OLLI E-News #43-12 of November 9, 2012
Issue #43-12 of November 9, 2012
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> REMINDER: Memorial service in Burke for former charter/longtime OLLI member Barbara Lynch tomorrow—Sat, Nov 10—at 2:00; details/map in E-News obituary.
> MAKE-UP CLASSES: Check the What's New page for the latest updates.
> BOARD MEETING: 10:00 on Fri, Nov 16, in TA-1; all OLLI members are invited.

About OLLI E-News
> A MATTER OF COURTESY. From the executive director. By Thom Clement
> TOWN HALL MEETING. Highlights of last Friday's meeting. By Paul Van Hemel
> EXCITING VIDEOCONFERENCING SYSTEM. Coming to OLLI soon ... with your support! By
Lesley Bubenhofer and Paul Howard
> BOOK CLUB. Wed, Nov 14 – Unbroken.
> SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTATION. Beginning French class learns about life in France.
> POET'S CORNER. Courtesy of the OLLI Poetry Workshop.
> MASON-FAIRFAX ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming performances. By Jan Bohall

> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other Mason events. By Helen Ackerman

> HYLTON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming performances. By Sheri Siesseger
> COMING ATTRACTIONS. Upcoming non-class events at OLLI.

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
IN THEIR ENTHUSIASM, some OLLI members occasionally forget to be considerate of the instructor and/or the other class participants. Unfortunately, we have all experienced situations in which one participant tends to dominate the discussion through an overabundance of questioning, taking an inordinate amount of time making personal observations, and sometimes challenging the instructor's qualifications or judgment. This can present an awkward dilemma for other class participants: Should I say something? Should I express my disagreement? Should I confront the offender and risk making the situation more uncomfortable for everybody? Should I come to the defense of the instructor?
     One of the most appealing aspects of OLLI is the incredible opportunity to interact with class participants who have similar interests in learning. This most definitely does not mean that all OLLI members are similar in their viewpoints and opinions. It just means that the type of people who find OLLI attractive have a curiosity that is nurtured by presentation of knowledge and ideas. Whether it be current events, literature from a particular genre, scientific developments or patterns of history, OLLI members enjoy an environment that stimulates discussion, questioning and analysis.
     Ultimately we need to remind ourselves to show courtesy to our instructors who are volunteering their time and to our fellow class participants. Some instructors are very adept at handling challenges and controversy, but we should not expect that this would invariably be the case. Some people thrive on debate, but many feel threatened when an exchange of viewpoints degenerates into more personal accusations.
     As OLLI members, we share responsibility for fostering an environment that encourages open dialog, but always in a manner that is respectful of the value of each person's time and contributions. If we notice that one person is offending others in a class, we should find a discrete and appropriate opportunity to share our concern with that person, possibly after class or on another occasion when emotions have calmed down. It's a matter of courtesy.
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Highlights of last Friday's meeting
By Paul Van Hemel, OLLI E-News Staff Writer

Large photo: President John Woods fields questions from members during the Town Hall Meeting. Inset: members of the Hospitality Subcommittee, from left – Eleanor White, Ann Shell, Beverly George, chair Sandy Driesslein, vice chair Rosemary Reardon, Maria Wilson; also helping but not pictured, Elaine Leonard. Photos by Dan Feighery.
ENTHUSIASTIC MEMBERS attended the annual Town Hall Meeting at Tallwood on Friday, November 2. OLLI President John Woods welcomed current and new members, Board members and committee chairs and introduced Executive Director Thom Clement, who presented the "State of OLLI" and led a lively discussion of topics such as— 
  • Highlights of 2012, including membership of 1,060 and the second $1-million Osher endowment.
  • Facilities news and issues at Loudoun, Reston and Tallwood.
  • Relationship to George Mason University, including OLLI scholarships to deserving Mason students in departments supporting the OLLI program.
  • 2013 budget: funding and expenditures.
  • Board policy on technology initiatives, including videoconferencing.
     Thom and others then fielded members' questions, comments and suggestions, which were focused mostly on membership growth, facilities and videoconferencing issues. After the meeting, members talked informally and enjoyed a buffet lunch (including mulled cider!) provided by the Hospitality Subcommittee.

