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Trip Tales: In one of a popular long-running series, Lou Coglianese presents a trip to Norway and its fjords, April 2.

April 6, 2018

Editor of the Week: Jean Boltz

Table of Contents

Alerts & Notices

  • Board of Directors Meeting, Signal Hill, Loudoun, April 20, 10:00. All OLLI members welcome.
  • Super Salad Social, Reston, Rose Gallery, Community Center, Lake Anne, April 20, 12:30 – 2:30. All OLLI members welcome; candidates for Board election will be present and take questions (see article below).
  • The next issue of OLLI E-News will be published April 13; regular deadline for submission of items is Tuesday, April 10, at 6:00.

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Notice of Annual Meeting and Election

By Jennifer Disano, Executive Director


The Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Friday, May 4, 2018, at 10:00, at Tallwood. The agenda for the meeting will include reports from the OLLI president and executive director; brief speeches by the candidates for election to the Board; and an opportunity for members to ask questions of the candidates, moderated by the Nominating Committee.

The vote for electing the Board of Directors (BOD) will take place from Friday, May 4, through noon on Friday, May 18, 2018. An explanation of the election procedures follows:

  • Recognizing the accuracy, convenience, and efficiency of electronic balloting, the bylaws allow for electronic transmission, and members are encouraged to use this method of voting. To comply with the bylaws, on April 23, directions on how to vote for BOD Candidates will be emailed to the OLLI membership, included in the OLLI E-News, and provided as a handout in classrooms. Printed directions will be mailed to those without email.
  • Any OLLI member who requests a paper ballot will receive one by mail with a preaddressed return envelope marked “BALLOT ENCLOSED.” Please notify the OLLI office to request a mailed ballot. Use this ballot to vote for up to six candidates. You can mail the ballot to OLLI or drop it in a ballot box at Tallwood, Reston, or Loudoun. Since you do not sign the ballot or return envelope, your vote remains completely anonymous. To be counted, all ballots must be received by noon on May 18, 2018.
  • Do not lose your ballot. No member having lost, damaged, or destroyed his or her paper ballot may receive a second ballot. Making more than six choices will invalidate your ballot. Similarly, more than one ballot per envelope, any ballot not in the furnished “BALLOT ENCLOSED” envelope, or any ballot not received by May 18 will be invalid.

If you have questions about the election process, please contact Terri Feldmayer, Nominating Committee Chair, at or 703-725-9627.

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Opportunities to Meet the Candidates

By Teri Feldmayer, Nominating Committee Chair


Please mark your calendars for the following opportunities to meet the candidates for OLLI’s Board of Directors.

April 20, 9:30, LOUDOUN – Social time before the Board of Directors meeting. Candidates will be introduced at this meeting, but there will be no formal statements or Q and A.

April 20, 12:30-2:30, RESTON – Super Salad Social at Rose Gallery, Community Center, Lake Anne. Candidates will provide brief introductions, followed by Q and A.

May 4, 10:00-12:00, TALLWOOD – OLLI Annual Meeting and Picnic. Candidates will provide brief introductions, followed by Q and A.

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Thank You, OLLI Catalog Volunteers and Staff

By Sheri Siesseger, Publications Committee ChairI know. We’ve only just begun the spring term, but your OLLI summer catalog is off to the printer. Look forward to a great selection of courses, both one-time classes and some that continue for several weeks.

We can’t produce the catalog without volunteers. We had three new volunteer editors this time: Stephanie Stahr, Anna Fotias, and Linda Cullen. If you see any of them around the OLLI campuses, please let them know that you appreciate their work. Thanks also to our proofreaders: Joan Axilbund, Doris Bloch, Leti Labell, Rebecca Jann, Karen Murphy, Irene Osterman, and Susan Van Hemel. This group has a wide range of knowledge and experience, and they have saved us from a variety of embarrassing errors.
We also appreciate the hard work by OLLI staff members Leigh Knox, Jen McMahon, and Alice Slayton Clark.
If you are interested in working with us on a future catalog, please contact me at

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Teacher Resource Initiative

By Jim Dunphy, Chair, Teacher Resource Initiative

The backbone of OLLI is the classes our talented corps of teachers provides, and we want to do everything we can to provide the resources those teachers need. Therefore, OLLI has created a Teacher Resource Initiative, which I will be overseeing.

We hope to create a multi-platform approach to providing OLLI instructors with the tools they require. This will include classes on teaching techniques, revising the Teacher Guide and making it readily available, coordinating with Mason to determine what teacher resources they can provide, furnishing instructors with a monthly newsletter, and sponsoring events where instructors can get together and share ideas and best practices.

We are looking both for ideas to help instructors and for members willing to participate in this most important initiative. If you are interested, have any questions, or need further information, please contact Jim Dunphy at (703) 244-9046 or at

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Spanish Conversation 2: OLLI Gauchos


By Carolyn Kazemi, OLLI Member

OLLI’s Spanish Conversation 2 class, under the direction of Ligia Glass and Tom Black, is comprised of many well-traveled members. One is world-renowned National Geographic photojournalist O. Louis “Lou” Mazzatenta, who, while dressed in original gaucho clothing, delighted the class with a photographic presentation of his travels on assignment in Paraguay; Cartagena, Colombia; and Argentina–a sampling of the vast body of his work during his 42‑year career with the magazine.

OLLI’s Spanish Conversation 2 class provides its members with enriching opportunities to converse in the language while learning about the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking people throughout the world. ¡Hablemos Español!

