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FLASHES > TOWN MEETING TODAY! Fri, 10:00, TA-1. All members welcome; get your questions answered. Refreshments follow.
> SPECIAL EVENT #967: The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro, 1:00 today (not 2:00 as announced earlier).

ALERTS > DIRECTOR RESIGNS. Ed Mentz, elected in May 2007, has resigned from the board. The vacancy will be filled by an OLLI member appointed by the president and approved by the Board.
> ARE YOU A NEWS JUNKIE? Read OLLI E-News Thursday night.
REMINDERS > DANGER AHEAD: Be VERY careful walking to and from Tallwood, and do not drive out of or into the Tallwood front parking lot or pool lot without making sure it is safe to do so.
> NO EMAIL ADDRESS? If you don't 'do email,' see this article for tips on keeping informed about OLLI events BETWEEN TERMS.
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> A VERY FINE GIRAFFE. Despite the rain, a successful first-ever OLLI yard sale. By Elizabeth Crawford
> THE OSHER ENDOWMENT. An explanation from the treasurer. By Gordon Canyock
. Veterans Day Luncheon; History Club Meeting; From the OLLI Historian.

> TRIP TO FREDERICKSBURG. Where 100,000 fell. By Florence Adler
> FRIDAY AFTERNOON FILMS BEGIN AGAIN. Daughter from Danang. By Debbie Halverson
DEPARTMENTS > PROFILE OF JAN BOHALL. From the Latin volo: "I will." By Elizabeth Crawford
> LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Thanks from Yard Sale co-coordinator.
> CENTER FOR THE ARTS. Arts and music events. By Jan Bohall
> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other events at Mason. By Barbara Kyriakakis
Upcoming non-class events.

You can help!

RECRUITMENT IS UNDERWAY FOR A DYNAMIC INDIVIDUAL to serve as OLLI's full-time executive director. You can help! Since the Board has determined that offering a full benefits package is not possible for financial reasons, it's possible that potential candidates might be retirees or family members of individuals with benefits.
     The Search Committee will be advertising in local outlets and using some electronic job posting sites. If you are aware of a newsletter, Website or electronic mailing list that might post job listings such as ours, or reach retirees or other potential candidates, perhaps in the field from which you yourself retired, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact chair Carol Henderson or any member of the committee: Gordon Canyock, Michael Coyne, Janice Dewire, Emmett Fenlon, Rosemary McDonald, Kathryn Russell, Lilyan Spero and John Woods.
     The executive director will be responsible for the management and program direction of the Institute, including supporting the Board and its committees, overseeing operations, implementing the program, managing financial operations, promoting membership, and promoting community relations.
     The successful candidate must possess (1) significant management and supervisory experience, (2) program development experience, (3) good communication skills, (4) fiscal management and budgeting experience, (5) familiarity with information technology and (6) a four-year college degree. Highly desirable is experience in working with a board, multiple committees and volunteers; fundraising experience; and experience in membership or nonprofit organizations.
     If you know of a potential candidate, encourage him or her to see the full job announcement posted on the OLLI Website at http://www.olli.gmu.edu/edjob.htm. Current OLLI members are not eligible to apply. The announcement includes a link to the job description for the executive director.

Despite the rain, a successful first-ever OLLI yard sale
By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News staff writer

Top row photos by Dan Feighery: Friday setup; sale in annex; plants sale
Middle row photos by Gordon Canyock: TA-1 sale in progress
Bottom row photos by Dan Feighery: dismantling; redistribution