To view Thom's colorful, 12-slide presentation as a pdf document, click here.
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Coming to OLLI soon ... with your support!

By Lesley Bubenhofer, Development Committee Chair
and Paul Howard, Audiovisual Support Committee Chair

Diagram of phase 1 of OLLI videoconferencing plan
AT THE JULY BOARD MEETING, the Program Committee encouraged the Board of Directors to support the ongoing efforts of the executive director and Audiovisual Support Committee to investigate and provide recommendations on reasonable and affordable options that would make videoconferencing at OLLI possible. At the October Board meeting, the Audiovisual Support Committee presented its detailed proposal for the purchase of videoconferencing equipment—using up to $14,750 from the Friends of OLLI Fund—to enable live, two-way video and audio links between Loudoun and Tallwood. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the proposal.
     OLLI videoconferencing will allow attendees to participate in popular courses and hear highly respected Mason faculty and outside speakers without having to drive long distances. It offers the potential to reduce wait listing and the need for an instructor to teach the same class at another campus at a different time. It can also increase membership involvement in OLLI-wide activities such as annual membership meetings, meet-the-candidates forums and town hall meetings.
     Mason has already installed the equipment at the Loudoun campus, so OLLI needs to purchase equipment only for Tallwood. OLLI's videoconferencing capability will leverage the University's extensive videoconferencing program at no cost to us, which translates into a significant reduction in development and implementation costs for OLLI. The Audiovisual Support Committee has developed a comprehensive, multi-phased plan to test the technology and learn how it can best enhance our program and serve other OLLI needs. This capability is expected to expand in the future to the Reston campus and eventually, in a portable package, to off-site locations such as the Church of the Good Shepherd.
     This videoconferencing system is a prime example of how your donations to Friends of OLLI are used to enhance our program and facilities. While information about our 2012 Friends of OLLI fundraising campaign is still fresh in your mind, don't let the opportunity to donate this year slip by – especially if you've never donated before. As the slogan advises, just do it!
Retrieve the campaign mailing that you recently received, and send in your donation now. Things to remember:
  • You can demonstrate your pride in our wonderful Institute by donating this fall to help make our OLLI even better.
  • You might consider digging a little deeper in your pockets this year if you've donated to Friends of OLLI previously.
  • Your generosity will benefit OLLI in many ways – and will be very much appreciated.
  • Your contributions are tax-deductible.
     Thank you for your support of OLLI through your Friends of OLLI donation!

Click here to view the complete videoconferencing proposal (pdf) prepared for the Board.
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Wed, Nov 14 – Unbroken
THE BOOK CLUB will meet at 10:00 on Wednesday, November 14 at Tallwood. The book for discussion is Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand, author of the bestseller Seabiscuit. Described in the full title as "A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption," it is the biography of WW II hero Louis Zamperini, who survived for more than two years in a series of Japanese POW camps.
     All OLLI members are welcome.
-- By Ceda McGrew, Book Club Coordinator. For book summary, reviews and an excellent two-minute video on BookBrowse, click here.

Our December selection (10:00 on Wednesday, December 12) is Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan.
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Beginning French class learns about life in France

During the last day of the fall term's Beginning French class, special guest Virginia Reynolds (middle row center – red sleeves), standing to the left of instructor Beverley Persell, gave a PowerPoint presentation of her life in Corcelles, Burgundy, France. Photo by Bob Persell.


Courtesy of the OLLI Poetry Workshop

Come to Southwest Florida
State with the prettiest name, state that floats in brackish water – Elizabeth Bishop

This is Florida imagined or dreamt, known even
to those who have never been before.
State of low turquoise skies, of davenports on screened lanais
that overlook the darker turquoise sea.

