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First Ever Virtual Annual Meeting and Board Candidate Presentations, May 1

May 8, 2020

Editor of the Week: David Gundry

Table of Contents

Alerts & Notices

  • Voting in the OLLI Board of Directors election runs until May 15. You should have received an electronic ballot. Candidate information is available on the OLLI website at the following link:
  • In addition to voting on the candidates, there will be a vote on a referendum to change OLLI bylaws. To view the bylaw change, click
  • The catalog for summer term (beginning June 22) has been mailed; priority registration begins May 22.
  • The next issue of OLLI E-News will be published Friday, May 15; regular deadline for submission of items is Tuesday, May 12, at 6:00.

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Computer Club
3rd Saturday, May 16
History of Computers: How We Got Here—Part 2

By Paul Howard, OPCUG Program Chair


The Computer Club (OLLI Personal Computer User Group, or OPCUG) will meet with its partner, the Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (PATACS), on Saturday, May 16, via Zoom. Program activities begin at 1:00.History of Computers: How We Got Here—Part 2, presented by Lorrin Garson; starts at 1:20. The technology of modern computers goes back to the early 19th century with most of the advancements occurring in our lifetime. You will learn how weaving, mathematics, the telephone and cryptology played important roles and how the basic laws of chemistry and physics apply. Contributors to the development of computers include mathematical geniuses and hippies, aristocrats and the poverty stricken, men and women, party animals, and withdrawn neurotics. No one person or group invented the computer. Our computers are the creation of many interesting people and several disparate technologies.

Lorrin Garson had a long career in technical publishing of chemical information. His presentations to our computer groups are famous for their thorough research and clarity in explaining topics such as cryptography, encryption of personal data, cloud storage, and the origins of personal computers.

See full details on this meeting by clicking here. For information on the Computer Club, see the OPCUG website. OPCUG dues are $5 for 2020 – see for details on making payment.

Recipe for Everyday That Always Turns Out Right

By Norma Jean Reck, Theater Lovers’ Group Coordinator

This recipe was found in one of my cookbooks.

1 portion of tolerance
1 level head filled with patience
1 heaping tablespoon of humor
1 cup running over with friendliness
Cover with neighborliness,
Keep on the stove 24 hours a day.
Renew ingredients frequently.

For some of the humor and friendliness ingredients, I offer gorgeous singing in an interpretation of Nessun dorma from Turandot, sent by Eileen Duggan: click here.

OLLI Calendar Shows Daily Classes and Zoom Codes
By John Nash, E-News Writer

The OLLI staff has done a magnificent job in transitioning us to using Zoom for our OLLI classes. And this good staff work includes modifying the OLLI Calendar to show daily classes and their Zoom codes. Having the calendar readily available without going through the OLLI portal can save you time in verifying classes, Zoom sign-in codes, and even finding new classes that are being offered.

To access the OLLI calendar, visit the OLLI website: At the bottom right of the home page, you’ll find the OLLI calendar. Click into the calendar to view desired dates and classes. Add this page to your Favorites list or copy the URL and paste it in a personal email to send to yourself. Either way, you’ll have the calendar readily available to confirm your Zoom classes and sign-in codes.

Poet’s Corner

Courtesy of the Poetry Workshop

A Corona Lament: Chapter 2

14 Days and it’ll be done,
That’s what they said when all this begun.
Now I hear August on the evening news,
Next they’ll cancel my Christmas cruise!
COVID has changed the way we live,
The grammar of our narrative.
Our bright, social cornucopia,
Has faded to a grey dystopia.
Streets where traffic ran amok,
Now just an occasional FedEx truck.
Buying groceries? Lines are outrageous!
And the guy beside me, looks contagious.
So I stay at home, just get deliveries,
For entertainment, I read murder mysteries.
Mostly I just sit, sometimes with a Guinness,
But so much sitting, has its consequences.
So I called my primary, said I was not fine,
“No problem,” she retorted, “I diagnose on-line.
With a high-resolution camera, linked to your trusty cell,
I can see with clarity, why you are not well.”
But the camera shut down quickly, when on my android,
I told her of my problem – a painful hemorrhoid!

Jim Kelly

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Arts & Music at George Mason

By Shelly Gersten, OLLI E-News Staff Writer

Although Mason’s campus is shut down, they are still producing online entertainment which we can access and enjoy. Dr. Linda Apple Monson produces a periodic “Notes from the Director.” This email is full of interesting online performances by the students and faculty of the School of Music. If you would like to receive these bulletins, just send an email to Brianna Schoen at Also, the Center for the Arts has a website Mason Arts at Home which has a calendar of on-line events.

Meetings & Clubs

Please note: Physical meetings for clubs and activities are canceled until further notice in accordance with Mason’s guidelines. OLLI is conducting its classes and activities online. Refer to the university’s coronavirus website for official university updates and check the OLLI Calendar for revised information.

The following list covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master online calendar maintained by the office, with direct web links added when available. The list is accurate as of mid-week but for the most up-to-date information, please view the latest forecast of coming events on our website (News/OLLI Calendar). Note: All OLLI members are welcome at, and encouraged to attend (online), meetings of the Board of Directors, committees and resource groups, kick-off coffees, etc. (bolded below).

Sat May 9 10:30 am Tai Chi Club–Zoom (Meeting ID: 284 531 289)
Wed May 13  1:45 pm Spanish Club–Zoom (Meeting ID: 811 997 392)
Fri May 15


 9:30 am
10:00 am
11:00 am
Craft & Conversation–Zoom (Meeting ID: 611 234 196)
Virtual Coffee KlatchZoom (Meeting ID: 650 410 348)
Homer, etc.–Zoom (Meeting ID: 993 949 463)
Sat May 16
10:30 am
1:00 pm
Tai Chi Club–Zoom (Meeting ID: 284 531 289)
Computer Club–Zoom (Webinar ID: 937 3024 4342)
Thu May 21  1:45 pm Reston Program Planning MeetingZoom (Meeting ID: 599 912 435)
Fri May 22


 9:30 am
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 noon
2:00 pm
Craft & Conversation–Zoom (Meeting ID: 611 234 196)
Virtual Coffee KlatchZoom (Meeting ID: 650 410 348)
Homer, etc.–Zoom (Meeting ID: 993 949 463)
Photography Club–Zoom (Meeting ID: 669 666 340)
Cooking Club–Zoom (Meeting ID: 989 8618 3605)
Sat May 23 10:30 am Tai Chi Club–Zoom (Meeting ID: 284 531 289)

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