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OLLI Photo Club – The Producers! Workpage

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The Producers!  Workpage

A working page for creating videos of galleries, similar to the NBM Virtual Tour. 


Gallery Comments
Tidal Basin NPS doesn’t want people to go to see the cherry blossoms this year
Harper’s Ferry Nice variety of pictures
Hot Air Balloon “Up, Up and Away”
Women in Arts Lynn to compile background text, needs artists’ names for captions.
Renwick Abstracts, audacious colors? Heavy metal backing track.
Meadowlark Have we covered every square foot of the gardens?
Car Shows Not widely photographed by club members. Sound effects?
Flowers From many galleries.
Animals Include personal photos of domesticated animals, too?












1. Since the National Park Service doesn’t want people to go to see the cherry blossoms this year, in order to maintain social distancing, I think it would be nice to use the 2019 Tidal Basin field trip for a video.

2. The 2017 Harper’s Ferry field trip has a nice variety of pictures for a video.

3. This was before my time in the club, but I enjoyed seeing the 2016 hot air balloon trip. The song I imagined was “Up, Up and Away” in my beautiful balloon. Someone who was on the trip would be in a better position than me to do this one.

4. Per our earlier discussion, I could get compile some background text for the Museum of Women in the Arts that could fit the photos of the building itself (mostly that ground floor with the marble and chandeliers) and see if I can find the names of the artists for individual pieces that were photographed.


1. Renwick (201603, 201808). This gallery has a lot of strange and colorful images. Combining these with similar photos gleaned from other galleries with a backing track of heavy metal could be interesting.

2. Meadowlark (201605, 201704, 201804, ). The Gardens would certainly be a good theme. And arranging these photos by region within the gardens might give us some ideas about where to focus future field trips after the virus.

3. Car Shows (201601, 201609a, 201901). I think only a few of us have gone to the Fairfax City and the DC Convention Center car shows, so arranging these images might interest some other folks for a future field trip. A bunch of us ended up at the Mazda product shoot. Sound effects for hot rods, freeways, crashes, screeching tires, etc.

4. Flowers from Meadowlark, Kenilworth, Botanic, Green Spring (201605; 2017-02,04,07,11,12; 2018-04,07; 201903a). Lots of classical music inspired by flowers. Arrange by color, type, single vs multiple.

5. Animals. Scattered throughout the galleries. Include personal photos of domesticated animals? Chopin’s Minute Waltz (The Little Dog Waltz).




OverviewGalleries (See Galleries)Monthly ThemesField TripsSpeakersProjects


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