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iPhone Photo Size Q: For iPhones, how can one export a full-sized image suitable for uploading to the OPC photo repository for competitions, field trips, etc.?
A: See “Exporting iPhone photos in maximum (actual) resolution” courtesy of Bob Baker.
Apple PC File Rename Q: For Apple PCs, how does one rename image files to reflect OPC file naming conventions?
Cropped Prints Q: Why are there cut-off or missing pixels in my print?
A: Crops of a photo that were made in a free form manner, instead of using a standard crop ratio that more closely approximates the chosen photo paper size, may cause loss of parts of the image when printed.  Also, because camera sensors have different fixed aspect ratios, an image which appears well proportioned while taking a photo may become smaller when printed by a lab or on a home printer.

Reference: Check the “Aspect Ratio Print Chart” (reproduced with permission from Anthony Morganti) before cropping in Lightroom, Photoshop, or other photo editor.

Here is a link to an instructional video:

Article courtesy Ed Marion.

Photoshop Snow and Starbursts
Q: Can Photoshop insert snow and starbursts into my images?
A: Photoshop has two tools, actions and brushes, that can be customized to simplify image editing and to provide many specific functions.  This article describes the insertion of snow and starbursts into images using these tools.

Snow.  Gavin Hoey describes how to download and install into PhotoShop free action files to generate snow in any image.  See his web page,  “Instant Snow V2.”  There are four action scripts to add varying amounts of  falling snow.

Starburst.  John Adams offers a video detailing how to create a starburst effect in PhotoShop using brushes.  The video demonstrates how to load and  position starbursts,  and how to adjust both the size and opacity of the starburst layers.

To make the process easier,  the downloadable PhotoShop starburst brush file contains a variation of a 8, 16, and 32 point starburst brush presets, created following steps shown in the video.  The brush contains a few improvements: some arms were shortened and others lengthened for a more natural appearing starburst.

Article courtesy Ed Marion.

Change Image’s Filename on iPad Q: How does one change an image’s filename on an iPad?
A: See step-by-step instructions in the pdf titled “Changing Filename on an iPad.”

Context: This instruction relies upon the app called “Files.” Prior to the release of “Files,” changing file names on an iPad required the iCloud Drive app which was “hidden” by default; use of the iCloud Drive app required “enabling” it through the setup menu.  The Files app, with stable release 1.3.3, is not hidden and has been available since September 2019 on the operating systems iOS 11 and later, and iPadOS (Files (Apple)).

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