As advertised! 
Come to Southwest Florida! Marco, Bonita, Cape Coral, Florida!
State of coral accents. Look at those sun-shot clouds
tossed pillowy above the Gulf; and those tiled roofs
on shopping malls, which are just shopping malls
but spread themselves with such leisure, with such stands of palms
and fat, purple bougainvillea.

State of striped beach chairs. We sprawl in ours, gazing: 
the late afternoon swimmers, diligent children building in the sand.
Others are coming, on their way to dinner and on their way home from dinner,
sitting or standing, in cars, on the dunes, assembling.

State of attendance on the descending sun, to which we all,
those of us still on the beach, those gathering, now turn.

Caroline McNeil
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Performances, Nov 9–18
 By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or buy online (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets is at the CFA tickets page.

Jazz 4 Justice
Mason Jazz Ensemble
100 Years of Jazz
Fri, Nov 9, 8:00
     The George Mason Jazz Ensemble will be directed by Prof. Jim Carroll, director of jazz studies at Mason. George A. Weiner, Esq. will be a special guest conductor. The School of Music, in association with the Fairfax Law Foundation, presents this 11th annual concert to benefit vital community and legal services in Fairfax County and music scholarships at George Mason. Three guest vocalists will accompany the ensemble, whose repertoire will include works of Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Leonard Bernstein and Cab Calloway, among others.
     Jam sessions in the lobby will follow the concert, so bring your instruments; musicians of all playing levels are welcome.
Admission: $15 seniors and students, $20 other adults
Concert Hall
Shaolin Warriors
Voices of the Masters
Sat, Nov 10, 8:00
Sun, Nov 11, 4:00
     These dynamic warriors and monks, Kung Fu masters and devoted disciples of the Shaolin schools in China, are recognized world-wide for their fierce martial arts and tremendous self-discipline. They undergo strenuous training in meditation and relaxation, and rigorous physical exercise to focus their minds and bodies. Their performance of demanding skill and rich artistry makes this a family program.
Admission: $48, $40, $24
Family friendly: Youth grade 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall
     Come 45 minutes before each performance for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.
Mason Chamber Ensembles Concert
Sun, Nov 11, 3:00
     Student chamber ensembles will perform classical selections from chamber music repertoires.   
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
de Laski Bldg, Room 3001
Mason Symphonic Band and Percussion Ensemble
Mon, Nov 12, 8:00
     The Symphonic Band, directed by Prof. Jennifer Lapple, will present music from the 19th to the 21st centuries, including works by Tchaikovsky and Milhaud. The Percussion Ensemble, led by Prof. John Kilkenny, will perform selections on the cutting edge of contemporary music.
Admission: $5 seniors, $10 other adults
Concert Hall
Mason Jazz Workshop
Tue, Nov 13, 8:00
     Prof. Richard Parell, who leads the Jazz Workshop, is currently principal saxophonist with the U.S. Army Band and a member of the Washington Saxophone Quartet. He has been an adjunct professor of saxophone at Mason since 1982.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
de Laski Bldg, Room 3001
Mason Dance Company
Fall Concert
Thu, Nov 15, 8:00
Fri, Nov 16, 2:00 and 8:00
Sat, Nov 17, 8:00
     Students from the Mason School of Dance will perform contemporary dances with choreography.
Admission: $10 seniors and groups, $15 other adults
Harris Theatre
Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, conductor
Benjamin Bellman, violin
Sat, Nov 17, 8:00
     The Orchestra will present an all-Beethoven program (pdf), to include his Overture to Coriolan, his Symphony No. 2 and his Violin Concerto.
Admission: $55, $45, $25
Students age 6-18 $5 with an adult, available 6:00-7:30 night of concert
Concert Hall
     Come at 7:00 for a free pre-performance lecture by Kenneth Woods on Grand Tier III.
Mason Vocal Jazz Concert
Sun, Nov 18, 7:00
     This ensemble, directed by Dr. Stan Engebretson, is composed of the groups Soundcheque, Timesquare Singers and GM Unit. They sing traditional jazz standards in both a cappella and combo versions, and often perform at OLLI.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
Harris Theatre
Keyboard Conversations®
with Jeffrey Siegel
Claude Debussy: Clair de Lune and Beyond
Sun, Nov 18, 7:00
     Mr. Siegel celebrates this renowned French composer's 150th birthday with sparkling wit and thoughtful commentary. His program will include the colorful Fireworks, the tender Girl with the Flaxen Hair, the humorous Homage to Samuel Pickwick and the sensuous Isle of Joy.
Admission: $38, $30, $19
Family friendly: Youth grade 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall

