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Bridge Club

In term: 1:45–3:45
Out of term: 10:00–12:00


Russell Stone   703-323-4428 or

Carol Egan   703-501-2129 or

Drop in and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of “party bridge.” Players of all skill levels are welcome. Skill levels of players vary from beginner to average. Partnerships are rotated every four hands. The Bridge Club meets in the morning between terms and in the summer, and in the afternoon during the other terms. For details on the club’s rules and bidding system, see its web page on the OLLI website.

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The Bridge Club was inaugurated at Tallwood in 2000 when 36 members decided to give it a try. Four of these stalwarts, including the two coordinators, are still enjoying the weekly game with their OLLI friends as the club has become a great source for new friendships and occasionally even a support group.

Meetings  We meet all year round whenever OLLI is open, but days and times vary. When classes are in session, we meet on Wednesday afternoons except during the summer term, when we meet Monday mornings. For dates and times in between terms and for the latest updates, go to the OLLI website and check the Bridge Club Blog or the OLLI calendar, or take a look at the current catalog or the latest E-News.


Organization for Playing  Everyone gets to play. When we don’t have a full table, we ensure that every table has at least three players and we rotate in a dummy to bid the hand. We play three rounds of four hands each using “Chicago” or “party” bridge scoring rules (we don’t carry over partial scores and each hand is bid for what it is worth). After each round, we change partners. The winners move to a new table, while the the two players who came in second remain at the same table, but are now on opposing sides. 

There are very few rules. The key one is never yell at your partner — going down is always the result of rotten distribution. See Guidelines  [PDF]    

Skill levels vary from graduates of our bridge bidding refresher courses to a few enthusiasts who also play in tournaments. We do not follow duplicate rules and since this is an Institute for learning, we are free to give plenty of advice and suggestions for improvement in both bidding and the play of the hand, as long as we are nice about it. This is not a quiet, sedate group.

Bidding System  For those who have played bridge in the past and may be a bit rusty, here are summaries of our “standard” bidding system:

Bridge Club Bidding [PDF]   Basic Bidding [PDF]  

For tips on play of the hand, see:

Handouts —   #1 [PDF]   #2   #3  [PDF]  

If you play bridge feel free to drop in and check us out. There is no sign-up, registration or set membership list. Which members attend varies from week to week, but we usually have 4 to 6 tables. 



  • July 27 Meeting

    Only 12 showed up today for bridge, but as usual some of us had fun, in particular: Jerry Ferguson 3190 Jean Feighery 2010 Cathy Sears 1760 Remember, we meet next […]

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  • News of July 18

    We had five tables today for Bridge Club and the winners were: Jerry Remson – 4120  Jeanne Daussin – 3330  Jerry Ferguson – 3010 Remember: starting next week we will […]

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  • News of July 11

    Only 13 members showed up for bridge this week following a week with no bridge. We will meet again on Monday next week at 10 am. Today’s winners were: Tom […]

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  • Bridge Club June 27

    Only 12 showed up today – we were compteting with a special event. The winners were: Norm Nelson – 2430 Jeanne Daussin – 2120  Milt Eisner – 1770 As a […]

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  • News of June 20

    Fifteen players showed up on another beautiful June day and the winners were:  Susanne Zumbro 2360  Peg Ferguson 2080  Jerry Remson 1820 Remember, we continue to meet Monday mornings through […]

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  • News of June 13

    We had 15 show up on a beautiful summer day and we said farewell to two of our stalwarts, Bull and Carolyn Morris who are moving to Massachusetts. They went […]

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  • News of June 6

    Missed bridge club again (I see way too many doctors these days). Susanne reported that there were 14 players again and the winners were: Maggie Garrison – 2560 Jerry Remson […]

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  • May 31 News

    Only had 15 players and I had to leave early. The winners were: Carolyn Morris – 1930  Gordon Canyock – 1840 (only played two rounds) Jerry Ferguson -1810 Next week […]

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  • News from May 25

    Sorry for the delay in posting the results of last week’s bridge club meeting. I’ve been up in NY visiting my ailing 99-year-old mother. Only 14 people showed up to […]

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  • News from May18

    Missed bridge club today, but Jerry Remson took notes. 19 people showed up and the winners were: Jerry Remson – 3140  Jean Feighery – 2890  Jeanne Rush – 2530 I […]

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