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OLLI Photo Club – WIFT Themes

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WIFT Themes

A reference of photography themes for social distancing times.


People and Other Animals

  • Social Distancing survival activities
    • Neighbors walking, families bicycling, basketball games on driveways, etc.
  • Groups: Lines at grocery stores, dispersed gatherings at parks, the new rush hour, etc.
  • People and pets in cars at stop lights
  • Animals (Pets, Birds, forest creatures, bugs, etc.)



  • One’s own backyard
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks (Huntley Meadows, Lake Accotink, Burke Lake, Royal Lake, etc.)
  • Historical Cities (like Aldie, the old parts of Fairfax City, Alexandria, Clifton, Burke Station, Middleburg (cemetery), Clifton, Upperville (cemetery), Upperville (with cemetery), etc.)
  • New Cities (Fairfax City, Vienna, Tyson’s, Mosaic Center, Reston, etc.)
  • GMU Campus
  • Churches in Alexandria (see Google map)
  • Country and Urban Landscapes



  • Celebrations (Easter, Passover, also see Observances in USA)
  • Spring blooms.  (They’re everywhere, let’s see flowers!)
  • Mailboxes (unique designs, surrounded by plants, things repurposed as mailboxes)
  • Food
  • Railroads
  • Artwork (graffiti, public art, private art, art in one’s home)
  • Architecture
  • Historical churches and other buildings
  • Abandoned or decaying buildings
  • Astrophotography (religious observations based on earth/lunar cycles, flowers by moonlight)
  • Pre-, current-, and post-COVID photos
  • Transportation



  • Portfolios
  • Exhibits (print and digital)
  • Education and Training (E&T)


Techniques or Genres

  • Conceptual Photography
  • Drive-by Photography
  • Before/During COVID Comparison
  • While Lying on Back
  • Same Time of Day
  • Riding a Bus (non-COVID)
  • B&W
  • 12-Shot Project (Best 4 of a Film-sized Project)
  • Diary (for personal use)
  • Home Studio Work (portraiture lights, light tent, light box, etc.)
  • Macro
  • Window Portraits (frame subject in window)
  • Abstracts around the Home (found, not created)
  • Abstracts (found and/or created)


OverviewGalleries (See Galleries)Monthly ThemesField TripsSpeakersProjects


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