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Read testimonial excerpts here from three OLLI members, or scroll down to watch a short video of their full testimonials.


Roxanne Cramer
“I have really enjoyed it … In OLLI, I’ve found a real peer group. The people here are interesting, they’re interested, they’re bright … I like the fact that there are so many kinds of classes to choose from … It’s very eclectic … It’s really exciting.”

Manuel Pablo “Here, I’m taking just about every art course that I can fit in … I’m finally learning all the things that I’ve longed all my life to know … and I’m surrounded by people who want to learn the same things … I’m meeting a lot of different people who are further educating me outside the classroom … Of course, there’s a nice social life to OLLI too.”

Vera DeWeese “My husband had just died … I heard there was a poetry workshop. It was better than therapy. It was a life saver, really … Daring to do it was what really made me realize how important something like this can be for retired people … I’m making friends … I’m with people who have the kind of interests that I have …and every term, there’s something new.”

Kathie West “Senior learning has never been so much fun. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a great way to have fun and socialize while learning a host of fascinating subjects.  We have wonderful teachers, and I love the fact we have no tests, papers or grades – it’s just learning for the pure joy of learning. And wait till you see our fantastic local and national field trips. Hundreds of daytime classes plus social/cultural activities.”