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Loudoun Newsletter

February Loudoun Newsletter

Welcome back to a few weeks of rest before the next OLLI semester. All three campuses had a very good winter turnout and I certainly hope that continues. Loudoun continues to have wonderful classes with some new instructors and we are beginning to feel rejuvenated. We have had meetings about clubs and classes and social events so let me tell you all what to look forward to.


Loudoun Olli has wanted to see the development of clubs and one club is beginning to take off. The classical music club coordinated by Mary Coyne has come up with its first event.
“I am writing to you who have shown interest in a Classical Music Club.  As an initial event, I would like for us to attend “La Boehme” at Cobb Theatre in Leesburg.  As you know, this is one of the most popular operas of all time, so I suggest that you purchase your ticket early.  Afterwards we can have an early dinner at Travinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar in the same center (Village at Leesburg).  Please let me know by e-mail if you are interested in the dinner so I can make a reservation.  And bring your suggestions for further activities!”

Mary Coyne  if any of you have interest please email Mary ASAP.



L113:  The Ongoing Pleasures of Music Mondays, 2:15–3:40, Apr. 9, Apr. 23, May 7 Instructor: Gloria Sussman This music listening course has continued to live up to its promising title. We explore with pleasure the many facets of classical music with the help of DVDs and YouTube. You may sample the wide variety of previous terms’ musical offerings by searching for Gloria Sussman on  Gloria Sussman has been teaching at OLLI since 2000 and continues to provide entertaining programs for OLLI at Loudoun

L319:  History and Politics of Selected Latin American Countries:  Chile, Peru, and Venezuela Mondays, 9:40–11:05, Mar. 26–Apr. 16 Instructor: Roland G. Estrada Chile, Peru, and Venezuela have undergone rapid and radical changes in the last 50 years. They started from democratic, traditional bases and went in different political directions. The course summarizes the forces at play developing and modernizing each political system and focuses on the political leaders and the political parties of each country. In addition to discussing cultural similarities including language and economic interests, the class will discuss how they relate to US policies in the hemisphere. The final session addresses the current political scene with a new US president and a new secretary of state.  Roland G. Estrada is a retired Foreign Service officer who has lived in all three countries covered by this course. He holds a master’s degree in international relations from the Catholic University of America.

L424:  Ooh La La: Vive le Cinéma Français! Tuesdays, 2:15–3:40, Mar. 27–May 15 Instructor: Josh Pachter Let’s spend a term watching an assortment of fabulous films from France!  Josh Pachter is the assistant dean for communication studies and theater at Northern Virginia Community College’s Loudoun campus. He has been teaching for OLLI for the last four years and is very popular with OLLI members

Also, Cathy Faraj is teaching sketching at Loudoun this spring.

All of these instructors are excellent and their courses will excite you.

What makes Loudoun desirable?

  • Great Classes
  • Great technical capabilities
  • Comfortable chairs and tables to write on
  • Smaller classes, but in all subjects!
  • Wonderful teachers
  • Great social lunches by Judy Sapienza
  • Incredible parking
  • 10 minutes to Lake Anne in Reston for Reston classes
  • 35 minutes to Fairfax for an 11:50 class at Tallwood

Loudoun in Search of:

  • Teachers in all disciplines
  • Literature teachers
  • Language teachers
  • People to talk about France
  • People to talk about Russia
  • PEOPLE to come and enjoy Loudoun

In Loudoun we focus our programs around a country and we are still exploring France. We are looking for at least two people to do a one-time trip tale related to France this spring. Please contact me or Ray Beery. In the winter we are beginning with Russia so come and bring your Russian stories, language or tales to Loudoun.

On March 26 at 12:15 the OLLI Players will present “OLLI’s jOLLI’s”. This is a change from the catalog as the play The Days of Our Lives had to be delayed due to Players unavailability. We will now be presenting a wonderful variety show with dance music, costumes poetry and scenes and with our own Ed Sullivan. Please sign up for L954.

Enjoy your break and hope to see you in classes.

Kathie West
Loudoun Coordinator