OLLI E-News #7-08 of February 22, 2008
issue #7 of February 22, 2008
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> ONE MORE WEEK OF CLASSES -- At Loudoun, and OLLI members can attend. Details.
> REGISTRATION: Starts Wed, Feb 27, and ends Fri, Mar 7.
> SPRING-TERM CATALOG: Available online and bulk-mailed earlier this week to members. (The separate Loudoun catalog should be available by the end of February.)
> SPREAD THE WORD. Feel free to forward this newsletter (as an attachment, not "in-line") to anyone who might be interested, or send the direct link (see top of issue for Web address).
> THE JOY OF PLANNING AT OLLI. From the Executive Director. By Thom Clement
> BOARD CANDIDATES SOUGHT. Six candidates to be elected May 2008.
> BOARD HIGHLIGHTS. About last Friday's Board meeting. By Susanne Zumbro

> TECH TIPS. From OLLI's Tom Swift Squad. By Paul Howard
> PHOTO OF THE MONTH. Selected by the OLLI Photography Club.
> TALK TO YOUR CLASSMATE -- You may be related. By Norbert Michaud
> LOUDOUN NOTES. Reflections on a moving Loudoun class. By Madeline Lynn

. Vote this week in our new Web poll.
> GUNSTON HALL LIBERTY LECTURES. Free lectures in March.
> SIGN-UPS YIELD ENTHUSIASTIC RESPONSE. Social opportunities outside of OLLI. By Debbie Halverson
> OLLI'S SPECIAL FORCES. Florence Adler, Special Events Resource Group Chair. By Elizabeth Crawford
> CENTER FOR THE ARTS. Arts and music events. By Jan Bohall
> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other Mason events. By Barbara Kyriakakis
Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks.

Banner image above: OLLI at Loudoun photos by Madeline Lynn. Left photo--see article below; center--a small group from Shirley Smith's large Investment class with Shirley, at far right; right--Sigrid Blalock (standing, far left) with a few of her Watercolor Painting students.
From the Executive Director
 By Thom Clement, Executive Director
I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PARTICIPATING in many meetings of committees in the last few weeks. It is fascinating to see the chemistry between people who are so like-minded in many ways yet so distinct in personality and talents. One of the many strengths of OLLI is that it provides so many opportunities for intelligent people to interact in a wide variety of ways.
     This week, I sat in on meetings of the three co-chairs of the History and Current Events Resource Group and the full Science, Health and Technology Resource Group. Both groups were filled with people who were motivated not only by their own personal desire to learn but also by the desire to offer exciting learning opportunities for others. Each group had its own way of operating, but the common element was the obvious fun that people were having as they brainstormed ideas for upcoming classes, instructors, speakers and activities.
     If you haven't yet become involved as a member of a resource group, I highly encourage you to do so. The more you contribute to planning, the better our offerings of classes and activities. The more you invest in OLLI, the more you get out of OLLI.
Six candidates to be elected May 2008

BOARD OF DIRECTORS CANDIDATES are being sought for the 2008-2011 term. Your experiences and skills can be applied to the daily concerns of OLLI and help determine our future.
     Contact a member of the OLLI Nominating Committee or our Executive Director Thom Clement if you are willing to be a candidate or to recommend someone whose leadership will enhance OLLI.
     Nominating Committee:
           • Bob Bohall, Chair
           • Brenda Cheadle
           • Abbie Edwards
           • Paul Howard
           • Cloe Ingram
           • Ann Wagner
About last Friday's Board meeting 
By Susanne Zumbro, Secretary
THE OLLI BOARD OF DIRECTORS met at Tallwood on Fri, Feb 15, at 10:00. President Pat Carroll announced the formation of the Nominating Committee chaired by Bob Bohall with the following members: Brenda Cheadle, Abbie Edwards, Paul Howard, Cloe Ingram and Ann Wagner. OLLI members are requested to forward their suggestions for potential Board candidates to any member of the Nominating Committee
     Thom reported on membership totals; we currently have 733 members, down from 754 at the end of the fall term. Last winter at this time, we had 767 members.
     We have been using Mason to print our catalogs, but we are now trying out a new printer. Speedy Printers will print the spring catalog for approximately $2,500 less than we paid last fall to Mason. The suggestion was made that members be allowed to opt out of receiving printed catalogs since they are available online and can easily be printed by members at home, thereby saving OLLI the cost of printing those catalogs.
     The Teacher Appreciation Reception will be held on Thu, Apr 10, from 3:30 to 5:30 on the third tier of the Center for the Arts.
     The Board passed in a 12-to-1 vote the following proposal for revision of our official guest policy:
     The Executive Director, or a designated person, may invite George Mason University faculty to attend any or all sessions of a specific OLLI course or special event related to their professional disciplines through contacts with the chairs of their departments at the recommendation of an OLLI Resource Group chair following a determination that space is available.
     The Board unanimously approved the following proposal for a silent auction:
     That we combine the Tallwood event of the annual meeting on the May 2 with a silent auction, proceeds to go to Friends of OLLI. Since the annual meeting is held in TA-1, the set up of the auction should be in TA-3. Folks could come early, look at what is available and bid, then take time afterwards to do the same, even into the afternoon if that would bring a greater return. The winner would be notified by email so as not to keep too many people hanging around. They could collect their winnings over the weekend so TA-3 would be ready for classroom use on Monday. Also note: no activities are scheduled for Fri, May 2, that would conflict with the annual meeting. This is SOP for both that meeting and the town meeting in the fall.
     The Board approved in a 7-to-6 vote the following proposal:
     Resolved: The Board of Directors directs the Treasurer to disburse a donation of $1,000 to the 2008 Mason Festival of the Arts.
     The date of the March Board meeting will be announced in OLLI E-News when it has been decided upon. All OLLI members are welcome to attend.
From OLLI's Tom Swift Squad
By Paul Howard, Audiovisual Support Committee Chair, Board member
I'M OFTEN ASKED HOW TO GET HELP with a personal computer problem. The best answer I know is a computer user group, generally set up like OLLI as a non-profit, educational organization. User groups operate under the principle of "user helping user" and often publish regular newsletters and Websites and hold meetings on relevant topics of interest to their members. I joined a user group shortly after getting my first computer in 1981, and I believe they offer the best value for modest annual dues you’ll ever find.
     Tallwood Administrative Assistant Bill Walsh will be presenting DeLorme’s Street Atlas USA 2008 mapping software on Sat, Feb 23, from 12:30-3:30 at the Fairfax County Government Center, Conference Center rooms 2/3. Come see Bill talk to his computer: it answers back! This is a meeting of the Washington Area Computer User Group (WACUG). Other topics will include the national 2008 Consumer Electronics Show held last month with video from the show floor. (For more information, see http://www.wacug.org/meetings.html#next.)
     Macintosh users can hear Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Mossberg at 9:30 AM on Sat, Feb 23, at Luther Jackson Middle School, Falls Church. This is a meeting of the Washington Apple Pi user group for Macintosh users. (Info: http://www.wap.org/events/feb2008/default.html.)
     The Virginia Macintosh Users Group (VMUG) has been providing Mac owners and users in the northern Virginia area with valuable services and support since 1990. Next VMUG Meeting March 3, 6:30 PM., at Walter Reed Community Center, 2909 16th Street South, Arlington. (Info: http://www.vmug.org/.)
     The National Capital Technology and Computer User’s Group will celebrate its 30th anniversary in May. Making a specialty of troubleshooting, including repair of several of OLLI’s staff computers, NCTCUG meets at 7:00 PM on the 1st and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Carlin Hall Community Center in Arlington, close to Seven Corners. (Info: http://www.nctcug.org/.)
     There are hundreds of computer user groups around the country and the world. Most welcome visitors to their meetings, although some associated with retirement communities may have access limitations for non-residents. You can find more information at the Website of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups.
     Full Disclosure: I’m the president and a nine-year member of WACUG and the treasurer and 25-year member of NCTCUG. Several OLLI members have joined these groups and are active participants in their meetings.
Selected by the OLLI Photography Club

