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Loudoun Newsletter-October/November






Loudoun News October Report

Here I am again, your Loudoun News reporter. We are three weeks into our fall term and classes seem to be going well. A fascinating class is the ISIS class being video conferenced from Tallwood to Loudoun. I sat in on the Tallwood class and looked out at Loudoun and did not see many participants. It is full of information including videos of ISIS defectors. These are young men aged 13 and 14. It puts the problem right out in front of us. A wonderful class. Loudoun people, try it out, you will not be disappointed.

Loudoun is starting a French theme for the spring term so keep an eye out for French speakers, French foodies and anything French, even Can-Can girls!

There is a program planning meeting on October 10 at 11:05 at Loudoun, Come and give your suggestions.

There will be a club interest meeting on Thursday, October 12 at 2:15 in Loudoun. Come on out and let us see what we can dream up. We have had suggestions for a classical music club, art club and travel club so far. Any other suggestions, please email me.

We are looking for language instructors as many have asked for German and French. So far we have had no success. If you can speak either language and would love to teach maybe just one time to get your feet wet, let us know.

Our winter sessions are coming along as we have classes in most of the subjects. Loudoun is now willing to work with one time classes in all terms, not just winter. This is your shot to try teaching out and see what fun you can have.

Spring classes are being followed up on and again, come out of your shell and join us, as some teachers are starting to burn out and need a break.

Again, please let the office know if you are not going to attend a class. There are people that might want to take your place. Thank you.

If any of you would like anything added to the November news, please let me know.

Thank you.

Kathie West,



Loudoun News November Report

End of Fall Term

You did it! Another successful Olli term and many more to go. Social activities at Loudoun are beginning to have a following after the wonderful efforts of Judy Sapienza and the wonderful lunches she has organized. I have even seen some Tallwood members that have ventured out to join us! Another shout out to Barbara Wilan and all her hard work at getting Nova professors to teach at Loudoun. Let us also not forget the Loudoun program committee that has created some wonderful courses taught by members as well as outside professionals. We are still searching for more individuals to join our program group. It is made up of some super members that all love Loudoun Olli and we want you to join us. We know that you have a great deal to offer that we know nothing about.

The “Listening Tour” at Loudoun on October 18th was well attended by members and many questions were answered by our ED, Jennifer Disano. One was about dues, and the answer was, no raising of dues in 2018. Other questions followed about class size and members that signed up and did not attend. This will be discussed by all sites and hopefully an answer figured out. Another question was the Olli website and registration and how it seems a bit difficult about how to add or drop a class now that there is no drop button in the website. The answer was, we are using a scholastic website and teachers do not want students to be able to push a button and drop their classes! Other questions came up and as it was a month ago, I cannot remember them all! All told it was an interesting and helpful exercise and the possibility was broached that we have one every term.

We are still looking into having clubs at Loudoun. Our last meeting was sparsely attended so nothing was accomplished except the desire for clubs from 2 to 3 people. A classical music club was strongly suggested by Mary Coyne and Getting to Know You was a thought brought up by Hank Taylor. It is an interesting idea to work on. How many of you really know your classmates? Let us all think of how we can become better known to others in Loudoun OLLI? Teaching would be a beginning or joining the program committee.

Do not forget to sign up for the Holiday Party on December 1st. Register on line. Very few Loudoun members show up, so let’s give it a go this year. It’s another way to get to know people. It is at the International Country Club on Rt. 50. Down 28 S to Rt.50 and it is about 4 traffic lights down 50 on the left hand side. About 20 minutes to get there. Show all the members that Loudoun is alive and well!

Notes about Winter Classes

       Registration for winter 2018 term is just around the corner! December 1-December 8 at noon. A wide variety of classes and presentations are scheduled for Loudoun. Below is a sampling of the offerings at Loudoun during the winter term:

History enthusiasts, will be interested in L308 Henry Kissinger and the Approach to Foreign Policy taught by Greg Cleva. The focus of this four session class is the historical philosophy that Kissinger developed as a student and later applied to studying and understanding world politics.

Literature buffs will enjoy L954 Hillbilly Elegy Discussion Group lead by Nancy Scheeler. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, an account of the author’s life story, raises many questions concerning the cultural upheaval and economic struggles of many Americans.

OLLI members who enjoy science and technology will find L978 the Missing Einstein Manuscript : My family’s History with Albert Einstein and Social interesting one time presentation. Jeffrey Metzger will speak on the role that his maternal family played in scientific publishing in Germany in the early 20th century. His family published a number of Albert Einstein’s works.

L608 An Introduction to Islam is a four session class taught by Mohamed Assan. In this class, the instructor will discuss the definition of Islam as a whole, as well as more specific topics such as economy, social organization, codes of civil and criminal law, and the role of women in Islam.

L968 How to Succeed as National Security Advisor without Really Trying is a one-time presentation. Michel Leavitt will discuss the history of the National Security council.

For those considering a move, L992 Making the Move: 55+ Communities Panel Discussion will provide a wealth of information about five 55+ communities in Loudoun County.

Consult the winter 2018 catalog, for a complete listing of all of the courses and presentations being offered at Loudoun for the winter term (January 22-Febraury 16). The winter catalog should be arriving in your mailbox later this month.

Kathie West

Loudoun Coordinator and Reporter