THE PURPOSE OF YARD SALES IS TO MAKE MONEY and ours did--almost $1,200--but it seemed at the same time to be a series of special events, all of which were a testimony to that ol' OLLI spirit.
     At the planning meeting, attendees outlined the jobs necessary to hold a successful sale and volunteered on the spot to do some of them. Over the next few weeks, liaisons reminded, and members responded, by signing up for jobs on a chart in the social room.
     Soon, Friday, Oct 26, arrived, and with it the rain we had hoped to have weeks before. Undaunted, rain-coated members made several trips from car to TA-1 to donate treasures large and small. With co-coordinator Bob Lawshe's laid-back guidance, everyone found a job to do. Some donors stayed to help the members already assigned to categorize, price, and arrange items for sale. Plans to hold the yard sale outside were discarded, and those with the strongest backs began to move large items to the Annex, TA-1 and TA-2. Work became fun: "What is this thing?" "How much will someone pay for it?" Gradually, specific tables could be seen--glassware, clothing, holiday decorations. Co-coordinator Debbie Halverson supplied snacks, adding to the usual OLLI camaraderie.
     On Saturday, Bob, Debbie, and some stalwart volunteers arrived at 7:00 to be sure that everything was ready for the hordes of crazed shoppers. Thanks to another rainy day, the workers outnumbered the hordes for a while, but finally the weather improved and sales increased. Popular items included jewelry, children's products, books and plants. Especially popular was Thelma Weiner's cane, which someone tried to buy each time she set it down. Some buyers were pleased to hear that the proceeds of the sale would provide scholarships for Mason students. Throughout the day, workers helped the buyers to carry larger items to their cars. As the final step, around 1:30, they loaded unsold items into three pickup trucks for delivery to the Salvation Army and set up the chairs in TA-1 to be ready for class on Monday.
     Members who were involved in the yard sale will meet to discuss the sale, taking note of what to do, or not to do, the next time. Hard to beat will be the generosity of our members this year in donating goods, time, and energy and their cooperation and good spirits in spite of the weather. Someone has observed that a giraffe is a horse designed by a committee. Here at OLLI, everyone working together produced one very fine giraffe.

An explanation from the treasurer
By Gordon Canyock, Treasurer
AS YOUR NEWLY ELECTED TREASURER, I've been spending some time trying to understand how come if we have a million bucks in the bank, we had to increase dues this past spring. Turned out to be a rather complex story, which I will attempt to explain to you without resorting to accountant-speak (a language in which I am not very fluent).
     Actually, we don't have the million bucks. Osher requires endowments to be given only to the affiliated university, not to an independent institute like us, so the George Mason Foundation has the money. It's also wasn't a million bucks -- it ended up being only $977,000 because the transfer was in stock that had dropped in value when sold by the Mason Foundation for cash to be added to its overall endowment.
     And really, only $927,000 became the basis of interest payments to OLLI. Since we received the endowment a year earlier than expected and thus did not receive a third annual grant of $100,000, Osher allowed us to set aside $50,000 of the endowment for use as desired, to be repaid (without interest) back into the endowment by 2014. That $50,000 has been sitting in a separate, non-interest-bearing account at the Mason Foundation. (At its last meeting, the Board approved moving this money to OLLI's commercial money-market account so that we will receive about $2,500 annually in interest.)
     The Mason Foundation's overall endowment, including our remaining $927,000, was invested in both equities and a short-term fixed-income portfolio. Interest is computed annually as of July 1st and divided among the various individual endowments. Mason earned about 18.5 percent during the year ending June 30, 2007. After overhead fees were deducted, our share of annual earnings was almost $135,000; this was added to our endowment, so the current value of our endowment now exceeds a million dollars.
     The actual distribution of earnings ("payout") to individual entities like OLLI is much less. Payout is four percent of an "average" principal amount -- the average value for each of the last 12 quarters. The calculation results in relatively low payouts to OLLI -- about $13,000 in 2007 and about $26,000 in 2008. By 2009, the formula will be based on actual principal amounts in all 12 quarters (rather than zeros in some), so we will receive about $40,000. We might earn more, however, if the OLLI principal continues to increase, which depends on how well the Foundation does with its investments.

Veterans Day; History Club; From the Historian

TO HONOR ALL University community military veterans, President Merten will host a Veterans Day Luncheon on Fri, Nov 9, from 12:00 noon - 1:30 in the Center for the Arts Lobby. All University community armed forces veterans (faculty, staff and students as well as OLLI members) are invited to attend.
     For planning purposes, Mason needs to know how many will be attending. RSVP to the Office of Events Management, telephone 703-993-2882 or email gmuevents@gmu.edu by Tue, Nov 6.
THE HISTORY CLUB will meet at Tallwood on Wed, Nov 7, from 2:00—3:30. OLLI board member Debbie Halverson will give a presentation on Varina Howell Davis, wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
     Varina Davis was an independent and powerful woman. She believed the South was doomed from the start and continued to correspond with her friends in the North throughout the war. Come drop by and learn more about this fascinating person.
     OLLI members and guests are always welcome.
IN A RECENT INVENTORY of the history files, I was unable to locate the box containing all the membership directories. If someone has those for any reason, please notify me.
     Please do not remove anything from the history files without permission. Many of them are stored openly and are vulnerable to removal. These files are precious to all of us and in many cases cannot be replaced. I will be seeking a way to secure them in the near future.
-- Palmer McGrew, OLLI Historian

