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Reston Campus

Our Reston campus is located at 11508 North Shore Drive. We meet in the United Christian Parish (UCP) church, where most Monday, Tuesday and Thursday classes are held. UCP is located about 1/2 mile from Lake Anne Plaza.

Seniors and Preschoolers Sharing Space

Important note: The church also hosts a fairly large preschool program in which parents drop off and pick up children at the same entrance we will be using. For morning OLLI classes, you should plan to arrive no earlier than 9:20. The classes start at 9:40, so you will be fine if you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to that.

Parking in the church parking lot. To enter the parking lot by car, use the new [east] entrance on North Shore Drive, where you see the yellow OLLI sidewalk sign. This is only an entrance, not an exit. Approximately 49 parking spaces are available between the street and the entrance door in the back of the building. The ones closest to the door should be saved for OLLI members who would have difficulty walking; there are two “OLLI Preferred Parking” signs in the parking area closest to the door. There are also five marked handicapped parking spaces for people with handicapped plates/tags.

There is only one vehicle exit from the church parking lot. Use the entrance/exit on the other side of the church building – i.e., the entrance/exit that is adjacent to the Lake Anne Elementary School located just to the west of UCP – not the entrance with the OLLI sign.

On-street parking. Additional parking is available along the curb of North Shore Drive and on Fairway Drive, the north-south road leading into North Shore Drive in front of the church. OLLI members are encouraged to use caution when parking along North Shore Drive and to use the side closest to the church whenever possible.