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Paul Howard
OLLI’s greatest strength is our classes. We need to insure that all we do strengthens our course offerings and supports the program committee and subject area program planning groups. We should embrace membership growth to constantly renew our instructor pool, fill volunteer ranks, and help overcome the impacts of inflation on our budget. We must formulate sound plans for enhancing facilities and fund growth with prudent investments. Paul joined OLLI in June 2006, and established the Investment Forum’s website in November ‘06. He joined OLLI’s Finance Committee in ’07. Paul served as appointed member of the board of directors from July, 2007 – May of 2008, and completed two elected terms on the board in June, 2015. Other committee service included Nominating, Strategic Planning, Facilities, and Ad Hoc Bylaws Review.

In September, 2007, Paul organized the AV Support Committee, assisting the staff with audio visual and technology issues. Paul spearheaded the acquisition of improved video projectors, document cameras, BluRay players, videoconferencing equipment, improved sound and other capabilities for OLLI’s use at all OLLI locations, including UCP, COGS and Lord of Life facilities. In 2009, he founded the OLLI Personal Computer User Group.

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Rita E. Way – New OLLI Board Member
There is an old cliché, “When one door closes, another door opens.” In the winter of 2014, a door closed on my life in Philadelphia with the loss of my dear husband, Jim, after 25 years of marriage. I then moved to Fairfax to live closer to my daughter and OLLI’s door opened for me. I guess you can say I ran through the door and before I knew it, I was serving on five committees (Development, HSS, STH, Outreach and Liaison). Now, I’m a weekly volunteer in the staff office, and have taught and coordinated courses on the History of Medicine and Consider the Conversation.What I love most about OLLI is having the opportunity to leave one’s comfort zone and take on challenges that help me grow. For me, one of these challenges is being an OLLI instructor. Teaching two courses on the History of Medicine this past year has been extremely rewarding for me and has been a great way to meet new members. I hope to be able to create and continue teaching for many semesters. I have truly enjoyed working in the staff office. Volunteering there has given me a real appreciation for how hard our staff works to keep OLLI’s wheels turning.During my term as a board member, I look forward to helping expand OLLI’s outreach program both with Mason and the outside community. Presently, I am working with Bill Taylor to develop a mentor program between OLLI and Mason. I would also like to see OLLI reach out to the elderly population who live in facilities and are too frail or handicapped to take courses on-site by offering some electronic classes to help enrich their lives and keep their minds active.When not at OLLI, my leisure time is spent with family, friends, attending concerts and cultural events, and exploring my new home town.
Rosemary Lubinski told Rala and Russell Stone that she was moving to Fairfax to be near her daughter, and they said, “We have just the thing for you…OLLI.” They knew that she would be attracted to the wide variety of OLLI programs, and in less than two years she has taken over 20 courses in photography, religion, politics, psychoanalysis, and China. She’s impressed by the talent of the photography club and their volunteer projects. Rosemary says that every course is not only interesting and well presented, but it’s worth going to hear the audience’s questions. A graduate of Columbia University, Rosemary retired after a 40-year career at the University at Buffalo as a professor of speech-language pathology. She specialized in the communication problems of older persons, dementia, aphasia, traumatic brain injury, and in professional issues. She has spoken on these topics nationally and internationally and has published widely including seven books. She brings expertise in the cognitive, sensory, physical, and social changes associated with aging and professional writing skills. She says, “OLLI is a treasure. Everyone in the retirement process should know about the breadth and availability of OLLI programs. Take one and you will be hooked!”



Fred Kaiser’s  goal for the Board of Directors is for OLLI to continue to provide a broad range of informative courses that will enrich members life-long learning. As an active member of OLLI over 15 years, Fred has had the opportunity to present or coordinate OLLI presentations on natural resources, including climate change, sustainable forestry, and wildlife management. Fred was employed for 38 years by U.S. Forest Service where he received the President’s Rank Award for distinguished service and the Hammer award for contributing to building a government that works better. He was recognized by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations for outstanding service for leadership concerning forest resource analysis, and published over 80 articles on forest resource management. After retiring from the U.S. Forest Service, he conducted program audits for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). Fred served as an officer in U.S. Army Field Artillery in Germany and obtained his in PhD in forest economics from Michigan State University and BS in economics and forestry from Iowa State University.



Marianne Metz joined OLLI-Mason seven years ago and has been impressed by the intelligence, insights, and depth and breadth of knowledge of fellow OLLI members – and most of all by their indefatigable eagerness to learn more.  This is an extraordinary community of lifelong learners.  Our classes and programs are envied – and copied – by OLLIs around the country.  As we now stand on the brink of change, Marianne is running for a second Board term to help us continue providing quality programs in the best way possible for a grow­ing membership.  Continuing the work of the Strategic Planning Committee is part of it.  While serving on the Board, Marianne has tried to take every oppor­tu­nity to elicit and listen to fellow OLLI members’ views, concerns and frustrations, at all our campuses.  Marianne also co-chairs Art and Music Program Planning.  In addition to bringing in some top teachers, she has offered more than 20 classes herself, at all three campuses.   Outside OLLI, Marianne is one of Washington’s leading Audio Describers, helping enhance accessibility for visually impaired theatergoers at the Kennedy Center, Signature Theatre, Arena Stage and other venues.  She also produces and hosts a weekly radio show.


Carolyn F. Wyatt grew up in the colonial town of Westfield, New Jersey. She graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, and earned an M.A. in Spanish language and literature from Indiana University. After ten years as a college instructor, Air Force English trainer, and student, Carolyn signed on as a CIA open-source officer. She was privileged to spend the next decade overseas in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Carolyn retired in 2002 and was a part-time agency contractor in the areas of training, customer service, and professional effectiveness coaching. OLLI has been a boon to Carolyn, who considers herself a continuous learner and an avid teacher. She hopes to contribute further to OLLI’s vibrant presence and help build the organization’s vital future. She would like to assist OLLI in facing its various challenges, including providing quality experiences for a demanding baby-boomer population at a competitive cost and with mostly volunteers. Carolyn lives in Herndon with husband and OLLI member Michael S. Moore, a domestic long-haired cat, and a merry little Havanese. Wild animals on the property include blue-birds and dust bunnies.