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Loudoun Newsletter


As I sit here looking out the window at snow and sleet, I can hardly believe that
spring semester is almost here. Priority registration begins at 9:00 am on February
21 and ends at noon on March 1, and the term begins on March 25. Let me get you
up to date on what has been going on.
Due to the weather, be it the snow or cold a number of classes had to be made up.
That has been occurring this week. Russia is still the country of choice for Loudoun
so look at the special events that we are still having for spring:

952 Russian Coffee and Pastries
Monday, 11:50–1:15, Mar. 25
Instructor: Marina Dobson
Coordinator: Judy Sapienza
Class limit: 26
Fee: $6
Enjoy coffee, Russian pastries, and a taste of Russian culture and charm presented
by Marina Dobson. This is a great opportunity to take a break in the day, learn
(and taste) some Russian traditions, and meet some new friends. Come and
indulge! Registration for this event is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Marina Dobson graduated from Kyibishev Aviation Institute (renamed Samara
Aerospace University) with a master’s degree in computer sciences. Because she
was the daughter of a Soviet officer, she traveled with her family around the USSR
and lived in places from the Far East to Ukraine. Marina moved to the United
States in the 1990s where she met her American husband and became a
naturalized citizen. She has lived in Fairfax for the past 13 years.

960 The Five Pillars of Brain Health
Monday, 11:50–1:15, Apr. 22
Instructor: Suba Saty
It’s never too late to take charge of your brain health! In this interactive session,
you will learn about the five pillars of a brain-healthy lifestyle, share your brainboosting
activities, and be inspired by others. This session is a good overview for
anyone interested in improving their brain health and will provide you with
actionable steps you can take, along with resources to learn more.
Suba Saty has been an AARP community ambassador for over two years. In that
capacity, he provides presentations on fraud/identity theft and on HomeFit, smart
solutions from AARP for making your home comfortable and safe.

974 Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities About Race, Religion, and Society in
Thursday, 11:50–1:15, Apr. 11
Instructor: Al Carroll
Stereotypes and falsehoods are often deliberately spread to justify inequality,
prejudice, or domination of one group over another. This class will focus on the
most common misunderstandings believed even by many of us who consider
ourselves unprejudiced. The format will be question and answer with much
Al Carroll is associate professor of US, American Indian, and Latin American
history at Northern Virginia Community College, and a former Senior Fulbright
Scholar in Indonesia. He has written six books and numerous articles that have
appeared in a variety of publications.

1004 Catherine the Great
Thursday, 11:50–1:15, May 16
Instructor: Stephanie Campbell
How did a German princess from a minor noble family become empress of Russia
and one of the most formidable, fascinating, and extraordinary rulers of all time?
It certainly was not by happenstance; Catherine the Great’s intelligence, charm,
and sheer determination propelled her to the forefront of 18th century
Enlightenment politics and culture, with a military capable of challenging the
Ottoman Empire, and a court that could rival Versailles.
Stephanie Campbell attended the College of William & Mary, where she earned a
BA in history and a second BA in medieval and Renaissance studies. She then
attended Catholic University, where she earned an MA in history with a
concentration in medieval history. She currently works as a full-time instructor at
Northern Virginia Community College where she teaches western civilization and
world civilization classes.

1101 Loudoun Spring Term Coffee and Conversation with Musings from
Delegate Ken Plum
Thursday, 10:30–12:30, Mar. 21
Note date and time
Speaker: Del. Ken Plum
Coordinator: Judy Sapienza
Event limit: 26
Come one, come all, longstanding and recent members, to welcome new
members and kick off the spring term at OLLI Loudoun! Celebrate old friendships
and make new ones with coffee, nibbles, and friendly conversation. New
members will have the opportunity to meet and engage with staff, OLLI Board
members, and committee chairs. You will also enjoy some musings from Delegate
Ken Plum as he provides “Ramblings around Virginia by One of Her Native Sons.”
Registration for this event will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

