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To all members, and potential members, of the OPC —

In 2016 the GMU School of Theater (ranked 8th in the nation) asked OLLI if we could provide photographers for head-shots, publicity photos, final dress rehearsals and photo calls.  Several members of the OLLI Photography Club (OPC) volunteered for eight of these events in 2016 and 13 in 2017.  The OPC is continuing its support for the current theater season (see schedule below).

The School has been very appreciative of our work and impressed by the quality of our images.  The School’s production staff and students have used our work for evaluation of the productions and for publicity brochures.  As you wander the halls of the GMU Arts buildings you may even see our work displaying in slideshows on the monitors and hanging on walls in print form.

Those photographers who have participated have been treated as professionals, valued for their work and have received complimentary tickets to their productions.  In addition to having the opportunity to observe productions in ways no theater subscriber would, each of us has learned a great deal about photography, technically and artistically, as we coped with challenging lighting conditions and unfamiliar subject matter.

I appreciate the dedication of those who have participated and encourage others in our club to join us in the remaining shoots.

Tom Simpson


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GMU School of Theater, 2019-2020 Season, Shooting Schedule


Play and Type of Shoot
Student’s Head Shots (~40) Aug 23rd TBD Black Box
Mason Originals Final Dress/Photo Call Sept 12th 8-10pm TheaterSpace
Rags Publicity Shoot
Oct 12th 10am or TBD MTB 1014


Rags Final Dress
Oct 29rd 7-10:30pm CFA Concert Hall
Twelfth Night Publicity Shoot Nov 2nd 2-4pm MTB 1014
Twelfth Night Final Dress Nov 19th 7-10:30pm TheaterSpace
Women of Lockerbie Publicity Shoot Feb 15th 10am or TBD MTB 1014
Women of Lockerbie
Final Dress/ Photo Call  *
Feb 25th 7-10:30pm TheaterSpace
Men on Boats Publicity Shoot Mar 7th   10 am or TBD MTB 1014
Men on Boats
Final Dress and Photo Call  *
Mar 24th 7-10:30pm Harris Theatre
Fringe (2 shows) Publicity Shoot Apr 11th 10am or TBD MTB 1014
Fringe 1 (Last Days of Judas Iscariot)
Dress Rehearsal and Photo Call
Apr 20th 7-10:30PM TheaterSpace
Fringe 2 (Servant of Two Masters)
Dress Rehearsal and Photo Call
Apr 21st 7-10:30pm TheaterSpace

* May be split into two depending on length of show.  Also, I think we’re missing a show… (RY?)



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