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Dirty Knee Club


As Needed During Growing Season
Coordinators: Sigrid Carlson                
                              Sally Berman                  
The OLLI Landscaping Committee, fondly known as the Dirty Knee Club, creates, plants, and maintains the gardens at Tallwood. Gardening expertise is not required, but willingness to get dirty knees is! Members are asked to participate in general garden workdays, primarily in the Spring and Fall, plus join another member in a team to water, weed, and maintain the gardens during the growing season. Each two-member team serves one week about every five weeks.

Valerie Braybrooke created one of two albums of the history of the Dirty Knee Club.  To view the small album (77 pages), please click on this link: History of the Dirty Knee Club.
The album was created as a flipbook.  To navigate through the pages, click on the arrows at the bottom of the page.  To enlarge the page, click on the “magnifying glass”.



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