1106 Afternoon Tea and History: Friends of OLLI Special Fundraising Event
Friday, 2:00-4:00, May 10
Historic Blenheim, 3620 Old Lee Highway Fairfax
Coordinators: Lesley Bubenhofer, Manny Pablo
Fee: $65 ($50 of which is a tax-deductible donation to Friends of OLLI)
Event limit: 60
Treat yourself to an elegant afternoon with friends and enjoy a lovely British
afternoon tea. The event will be catered by Kathleen Pablo and will feature an
amazing array of luscious, incredible goodies. Kathleen will also provide a
companion informative presentation on the history of tea. Additionally, a
Blenheim docent will be on site, who will give an informative talk about the Civil
War site, answer questions and guide a tour of the museum. Registration for this
event is on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up as soon as possible, so you do
not miss this memorable occasion! Cost $65.00, with $50.00 of that amount is a
donation to Friends of OLLI. A donation letter for tax purposes will be sent to you
after the event.

1206 The OLLI Players and The Tallwood Trio with Nancy Riley Present Sherlock
Bones and the Unfortunate Demise of Elvis
Friday, 10:00–12:00, May 31
Note date and time
Church of the Good Shepherd
Directors: Kathie West
Fee: $25 donation to benefit the Mason Office of Military Services
Eat dessert, collect hints and determine “Who Done It?” The Tallwood Trio and
the OLLI Players are combining forces to provide hints in a new OLLI murder
mystery, called Sherlock Bones and the Unfortunate Demise of Elvis. Help
Sherlock Bones, Dr. Flotsan, Mrs. Budinsky, Irene Addled, Colonel Barker, Elvis,
Loosy Floozy, and many more, with the Blue Suede Shoes Trio and Fancy Nancy
and other characters to discover “who done it.” Those who help decipher the
hints will receive their just desserts! A $25 per person fee serves as a donation to
the Office of Military Services at George Mason University. Registrations for this
event will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
These are just a few events and performances that are scheduled for our Loudoun
community. You will see that two of them are not in Loudoun but well worth your
time for a SHORT trip to Fairfax. 1106 Afternoon Tea and History: Friends of OLLI
Special Fundraising Event is a wonderful opportunity to have tea and special
treats in a very special place. I can tell you that once you taste the incredible
treats catered by Kathleen Pablo, you will go to every event she is a part of.
Please take a chance and sign up, but you better hurry as she will have it filled
very soon. The other event is 1206 The OLLI Players and The Tallwood Trio with
Nancy Riley Present Sherlock Bones and the Unfortunate Demise of Elvis. This is
the Murder Mystery put on by the OLLI Players and the Tallwood Trio and Nancy
Reilly. You are in for an hour of madcap hilarity to be accompanied by tasty
deserts and lots of coffee and laughter. Take another chance and sign up for this.
You will be back in Loudoun by one P.M.

Ongoing News

Be sure you check out the clubs section in the catalog for the Loudoun Non-
Fiction Book Club and check in the summer catalog for a new technology club in
Loudoun hosted by Jim Wentworth.
I hope you have noticed that the closing policy includes the GMU schedule as
well. Because OLLI uses Mason facilities in Loudoun and Fairfax, OLLI is required to
abide by Mason decisions to delay or close. Mason’s closing policy is independent
of the county schools’ policies. In rare instances when Mason announces a
delayed opening, OLLI may need to cancel the first class of the day.
If you have a question about classes or anything related to a campus, please feel
free to call the OLLI office (703-503-3384) to talk with someone that can help you.
OLLI is for all.
Loudoun’s next country of interest for the fall is Greece. If you have any topics
with a Greek theme you would like to present at Loudoun, please contact the OLLI
program associates at Consider the topics of Greek travel or
military assignments, Greek food and culture, Greek literature or art, Greek
history, or Greek language. We would like you to share your knowledge for a
class. Just think of those blue green waters and the Acropolis with the stars
shining and all of us sitting in the restaurant, listening to Greek music, looking up!
Kosmo is helping out all he can! We want to continue to strengthen the program
in Loudoun and our OLLI members are the key.
That is about it for me as I now listen to the rain on top of the snow. Enjoy the
warmer temperatures as spring raises its head. Register soon and I look forward
to seeing some of you in classes and at many events.

Kathie West
Loudoun Newsletter Publisher
OLLI Players Director