Where 100,000 fell
By Florence Adler, Special Events Resource Group chair

Park Ranger Michael Kelly leading the trip to Fredericksburg
Photos by (top row) Marion Grabowski and (bottom row) Susan Roose

ON A VERY WET, RAINY FRIDAY, OCT 26, 49 intrepid and stalwart OLLI members, led by their two valiant leaders, National Park Rangers Michael Kelly and Jennifer Epstein, headed out to the Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville Battlefields which, in 1862 and 1863, were focal points during the Civil War.
     We visited Chatham, a Georgian plantation house built in 1768, which served both as Federal headquarters for Edwin V. Sumner and as the field hospital where Clara Barton nursed the wounded during the Battle of Fredericksburg. At Marye’s Heights, we walked along the Sunken Road behind the stone wall that had concealed Robert E. Lee’s artillery and infantrymen from view, leading to the slaughter of the attacking Union soldiers. We saw the Stevens family's home and well, which still stand near the stone wall.
     Our last stop was at Ellwood, a Spotsylvania farm, which hosted General Robert E. Lee during the Battle of Chancellorsville and Generals Warren, Burnside and Grant during the Battle of the Wilderness. Ellwood is currently undergoing a complete restoration. At the end of our tour of the house, we visited the marker and burial site of Stonewall Jackson’s amputated arm.
     Throughout our bus rides to and from the Battlefields and at each of the sites, Mike, with his infinite knowledge of all that represents the Civil War, kept up a steady description of the battles, their major participants and their strategies. It was a wonderful trip, hopefully to be continued in the spring.

Daughter from Danang

By Debbie Halverson, Membership Committee chair

we will again have a movie for you that should be most provocative.
     Daughter from Danang is a documentary film that covers the story of a Vietnamese child refugee who was raised by an abusive American mother and who as an adult manages to return to Vietnam to be reunited with her birth family. Her expectations and theirs clash as they deal with the differences two cultures reveal when they collide. Emotions are high; this is not a cheerful story. But it will be a good background for discussion as the kick-off to the series of movies I plan to show focusing on women.
     Please join me for the movie and light refreshment.

From the Latin volo: "I will"

By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News staff writer

gave two awards to volunteers who have served OLLI "above and beyond." One went to Jan Bohall, whose quiet manner may have obscured all that she has done for us.
     Newer members may find it hard to imagine that LRI had a waiting list when Jan and Bob Bohall applied to join in the fall of 1997. Spaces opened up in January 1998, and after two years of attending classes, Jan began to volunteer in 2000. For three years she was a committee of one--writing, editing, and publishing the LRI News, forefather of OLLI E-News. In 2003 she became catalog editor, a job she still holds. While Rae Schafer's help with the course schedule and formatting is invaluable, and the proofreaders provide important assistance, Jan has the ultimate responsibility to produce a catalog that is flawless and completed on time. Apart from its use by members, our catalog is OLLI's most effective recruiting tool.
     In the past, Jan organized the office volunteers for a couple of years and still works the desk from time to time. Now, in addition to the catalog, she writes the weekly Mason arts and music column as well as occasional articles for OLLI E-News and assists the Membership Committee by attending fairs and talking to people about OLLI.  She participates in Homer, etc. and is a member of the Genealogy Club. This semester Jan is co-leading the Poetry Workshop with Mike McNamara. Her poems have been published in Passager: A Journal of Remembrance and Discovery, The Orange County Register, The Poet's Domain, and Fairfax Ink.
     Jan's life outside of OLLI includes yoga classes, volunteering at the Fairfax City Regional Library, and spending time with the two of her eight grandchildren who live in this area.
     As Jan approaches her tenth anniversary with OLLI, we say an enthusiastic, "Thank you."
Photo of Jan by Barbara Kyriakakis

HERE'S HOW to express your views--

Publicly (if you would like your comments published in this newsletter): Email your "Letter to the Editor" or "Letter to Ms. Ollie Ettakit" to the editor. Anonymous submissions are acceptable if you provide contact information so we can verify that you are an OLLI member. Whenever an official response is clearly appropriate, the editor will obtain and publish the OLLI response in the same issue so members will have more complete information and a balanced picture of the matter.

