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First Three OLLI-Mason Presidents

WE ALL OWE A GREAT DEBT TO THREE DISTINGUISHED LADIES who were instrumental in the establishment in 1991 of the Learning in Retirement Institute (later renamed the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at George Mason University: Founder Kathryn Brooks and Founding Members Shirley Fox and Lilyan Spero, who became our first three presidents.Watch very short videos of these leaders here.

Immediately below: The late Kathryn Brooks, Founder, first president (video is from two early 1992 televised interviews; length 1:56).

Immediately below: The late Shirley Fox, Founding Member, second president (video is from an early 1992 televised interview; length 1:44).

Immediately below: The late Lilyan Spero, Founding Member, third president (video is from the 2004 “Story of OLLI” movie; length 1:10).


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