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Our speakers for our upcoming meetings are:—

October =
Kathy Trauss

Designer, photographer, creative coach, artist, and teacher, community leader— her motto is: “Live life, love life, paint life, and create life! I love showing people that as humans, we are innately creative & everyone’s an artist. I love sharing my passion of creativity, taking pictures, telling stories, and giving back. I’m an artist, photographer… I am a visual storyteller”.

The camera is an extension of how Kathy sees the world. She looks to connect her imagery to her viewer—showing a right brain person’s view of the world. From that simple blade of grass, to the stark graphic look of a building, to the sparkling eyes of the bride and groom, she captures beauty with her lens. She knows she’s done her job when a person looks at her photographs and they know they’ve “seen a story.”

After receiving her certification as a Creatively FitTM Coach, she shares her artist’s view of life through her creative classes, these classes help others to understand the importance of creative vision and perspective. Her students learn to bring creative thinking into their lives and workplace, tapping into their stores of innovation and enthusiasm for life.

She is also a member of the Arches Gallery Artists at the Workhouse Arts Center, where she serves as President and exhibits her work.

November – Susan Bloom
Susan Ruddick Bloom is known for her fine art photography. She uses alternative photographic processes and digital manipulation. Sue has been involved in making art on the computer for over twenty-seven years. She holds an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Art History at McDaniel College, in Westminster, Maryland.

Her work spans the range of digital techniques. Recently that includes iPad and iPhone art. She is always experimenting with techniques and materials in an effort to make meaningful marks. She is considered one of the world leaders in digital fine art.

In addition to her college teaching, Sue conducts many workshops, including the Maine Photographic Workshop, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Santa Fe Photo Workshop, Common Ground, and Common Ground – Scotland. She also leads photo tours throughout the world.

Sue’s book, Digital Collage and Painting, by Focal Press, was released June 1, 2006. It can be found at your local bookstore or A second edition of the book was released in October 2010. The second edition contains many new techniques, reflects changes in software and features the work of twenty new digital artists.

Sue’s  book, Digital Painting in Photoshop, by Focal Press, was released in February 2009, and shows techniques, within Photoshop, that mimic the traditional fine art mediums like pastels, watercolors, oil painting, charcoal sketches and ink wash techniques.

Sue also writes for numerous magazines and is a staff writer at the Australian quarterly, Better Photoshop Techniques. Media.

December – Tuan Pham
Climbing a flight of stairs suddenly takes more time and effort. I know I need a new approach to continue enjoying photography for years to come–one that underscores visual intelligence and does not require traveling long distances, climbing mountains or waking up before sunrise. After studying several books and diving deep within. I learned there are two kinds of photos–photos of and photos about, like prose and poetry in literature–and how-to create space for them to come forward. They are hiding in plain sight waiting for an awakened eye.

A nature photographer, Tuan Pham keeps two cameras within reach most of the time. He joined the Northern Virginia Photographic Society (NVPS) in 2005 and later the GRC group (Getting it Right in the Camera) sponsored Joe Miller who has this to say about Tuan: “Your photography represents you well.”  Tuan’s other photography related interest is awareness of the breath—threshold between life and death, conscious and unconscious processes, and the inner and outer landscapes where nature looks and feels fresh and intriguing.

2018 Speakers

January – Robin Kent
Robin’s approach to photography is to seek out special moments and bring back what he experiences in the form of a photographic print.  While luck is important, advance planning usually is necessary for him to be in the right place at the right time.

The first step is to anticipate a combination of light, place, and natural events that will produce a memorable image.  For example, the idea of a lunar eclipse hovering just above the Washington Monument became possible by using the information available at the US Naval Observatory, a map, and compass.
In the same way, knowing where the sun will rise or set on the horizon enables one to forecast where the light might – if you are lucky – be especially magical.

February – Frank Ruggles
Frank has been a professional Photographer since 1992, and has had some fantastic assignments over the years. He has worked for the Government at a contractor and as a Federal employee. His favorite assignment was 2007 through 2010, when he worked as an official photographer for the National Park Service. He got so see parts of America that very few people get to see. Every day after he finished his official photographer’s duties, he took advantage of his location and (with the permission of the Secretary of the Interior) started his own project of documenting the beauty of the National Parks.   He hiked a few thousand miles through the most beautiful places in the country.
He was fortunate to have traveled to over 150 National Parks in all 50 US States, and can tell you….they really are “America’s Best Idea”.

March – Jim Alper

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