          Contact any Board member, committee or resource group chair, or the executive director;
          Send an email to the entire Board (email the editor or the office to have your message forwarded to all members of the Board);
          Submit a suggestion online or in the box in the Tallwood social room or on one of the "parking lots for ideas" in classrooms; or
          Contact the office by email or phone (703-503-3384).

A forum for members to voice their views on OLLI matters
WE WILL PUBLISH your brief letters about OLLI and, if a response seems appropriate, we will include an OLLI response from the executive director or the applicable officer or committee chair in the same issue. Submit your letter via email to the editor or submit it as a "letter to the editor" via the online suggestion box or the suggestion box in the Tallwood Social Room. To be published in a given Friday's issue, the editor must receive the letter no later than 7:00 pm on Monday so that any applicable OLLI response can also be published. Letters can be published anonymously but you must include your name and email address or phone number so we can verify that you are an OLLI member.

Thank you

Debbie and I would like to take a moment and thank all the donors and volunteers who made the Yard Sale a success. In spite of the rain. So many of you came early, stayed late and worked so hard it was wonderful to see. We won't even try to mention each of you by name as we would undoubtedly miss someone. We also want to thank the great OLLI staff who really pitched in to help out. And Rod Zumbro who made sure the publicity got out even if we forgot to get him an article. And Valerie Braybrooke’s wonderful signs…
     Perhaps Debbie said it best, "There were dirty knee club people and drama club people. There were the people who signed up on the board or by email and the people who just showed up. They worked and worked till in some cases we thought they would drop."
     You raised $1,177.16 for Friends of OLLI. Great job. Thanks!
-- Bob Lawshe, Yard Sale co-coordinator

Arts and music events at Mason, Nov 2-11
By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News staff writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 (phone orders are handled by tickets.com) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets at the CFA tickets page.

GMU Jazz Ensemble Concert
Jazz for Justice
The concert features guest conductor Ed Weiner of the Fairfax Law Foundation; Anthony Maiello, conductor, from the Music Department faculty; and Geoffrey Gallante, seven-year-old trumpet star. It is a benefit for pro bono and community programs, including Fairfax Partnership for Youth, Neighborhood Outreach, Teen Driver Education and Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence.
Fri, Nov 2, at 8:00
Admission: $15 seniors/students, $20 other adults
Concert Hall
A cash bar will be open in the Main Lobby at 7:15. Following the concert, musicians of all levels are welcome at a jam session in the Lobby.
Doc Watson
Hills of Home
with Richard Watson & David Holt
Doc Watson has won six GRAMMY awards, a National Medal of the Arts, a national Heritage Fellowship and a Lifetime Achievement award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He will perform with his grandson Richard and GRAMMY-winning banjoist David Holt. They will play ballads, fiddle tunes, blues, gospel, country and contemporary music.
Sat, Nov 3, at 8:00
Admission: $40, $32, $20
Family friendly: Children 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall
Come early at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion in the Grand Tier Lobby.
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrew Litton, principal conductor
Andre Watts, piano
This Norwegian orchestra, with a history of association with Edvard Grieg, is making its first U.S. tour. Andre Watts will join the orchestra for Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor. Also planned is Knut Vaage’s Chatter and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 and Festive Overture, Opus 96.
Sun, Nov 4, at 4:00
Admission: $56, $48, $28
Concert Hall
Come early at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion in the Grand Tier Lobby.
GMU Dance Company Fall Concert Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
Guillermo Figueroa, violin & guest conductor
American Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
Thu, Fri, Sat, Nov 8, 9, 10, at 8:00
Fri, Nov 9, at 2:00
Admission: $10 seniors/students, $15 other adults
Harris Theater
Mr. Figueroa is a founding member of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra of New York City and currently music director of the New Mexico Symphony.
The program will include Wagner’s Rienzi Overture, Barber’s Violin Concerto and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 1.
Sat, Nov 10, at 8:00
Admission: $55, $45, $35, $25
Concert Hall
Sun, Nov 11, at 1:00
Admission: $10 seniors/students, $15 adults
Concert Hall
Young Artiste Musicale Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel
Festive French Fare
GMU Vocal Jazz Concert
Sun, Nov 11, at 6:00
Admission Free
Concert Hall Lobby
Known for his concerts with commentary for each piece, Siegel presents works of Debussy, Ravel and Faure. This is the second of his four concerts this season.
Sun, Nov 11, at 7:00
Admission: $38, $30, $19
Family friendly: Children 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall
Sun, Nov 11, at 7:00
Admission Free
Harris Theater

