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2019summer Loudoun newsletter

Summer Loudoun Newsletter


Welcome to Summer classes and goodbye to Spring. Loudoun had a great Spring
group of classes even though, unfortunately, I was unable to attend any due to
an enormous amount of rehearsals for the OLLI Players murder mystery. It was
well attended but I missed many of my Loudoun classmates. Come on Loudoun,
take a gamble with travelling to Fairfax!

Summer session is off to a great start with many wonderful one-time classes. I
have heard the Connie Geller’s class R 951 The Best Novel of Them All was a
sure-fire hit in Reston. Another class L 964, presented by Supervisor Phyllis
Randall, was very well received and full of information on how Loudoun County

There are many more classes available to you, especially since the term just
started. I am looking forward to L654 Ted Talks by Barbara Wilan as she picks
very interesting talks and never repeats any! So, look at your catalog and come
join us at Loudoun for some great courses. The air conditioning is on and the
coffee and cookies await you.

Notes and Questions

1. Please come out and join us in Loudoun for our next program meeting on
July 22 at 11:05 in room 208. The program committee is not broken up
into sections as it is at Tallwood. There are very few of us that try to put
the Loudoun program together from the 100’s thru the 900’s. This is an
enormous job for Barbara Wilan, our leader, and the few of us that
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participate, mainly four of us. Please come and help us as we value your
questions and offers. PLEASE
2. We would like Loudoun people to tell us what they would like to see in
literature classes here in Loudoun. We have found that our Literature
classes are not well attended and are wondering why and what we can do
to make you want to read and hear about different Literature types?
Please try to answer if you have a suggestion or better yet come to the
program meeting on July 22. I know not all of you are on vacation!
3. An idea we had is called: Enhanced Book Report: Sidebars as appropriate.
This would be a discussion of a memoir or nonfiction book that you read
and discussion of the type, characters, etc. in the book. Basically, a grownup
book report but of an intellectual book. What do you think?
4. How about some information on Greece? Can you come to Loudoun and
help us with Greek history, dance, music, language, cooking, religion
travel, islands, traditions as this is Loudoun’s country starting with Fall
term? Come on out, the weather in fall in Loudoun is beautiful with little
traffic and congestion.
5. Another idea is a class or many classes on a some very relevant and timely
free for all on a variety of topics such as immigration etc. This may
warrant further thought but this would keep everyone awake!
6. Last note for now. Do not forget the Loudoun clubs. They are for you.

a. Non-Fiction Book Club, July 23rd, 11:50-1:15 and will meet at Signal
Hill. The book is Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and
b. Science and Technology Club taught by Jim Wentworth. July 23rd
and July 30th from 9:40-11:05. You don’t want to miss this as Jim has
accumulated many hands on and interesting projects as well as
recent scientific developments for you to hear about. Who knows a
Pulitzer Prize may be in your future! Grandma Moses didn’t start
painting until she was 100!!

Finally, please do not give up on us in Loudoun. We have many amazing
teachers but we need your help. Old age is creeping closer and closer. Where
are the 60-year old’s that are still running around without a care in the world?
Thank you and please email me with answers to my questions. Hope to see you
in class or at the program meeting on July 22.

Kathie West, Loudoun Newsletter Editor