeth Loweth
Rosemary McDonald
Michael & Julie McNamara
Vicki Meek
Benny Meyer
Murray Minster
Nelson Montague
Bill & Miriam Moore
Chester Myslicki
Mary Neiderer
William Nicosin
Mary Ober
Akin Oduolowu
B .D. Ott
Robert Overholtzer
Mary Perry
Carole Richard
Charles Russo
Peter Schaffer
Ann Shell
Robert Simon, Jr.
Virlinda Snyder
Tomasetta Solak
Edith Speir
Lilyan Spero
David & Barbara Styles
Phil & Fern True
Thelma Weiner
Weiner & Associates
Carol Williams
Roberta Wulf
Ralph Youngren
Anonymous (6)

Friends of OLLI Donors

Glen Adams
Elizabeth Andrews
Renata Bardo
Vincent Boylan
Marge Bradley
Celeste Brodigan
Kelsey Brown
Richard Bulova
Ron Campbell
Homer Carhart
R. Pat Carroll
Jane Catron
Micaela Cella
Louise Cobb
Madelene Colter
Gerald & Nancy Cook
Arthur Cook
Patrick Cosslett
Veta Creggar
Russell Curran
Esther Daniels
Marian Delmore
Elizabeth Dickens
John & Susan Dickson
Ivan & Nancy Dietrich
Lisa Elbert
Barbara Fielding
Polly Fowler
Lois Fristachi
Dorothy Garner
Ginnette Garretson
Russell & JoAnn Goodacre
Marion Grabowski
Lynn Gramzow
Karen Hamilton
George Heatley
Bob Helland
Joyce Hellems
Willis Helmantoler
Gerald Holmes
Richard & Deanne Horte
Paul Howard
William & Miriam Howard
Robert Hunt
Gillian Jones
Richard Joyce
George & Sandy Keim
Helene Layman
Philip Levin
Paulette Lichtman-Panzer
Judith Lieberman
Eleanor Linkous
Sandra Lisiewski
Roman Lotsberg
Lucinda Lynard
Barbara Lynch
Charles Magrum
Ricardo & Rochelle Martinez
Jane May
Mary Frances McWhorter
Minnie Mills
Jerry Moore
Marvina Munch
Nancy Nash
Oak View Garden Club
Jean Oliva
Robert & Elizabeth Osborn
Theodore Parker
Ollie Parrott
Brian Payne
Ted & Martha Poling
Robert & Ida Portland
Rosemary Reardon
Suzanne Reinhard
Jerome Remson
Louise Richardson
David Richardson
Rick Rifkin
Norman & Lorraine Rosenberg
Carol Rosenhoch
Charles & Virginia Rotunno
Kathryn Russell
Jack Samarias
Nancy Schade
Lucy Schultz
Louis & Carol Schuster
Elaine Schwartz
Soraya Sheikerz
David Sitrin
Ann Solomon
Raymond Solomon
Pamela Spofford
Anne Sprague
John St. Germain
Rosalind Stark
Valerie Stucky
Elizabeth Ticknor
Averett & Jane Tombes
Sam & Priscilla Torrence
Jack Underhill
Audrey Van Vliet
Lorena Vandivere
Sibyl Vanneman
Clifford Warfield
Audrey Webb
Doris Weisman
George & Martha Whipple
Carr Whitener
Robert Willard
Caroline Wilson
Judith Wilson
Patricia Younts
Anonymous (17)

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