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April 16, 2007

Dear Fellow Members:

An article by Dick Chobot in Friday’s OLLI E-News alerted you to the fact that we are about to launch a fact-finding mission to identify the composition of our membership, its preferences and concerns by way of two questionnaires. The first one, the anonymous one, is ready for your attention by way of the following link:

Click on this link and answer each item. When you get to the end of the survey, click the submit button. It should not take very long.

I want to underscore Dick Chobot’s statement that everyone’s participation is important to the success of the questionnaires. The more responses we receive, the better the conclusions we can draw. While you may not understand why we are asking some of the questions you will see on the form, please understand that those who design these things and those who interpret data have specific purposes in mind. This questionnaire and the one to follow in a few weeks have been very carefully crafted to help us in ways we already have identified and in ways that may yet be unknown.

You and I probably know what some of the results will be. We think we know who our members are, what they are like, what they like. Haven’t we been serving those needs with some success for many years? But times change as do our members; new members are joining and regrettably we have lost some treasured friends. We are not in identity crisis mode; we are in identity evaluation mode. And once we conclude what we need to know, we will be able to offer better services and fine-tune our approach to your needs.

So I urge you to not do what I do with almost every survey asked of me, but instead, for the benefit of all of us at OLLI, click on the link to this anonymous survey now and take fifteen or so minutes to consider carefully each question.

When the results are in, we will share them with you.

With much appreciation,

Debbie Halverson
President, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University


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