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Document Storage Web Site Policy

  • Original works not subject to copyright, such as course outlines and instructor notes, may be stored on the Web site.
  • Documents from external sources should be listed on the Web site with links to the original source whenever possible.
  • Documents from external sources that cannot be linked may be stored on the Web site provided (1) they are not subject to copyright (either public domain or educational fair use), or (2) the instructor has specific permission from the copyright holder allowing for posting on a publicly accessible Web site.
  • By submitting documents for posting on the Web site, course instructors and coordinators are certifying that the documents are either not subject to copyright, or that specific permission from the copyright holder has been obtained.

A comprehensive and highly recommended source for information and guidance on copyrights, public domain, educational fair use, and Web site permissions is:

Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use Web Site ( )

George Mason University guidance on copyright basics can be found at:

  Copyright Resources Office -Basics
Updated: February 15, 2014

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