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Other events at Mason
By Barbara Kyriakakis, OLLI E-News assistant editor
     Art Exhibit - "Drawings," an exhibition featuring artists Hsin-His Chen, Beverly Ress and Youngmi Song Organ, 9:00 to 7:30, Mon through Thu, and 9:00 to 5:00 on Fri through Nov 9 in the Fine Arts Gallery.

     Photo Exhibit – "The Lives and Faiths of Chinese Minorities," an exhibition featuring photographer Chen Li in the Mason Hall Atrium, 9:00 to 5:00 through Nov 16.

     Fit for Life - Sponsored by Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. Sun, Nov 4, JC Dewberry Hall, noon to 4:00.

     Women's Basketball - Mason v. Wilmington (DE) (Exhibition). Free w/Mason ID. Mon, Nov 5, 7:00, Patriot Center.

     • Workshop in Philosophy, Politics & Economics - "Markets, Maslow and the Evolution of the Modern Family" (read paper as pdf document), presented by Steven Horwitz, Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics, St. Lawrence University. Tue, Nov 6, 1:00 to 2:30, Enterprise Hall, Room 318.

     College of Humanities and Social Science Lecture - "Poem, Prose, and Prose-Poem: Two and a Half Definitions," presented by James Longenbach, Professor of English, University of Rochester, author of three collections of poetry. Wed, Nov 7, 7:30, JC Gold Room. Reception at 6:30.

     Democracy Project Presentation - "Post-Mortem on the Virginia Elections," presented by Dr. Michael McDonald and Dr. Mark Rozell. Thu, Nov 8, 1:30 to 2:45, JC Cinema.

     • Guest Speaker - "A United States of Africa: Predicament and Promise," presented by Dr. Anastase Shyaka, Director, Center for Conflict Management, National University of Rwanda. Wed, Nov 7, 5:30 to 7:30, SUB II, Rooms 5-7.

     Cinema SeriesThe Simpsons Movie, Sat, Nov 3, and The Bourne Ultimatum, Fri, Nov 9, 6:00 and 9:00. Free with Mason ID.

Note: See last week's Mason Highlights for additional upcoming events.

Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks

The following list covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office (see the OLLI Staff Forecast of Non-Class Events for more details and to view the actual OLLI online calendar used by the office). Note: Board, committee, resource-group and 'membership-type' meetings/events below are highlighted in bold. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource-group meetings (except during executive sessions).

Friday    Nov 2    10am    Town Meeting - TA-1
          12pm    Town Meeting reception - Annex
          1pm    Spec Event 967 Great Society Subway - TA-1
          1:30pm    Homer Etc. Book Club - Annex
Monday    Nov 5    1pm    Lake Anne Bridge Club - Lake Anne Church
Tuesday    Nov 6    8:15am    Reston Walking Group - Lake Anne Plaza
          1pm    Finance Committee Mtg - TA-2
Wednesday    Nov 7    10am    Cycling Club - Lake Anne Plaza
          1:30pm    Bridge - TA-3
          2pm    Facilitator Workshop - Annex
          2pm    Special Events Resource Group Mtg - TA-2
          2pm    History Club - TA-1
Friday    Nov 9         Fall 07 Term Ends
          9:30am    Drama Club
          9:45am    Spec Event 968 Supreme Court - Bus Departs Fair Oaks Mall Lot 44
          10am    Italian Conversation - Annex
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          1:30pm    Homer Etc. Book Club - Annex
Tuesday    Nov 13    8:15am    Reston Walking Group - Lake Anne Plaza
          8:30am    Tallwood Walking Group - Tallwood  Pool Parking Lot
Wednesday    Nov 14    9:30am    Makeup 305 Pioneers - TA-3
          10am    Bridge Club - TA-3
Friday    Nov 16     9:30am    Drama Club
          10am    Italian Conversation - Annex
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          10am    Board of Directors Mtg - TA-1
          1:30pm    Homer Etc. Book Club - Annex
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