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Executive Director’s Job Description

Executive Director — Job Description
July 19, 2013

Position Summary: The executive director (ED) serves as the chief paid staff employee and is responsible for the management of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI or the Institute) at George Mason University (Mason). The Institute is a nonprofit organization that exists to offer its members intellectual and cultural experiences in a stimulating environment for older adults. The Institute provides non-credit, non-degree-granting programs, as well as special cultural and social events, and encourages active participation by members in a voluntary capacity.The ED reports to the President and is accountable to the Board of Directors (the Board) and is responsible for managing the Institute’s operations and supervising its staff. The ED is an ex officio member of the Board and of various committees.

Leadership of the Institute is shared by the President, Board and ED. The Board determines the mission, provides for its governance and sets policies. The ED implements the policies and programs of the Board in accordance to its mission.  The President provides oversight and direction to the ED.

Specific Responsibilities:

     • Assists the President with agenda planning, background materials, and such other help as the President may request
     • Provides staff support to the Board and its committees
     • Supports and contributes to planning activities
     • Attends Board meetings and reports regularly on issues, progress, problems
     • Facilitates activities and coordination among committees and with volunteers

     • Manages day-to-day activities
     • Manages human resources, facilities, office space, related activities and develops office and personnel policies

     • Facilitates program development in advance of each term
     • Supports and assists Program Committee and program planning groups
     • Facilitates and supports program, course and instructor evaluations
     • Develops and facilitates contacts at Mason and a variety of other institutions and sources for program development ideas

     • Operates within the approved annual budget and approves routine expenditures
     • Helps assure financial integrity through proper recording and safeguarding procedures
     • Oversees relationships with outside contractors
     • Supports the Treasurer and Finance Committee in developing the annual budget
     • Supports and contributes to fund raising programs

     • Supports and facilitates recruitment of new members
     • Assesses member needs and wants
     • Promotes member satisfaction

     • Facilitates relationships and communications with Mason, its schools and colleges, and the Mason Foundation
     • Serves as OLLI’s representative with the Bernard Osher Foundation, other foundations and institutes, local governments,
civic groups, and think tanks