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Tallwood Book Club

By Ceda McGrew, Tallwood Book Club Coordinator

The Tallwood Book Club will meet on Wednesday, April 11, at 1:30 in TA‑2. The book for discussion is Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. Set in rural Tennessee, it tells the story of a farm family that is considering selling a wooded portion of their property to a logging company in order to pay off mounting equipment debt. Kingsolver, a scientist by training as well as a storyteller, shows the effect of climate change on the community as well as its effect on the migration patterns of monarch butterflies. A reading guide is available at:

All OLLI members are welcome.
The selection for May is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.

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Reston Book Club


By Nancy Scheeler and Luci Martel, Reston Book Club Coordinators

The Reston Book Club will meet Thursday, April 12, at 2:15, at the United Christian Parish Church in Reston. The book selection is Last Orders by Graham Swift, which was the 1996 Booker Prize winner. It is a story of the relationships among a group of WWII veterans who live in the same corner of London, with the backbone of the story being the journey of four of the members to Margate to scatter the ashes of a fifth member in accordance with his last wishes.

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Poet’s Corner

Courtesy of the Poetry Workshop

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”
Sylvia Plath, “The Bell Jar”


Reading some poems by Sylvia Plath
Inspired me to soak in a scalding hot bath
To purge all illusions about being brilliant
When my words are hogwash,
and hers are so Sylviant.

Martha E. Powers

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Arts & Music at George Mason

Performances, April 6 through April 16
By Shelly Gersten, OLLI E-News Staff WriterFor tickets for either Center for the Arts (CFA) or Hylton, call 1-888-945-2468, buy tickets online through the event calendar (see links below), or visit the venue’s box office. For more information, see the CFA ticket page or the Hylton ticket purchase page.

At the Fairfax Campus Venues

Virginia Opera: Lucia di Lammermoor
Sat, Apr 7, 2018, 8:00
Sun, Apr 8, 2018, 2:00
Pre-performance discussion: Dr. Glenn Winter.
Concert Hall
Admission: $110, $90, $54.
L.A. Theatre Works: The Mountaintop
Sat, Apr 14, 8:00
Pre-performance discussion: Member of the company.
Concert Hall
Admission: $44, $37, $26.

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Mason Student & Faculty Performances

(see for additional student recitals)

Mason School of Theater: The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
Sat, Apr 7, 8:00
Sat, Apr 7, and Sun, Apr 8, 2:00
Harris Theatre
Admission: Adults $30; seniors $15.

Jazz Combos and Steel Pan Ensemble Concert
Wed, Apr 11, 8:00
deLaski 3001
Admission: Free.

International Week Dance Competition with Student Chamber Orchestra
Thu, Apr 12, 7:00
Concert Hall
Admission: $10.

Spring New Dances
Thu, Apr 12 – Sat, Apr 14, 8:00.
Harris Theatre
Admission: Adults $15; seniors $10.

The Mason Chorale: Cafe George
Fri, Apr 13, 8:00
Dessert and performance in cabaret style
Concert Hall Stage
Admission: $25.

Mason Tuba & Euphonium Ensemble Concert
Sat, Apr 14, 5:00
deLaski 3001
Admission: Free.

Mason Guitar Ensemble Concert with Lake Braddock Guitar Ensemble
Sat, Apr 14, 8:00
deLaski 3001
Admission: Free.

Jazz Workshop Concert
Sun, Apr 15, 7:00
Harris Theatre
Admission: Free.

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At the Hylton Center (Manassas Campus)

8th Anniversary Gala Silent Art Auction Exhibition
Through Apr 21
Final bids Apr 14
Buchanan Partners Art Gallery

Sat, Apr 7, 8:00
Pre-performance discussion: Member of the company.
Merchant Hall
Admission: $50, $43, $30.

Asaph Dance Ensemble: Spring Concert
Sun, Apr 8, 4:00
Merchant Hall
Admission: Adults $30; Seniors $15.

Matinee Idylls: A Taste of Opera
Tue, Apr 10,
Lunch 12:30 / Concert 1:30
Gregory Family Theater
Admission: Lunch/Concert/Dessert $47; Concert/Dessert $27.

The Mason Cabaret in Concert
Fri, Apr 13, 8:00
Gregory Family Theater
Admission: $30.

Hylton Center 8th Anniversary Gala
Sat, Apr 14, 6:00 – 11:00
6:00 – Reception in the Grand Foyer
7:00 – Dinner on the Merchant Hall Stage
8:30 – “Party for a Cause” Gala After Party
Hylton Performing Arts Center
Admission: $300.

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For further details on any of the above events, please see the CFA event calendar and the Hylton Center event calendar.

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Meetings & Clubs

The following list covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master online calendar maintained by the office, with direct web links added when available. The list is accurate as of mid-week but to check any time for the latest information, please view the latest forecast of upcoming events on our website (News/OLLI Calendar). Note: All OLLI members are welcome at, and encouraged to attend, meetings of the Board of Directors, committees and resource groups, kickoff coffees, etc. (bolded below).

Sat Apr 7 10:30am Tai Chi Club–TA-3
Wed Apr 11 1:30pm
Tallwood Book Club–TA-2
Bridge Club–TA-3
Spanish Club–TA-2
Thu Apr 12 2:15pm Reston Book Club–UCP
Fri Apr 13 9:15am
Recorder Consort–TA-3
Craft and Conversation–Annex
Photography Club–TA-1
Homer, etc.–Annex
Classic Literature Club–TA-2
Sat Apr 14 10:30am Tai Chi Club–TA-3
Wed Apr 18 1:30pm
Mah Jongg Club–TA-2
Bridge Club–TA-3
A/V Committee–TA-1
Fri Apr 20 9:15am
Recorder Consort–TA-3
Craft and Conversation–Annex
Board of Directors Meeting–Loudoun
Classic Literature Club–TA-1
Homer, etc.–Annex
Super Salad Social, Reston–Rose Gallery
Dr. Who Club–TA-3

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