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  • OLLI 25th Anniversary Video

    OLLI 25th Anniversary Video

    Click here to watch the short video about OLLI that was shown at OLLI’s 25th Anniversary Party for members in November 2016.

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  • Back to OLLI Event in Loudoun

    Back to OLLI Event in Loudoun

    Kick-off fall term with a Back to OLLI event at the Loudoun campus on Friday, September 16, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  You may attend the OLLI Board Meeting […]

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  • July 27 Meeting

    Only 12 showed up today for bridge, but as usual some of us had fun, in particular: Jerry Ferguson 3190 Jean Feighery 2010 Cathy Sears 1760 Remember, we meet next […]

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  • News of July 18

    We had five tables today for Bridge Club and the winners were: Jerry Remson – 4120  Jeanne Daussin – 3330  Jerry Ferguson – 3010 Remember: starting next week we will […]

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  • News of July 11

    Only 13 members showed up for bridge this week following a week with no bridge. We will meet again on Monday next week at 10 am. Today’s winners were: Tom […]

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  • Bridge Club June 27

    Only 12 showed up today – we were compteting with a special event. The winners were: Norm Nelson – 2430 Jeanne Daussin – 2120  Milt Eisner – 1770 As a […]

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  • News of June 20

    Fifteen players showed up on another beautiful June day and the winners were:  Susanne Zumbro 2360  Peg Ferguson 2080  Jerry Remson 1820 Remember, we continue to meet Monday mornings through […]

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  • News of June 13

    We had 15 show up on a beautiful summer day and we said farewell to two of our stalwarts, Bull and Carolyn Morris who are moving to Massachusetts. They went […]

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  • News of June 6

    Missed bridge club again (I see way too many doctors these days). Susanne reported that there were 14 players again and the winners were: Maggie Garrison – 2560 Jerry Remson […]

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  • May 31 News

    Only had 15 players and I had to leave early. The winners were: Carolyn Morris – 1930  Gordon Canyock – 1840 (only played two rounds) Jerry Ferguson -1810 Next week […]

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