Other Mason events, next two weeks
By Helen Ackerman, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
> Luncheon: 2012 Veterans Day Luncheon for veterans in the Mason community, hosted by the Veterans of George Mason University and the Cadets of the George Mason University ROTC Patriot Battalion. The speaker is retired Army Lt. Gen. Claude M. "Mick" Kicklighter. Fri, Nov 9, 11:45 to 1:30. Center for the Arts, Concert Hall Lobby. RSVP to Capt. Michael Smith at msmith43@gmu.edu or 703-993-2709.
Vision Series Lecture: Shane Caswell, Associate Professor, Athletic Training will present, "Concussion in Youth and Scholastic Sport." Mon, Nov 12, 7:30. Prince William Campus, Hylton Performing Arts Center. Free. For more information, click here.
> Lecture: Prof. Jasmine Alinder, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, author of "Moving Images: Photography and the Japanese-American Incarceration." Tue, Nov 13, 5:30–7:00 (refreshments will be provided). Mason Hall, D3. Free. Details.
>Forum: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will speak on the topic "Financial Crises – Why Do We Have Them?" Secretary Geithner's experience both at the Treasury and the New York Federal Reserve over the last six years gives him a unique perspective on this topic. Wed, Nov 14, 4.30. Johnson Center, Cinema. Free. Note: OLLI members are welcome but must present a Mason affiliate ID or Mason student ID for admission.
> Special Screening: The Untold Story of Ralph Carr and the Japanese. Introduction and post-film discussion led by Mr. Adam Schrager, journalist and author of Principled Politician: The Ralph Carr Story. Wed, Nov 14, 5:30–8:00 (refreshments will be provided). Mason Hall D023 – Edwin Meese III Conference Room. Free. Details.

Manassas performances, Nov 9–18
By Sheri Siesseger, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or click "Buy Tickets" at the event listing in the calendar (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) – or visit the box office in the lobby of the Hylton Performing Arts Center on Mason's Prince William campus in Manassas, Wed-Sat, noon to 6:00 (or visit the box office in the lobby of the Center for the Arts on Mason's Fairfax campus, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00). More info on tickets is at the ticket purchase page.

Sumi-e Society
Continuing through Sun, Dec 2
     This exhibit presents a collection of Asian brush painting by local artists. Known as Sumi-e in Japan, this art form originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. A goal of the Sumi-e Society is to promote interest in this art form.
Admission: Free
Buchanan Partners Arts Gallery
Mid-Atlantic Photography Association
2012 Nature Visions Expo
Fri, Nov 9 through Sun, Nov 11
     This year's expo gives both amateur and professional photographers an opportunity to learn about new equipment and techniques in seminars and lectures by experts. There will be an accompanying exhibit of more than 300 images from nature. Seth Resnick, a photographer based in Florida, will be featured. On Friday, he will present a full day, multimedia presentation entitled "Seeing Color: Creating Dramatic Killer Images."
     Admission varies based upon programs selected by attendees. For additional information and to register, click here.
Hylton Performing Arts Center
Shaolin Warriors
Voices of the Masters
Fri, Nov 9, 8:00
     Stunning Kung Fu performances by disciples of the Chinese Shaolin schools are presented. Click here for a video preview. A pre-performance discussion by a member of the company begins at 7:00.
Admission:  $58, $40, $32
Merchant Hall
The Mason Symphony Orchestra
All Mendelssohn Concert
Wed, Nov 14, 8:00
     Directed by Dr. Dennis Layendecker, the Mason Symphony presents works composed by Felix Mendelssohn in the early Romantic period. The program includes Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto featuring Mason School of Music Ensemble in Residence violinist Ricardo Cyncynates. Also on the program are the "Italian" Symphony No. 4 and the overture Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage.
Admission: $10, students and seniors $5
Merchant Hall
Creative and Performing Arts Center
Dancing in the Wings

