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Reston Book Club

United Christian Parish
Coordinators:  Luci Martel and Nancy Scheeler
This is a book discussion club for OLLI members who find it convenient to meet on the OLLI Reston campus. The purpose is to focus on serious contemporary fiction, primarily—but not limited to—works by American or UK authors. We will avoid current best sellers and look for good novels on the long lists, short lists, and winner lists of the US National Book Award and the UK Man Booker prize and other major prizes. We will discuss the following:

Sep 28  2:15-3:40 pm  The Door by Madga Szabo
Oct 19  2:15-3:40 pm   Disgrace  by J M Coetzee
Nov 9   2:15-3:40 pm   The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes


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