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OLLI Photo Club – NMAAHC Project

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National Museum of African-American History and Culture

The National Museum of African-American History and Culture (NMAAHC), the newest museum on the Mall, tells a compelling story of the rise of a people from de facto and legalized slavery to a level of freedom exemplified by eminent leaders in commerce, science, government, arts, sports, and religion.

This set of photo galleries provides a framework in which OPC members may celebrate this story by participating in a project with many photographic opportunities that can be performed at any time.  In addition to the project enabling members to create a visual memory of their visit to the NMAAHC, the galleries may be used to interest others in visiting the museum.

The project’s photo galleries mimic the layout of the museum with a gallery for each floor and individual exhibition areas within each gallery.   A “switchboard” of links to each exhibit area allows quick access to labeled exhibits.  OPC members who would like to participate in this project would upload their images to a “staging gallery” using the file naming convention below.

Submitted images will conform to only one curatorial restriction: due to the comprehensive nature of the museum, some objects represent the most vile elements of humanity.  Such images convey not only torture and killings, but also racist symbols and caricatures that would leave children with insidious impressions.  I do not feel I have the skill to place such images into the galleries in a manner that would best represent their context to a wide audience.


File Naming Convention

Private Filename

Members may upload to the staging gallery images with file names of the format illustrated by this template.


LastnameFirstInitial – [Title] – Photo ID

Note: “Title” is optional.  Use “spaces” on either side of the hyphens for legibility.


SmithJ – Black Studies – IMG_1234

JonesG – 001


Public Filename

The curator will prefix the filename with an indexing scheme to simplify insertion of the image into the appropriate location in the galleries.


30.C1.010.000 – SmithJ – Black Studies  – IMG_1234


Uploading Instructions

Photos are uploaded to a private staging gallery.  Since it is private, one may visit the gallery only by using the “view” link below, the gallery is not publicly accessible through the menu system.  The upload link process is the same as for other OPC uploads.  Your photos may disappear from the staging gallery while being transferred to the public galleries.

View the Staging Gallery –

Upload to the Staging Gallery –

The upload link is available on the “OPC Upload” page that Angie emails for the Photo of the Month competition.

Place this link only on the OPC Upload page



OverviewGalleries (See Galleries)Monthly ThemesField TripsSpeakersProjects




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