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Cancelled, Changed, Closed Courses

Fall 2017 Catalog Changes

The following information in the fall 2017 catalog has changed since it has been published and mailed.  Updated:  9/19/2017.

Change Pg Course # Course Name Details
Venue 8 F307 Historically Fairfax Church of the Good Shepherd
Venue 10 L315 Roman Emperors Behaving Badly Cascades Library
CANCELLED 12 F404 Memoir Writing
CANCELLED 13 F410 OLLI Actor’s Studio
CANCELLED 14 R413 Write a Better Research Report
Class Time 14 R414 Two by Virginia Woolf 11:50 am-1:15 pm
CANCELLED 16 L423 A Taste of Theater
CANCELLED 17 L426 Romeo and Juliet & Shakespeare in Love
Added F427 So You Wanna Write Poetry, but Don’t Think You Can Tallwood
Venue 18 F601 The Dead Sea Scrolls Church of the Good Shepherd
Venue 19 F602 Survey of Non-Traditional Fairfax Lord of Life
Venue 27 F805 Medical Updates Church of the Good Shepherd
Venue 31 F903 Trip Tales Clifton Lord of Life
CANCELLED 32 F904 Basic Info for Travels to Italy
Venue 40 979 Is Greed Good? Fairfax Lord of Life Sanctuary
Venue 41 983 Alexander Hamilton Fairfax Lord of Life Sanctuary
Venue 46 995 Lipstick Brigade Fairfax Lord of Life Sanctuary
Added 996 Rudy Robot for Assisted Living Tuesday, Oct. 17 9:40 am  Loudoun
Added Chess Club Beginning Friday, Sept. 29, 1-2:30 pm at Tallwood
Added F428 Memoir Writing Tuesdays, 9:40 at Tallwood
Added F609 Faith, Doubt, and Tradition: A Personal Journey to Understand Your Own Beliefs Wednesday, 2:15 Fairfax Lord of Life, Conference Room