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Loudoun Newsletter

Loudoun Fall to Winter Newsletter

Here I am again after the first snow for November. I hope you all loved your time off as Olli was over and you had nothing to do!

Fall term was a great success in all locations but at Loudoun it really hummed along. A very interesting course was taught by Linda Bender, L906 Exploring along Spiritual Paths. You learned about karma, reincarnation and many other interesting methods for exploring your life and faith. Come back in the fall of 2019 to take another of her courses. We also had creative writing with Ron Shapiro which provided clues to keep your imagination going during your writing.

I want to open your eyes to a wonderful teacher at Tallwood whom I know you will all enjoy. Skip Bromley taught a wonderful course on, The Almost Perfect Story. You will leave so energized you will have to take a breather before heading home.

1. Loudoun winter term 2019 course offerings follow:

More Russian Aerospace Designs

Tax Prep Simplified

Destroyer of the Gods: Christianity’s

Triumph in the Roman World

Human Migrations and Diasporas

The Literature of Baseball

Revolution in Latin America: The Success and Failure of Che Guevara

Talmudical Ethics

American History in 101 Objects +

Original Engravings from Audubon’s

Masterpiece, The Birds of America

20th Century Russia and it’s “Near Abroad”

Russian Jewish Emigration to the United States 1880s – 2018. Our Heritage–My Story

The New Yorker Magazine Round Table

Hard-Won Lessons: The WWII Strategic Bombing Campaign of the 8th Air Force

Russian Revolution of 1917

Russia’s 1990s and the Preconditions for

Putin’s Authoritarian Rule

Writers’ Workshop

Drawing and Painting Workshop

  1. Loudoun Non-Fiction Book Club is formally constituted as of winter term.  The Club will meet January 22 from 2:15–3:50 to discuss Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President by Candice Millard.  This book details the story of the assassination of President James Garfield.  If you want to attend, please sign up for the book club via the member portal.
  2. Have some fun and meet your cohorts by attending the Loudoun winter term coffee and conversation social: Thursday, January 24 from 1:15–2:45. Grab a cup of coffee/tea and join us for an afternoon of enjoying some cake and goodies to kick off the new term.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy the camaraderie–new members and longstanding members.
  3. **NEXT PROGRAMMING MEETING** Friday, Dec. 7 (10:30–12:30 at Signal Hill)—obviously not a Tuesday. It’s exciting and fun to build our program, and we’d be delighted if you joined us! You are welcome to come see how it all comes together!
  4. Want to improve your cognitive functions? Many studies have shown that participating in fine arts activities can improve brain function. Sign up for four sessions of drawing and painting workshop during the winter session. The purpose is twofold: first to learn more art techniques and second, to relax while being creative. It will be a definite respite from our daily lives!
  5. Courses for winter 2019 and spring 2019 will focus on Russia. Do you, or anyone you know have expertise in Russian language, history, art, music, religion, politics, and food? Have you taken a fabulous relevant OLLI course that you would like to see repeated? Please send an email to, and we will get right back to you.
  6. And now, a word from Our Loudoun Program Planning Chair, Barbara Wilan:
Pleas, Please, and Thank You from Programming

PLEA: Together, we can build an excellent program for Loudoun OLLI.  To help, all that you need to do is:


1.     Please help us retain the teachers we recruit by showing respect and appreciation.  They and we are volunteers who are paid only when we know that we are valued and appreciated, and we only know that when you show up.

2.     Please make every effort to be in class.  We all have missed classes because it just couldn’t be helped, but realize that it’s discouraging for a teacher to have spent hours preparing a class, and only a handful of members who originally signed up are there.  So if you can help it, please be there.  Your attendance is valued.

3.     Please let us know that you won’t be in a class when you know in advance. Put an A down for that date so that someone may be able to take your place and so the teacher and we know that you really do want to be there.

4.     Please don’t use your phone or computer in class unless it’s a necessity. It really is distracting and insulting to our instructors. It also distracts fellow members.

5.     Please come to at least one Programming Meeting: We usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month **, and the dates are posted on our bulletin board.

6.     Please fill out the Member Survey Form with your suggestions: Forms and submission box are next to the cookies or ask Leigh for a form.

7.     Please suggest by email,, or at a Programming Meeting any courses that interest you and, especially, anyone you know who might teach that course or any other course.  If you want a particular Tallwood class at Loudoun, let us know which one, and we’ll try to bring it here.


Finally, thank you for showing up to show your support, for asking intelligent questions that always impress our instructors, and for making our teachers feel welcome and appreciated.

We are heading into a joyous holiday season with family and friends. I hope you all look at the winter catalog and also think of spring classes that you might want to help with. As we get older the months seem to speed by. I hope to see many of you at our December 7th meeting at 10:30 out here in Loudoun. Come with your coffee or hot cocoa and join us as we plan summer and fall of 2019.

A big reminder for spring, especially May 31. The Olli Players are presenting a new murder mystery at COGS at 10-12 am. It is called, “Sherlock Bones solves the unfortunate demise of Elvis.” We are very fortunate to have the OLLI trio and Nancy Riley join in the performance. Wait until you see and hear the gem we are providing for you. You will be greeted with a limonene for pictures and coffee and drinks and an assortment of desserts for your pleasure. It is $25.00 per person to be donated to The Office of Military Services at George Mason. Look for announcements in the spring catalog and in the e-news. You won’t want to miss this one.

As the snow falls and the holidays come, may there be thoughts of peace, love and tranquility for all.

Kathie West

Loudoun News reporter
OLLI Players Director