Sat, Nov 17, 2:00 and 7:00
Sun, Nov 18, 3:00
     CAPAC presents actress/choreographer Debbie Allen's story of would-be ballerina Sassy. Sassy fears that her large feet, extra long legs and big mouth will prevent her from becoming a star. The show, originally commissioned by the Kennedy Center, features music and lyrics by Andrew "Tex" Allen, James Ingram and Debbie Allen.
Admission: $15 in advance, $17 at the door; $10 in advance/$12 at the door for seniors and students
Gregory Family Theater
Aquila Theatre
Cyrano de Bergerac
Sat, Nov 17, 8:00
     The award-winning company presents Edmond Rostand's classic 19th century romantic French play about the illustrious swordsman and poet with the large nose. A pre-performance discussion by a member of the company begins at 7:00.
Admission: $24, $32, $40
Merchant Hall
Youth Orchestras of Prince William
Symphonic Shakespeare
Sun, Nov 18, 4:00
     The program consists of performances by YOPW's two top orchestras. Featured works include Mendelssohn's Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream and Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Fantasy. Ravel's Tzigane will feature Gabriel Lefkowitz, soloist and concertmaster of the Knoxville Symphony. For more about YOPW, click here.
Admission: $15, students and seniors $12
Merchant Hall
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Upcoming non-class events at OLLI
THE FOLLOWING LIST covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master online calendar maintained by the office, with direct web links added when available. The list is accurate as of mid-week but to check anytime for the latest information, please visit our website (Upcoming Non-Class Events) to view the OLLI calendar. Note: OLLI members are welcome at meetings of the Board, committees and resource groups.
     OLLI-Loudoun Notes is a news email of particular interest to Loudoun members. It is written by OLLI member Kathie West. Her most recent email can be read at olli.gmu.edu/loudoun.pdf.  

Fri Nov 9   9:30am   Photography Club - TA-1
     10:00am   History and Current Events Resource Group Meeting - Cottage
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11:00am   Homer, etc. - Annex
Mon Nov 12   9:30am  
Craft & Conversation Group - Cottage
     9:30am   What's in the Daily News? Continued - TA-2
     10:00am   Reston Program Resource Group Meeting - RCC Hunters Woods
Tue Nov 13   10:00am  
Knitting and Needlework Club - Lake Anne Coffee Shop
Wed Nov 14   10:00am   Book Club - TA-2
Bridge Club - TA-3
     11:45am   The Tom Crooker Investment Forum - TA-1
Thu Nov 15   10:00am   Science, Technology and Health Resource Group Meeting - Annex
Fri Nov 16   10:00am   Classic Fiction Book Club - Loudoun, Room 205
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     10:00am   Board of Directors Meeting - TA-1
     11:00am   Homer, etc. - Annex
     1:00pm   Loudoun Program Resource Group Meeting - Conference Room 202
Sat Nov 17   1:00pm   Personal Computer User Group - TA-1
Mon Nov 19 through
Fri Nov 23   OLLI Closed for Thanksgiving Break [no E-News on Friday]
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