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Russia Discussion Club’s Meeting Schedule

Based on the club’s discussion at out last meeting on Aug 25, a consensus was reached that we do not need to meet weekly and perhaps once a month would be adequate.

The OLLI Calendar lists the following meetings: Sep 15 at noon in TA-1, then at 9:30 on Sep 26, Oct 10, and Oct 24 in the Tallwood Annex. Those dates and times were negotiated to avoid conflicts with other OLLI activities, so I’ve decided to stick with that schedule.

If events warrant, I will call for an additional meeting when I can arrange a time and place with the staff and post the announcement on this blog.

Since our last meeting on Aug 25, NATO claims that Russian troops in large numbers have entered Ukraine headed toward Mariupol, the Ukrainian port on the Sea of Azov. Some analysts fear that this represents a third front aimed at shifting Ukrainian forces from the siege of Donetsk and Lugansk or even a direct thrust at opening a land corridor to Crimea.

Moscow admits that some Russian troops have taken leave from the Army and have volunteered to join the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic to fight against the fascist hordes controlled by the illegal Kiev junta. Although they allegedly do not represent the Russian Ministry of Defense, it seems odd to me that they were allowed to bring their tanks and self-propelled artillery with them. The US Army has much stricter rules on the use of “service weapons.”


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