"Winter Squirrel" by Dan Feighery
"Winter Squirrel" by Dan Feighery

      DOWNLOAD AS WALLPAPER. In cooperation with the photographer, we are pleased to make this photo and a special bonus photo available for downloading and use as desktop wallpaper on a widescreen monitor (unfortunately, these wide-format photos are not suitable for older monitors with a 4:3 width-to-height aspect ratio).

Left--widescreen monitor; right--older 4:3 monitor

Winter Squirrel
Download 1280 x 800 pixels (652 KB)
Download 1680 x 1050 pixels (929 KB)
Download 1920 x 1200 pixels (1.03 MB)

Metro Stop
Download 1280 x 800 pixels (1.13 MB)
Download 1680 x 1050 pixels (1.62 MB)
Download 1920 x 1200 pixels (1.90 MB)

  1. Determine which size is appropriate for your monitor. In Windows, on the desktop click the right-hand button of your mouse and select Properties on the window that pops up. Click the Settings tab to see your current screen area (e.g., 1280 by 800 pixels).
  2. In the above table, click the size that matches your screen size.
  3. After the photo appears in your browser, click the right-hand button on your mouse. (If the entire image is shown, it has been reduced in size for easy viewing so first click the button that says "Click to Expand to Regular Size.")
  4. On the menu that pops up, select "Save/Set as Wallpaper" or "Save/Set as [Desktop] Background."
    To use a photo as a screen saver (tip: screen savers are not necessary for LCD monitors because they are not subject to "burn in"), click the size that matches your screen size, click the right-hand button on your mouse and select "Save Image" to save the photo in a designated location on your computer. Follow your operating system's instructions for using that image as a screen saver.
Note: In the future, we hope to be able to offer some OLLI Photography Club photos for use as desktop wallpaper in the sizes appropriate for older 4:3 monitors (i.e., 800 x 600 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, and 1280 x 960 pixels).

You may be related
By Norbert Michaud, OLLI member

Left to right, Norbert Michaud and Jim Brown
I SAT NEXT TO JIM BROWN (he was wearing an OLLI name tag ) at the first class on Ethical Conflicts. We chatted briefly before class and continued after class in the parking lot ... about ‘ethics,’ of course. I said in parting, "Nice meeting you, Jim." Since I wasn’t wearing my name tag, he asked, "By the way, what’s your name?"
     I said, "Norbert Michaud." To my surprise, Jim responded, "I have some Michauds in my family. Where are you from?" It turns out we were born about 40 miles apart as the crow flies in northern Maine. We promised to exchange family histories (we are both amateur genealogists). At the following two sessions of the ethics class, I provided him with my limited ancestral lines of Michauds (Canadians) and Cyrs (Acadians). By the last session he provided me with an extensive ancestral tree going back to the 16th century -- almost 200 pages of charts. We discovered that we are eighth cousins once removed.
     Jim and I share another cultural heritage as we both speak Acadian French. The St. John River valley that defines the boundary between Maine and Canada was initially settled by the Acadians ousted from Nova Scotia who became known as "Cajuns" when they settled in Louisiana.
     Jim’s mother is of French Canadian origin, but even the French who joined the Acadians picked up some of the Acadian terms and idioms. The Acadian French characterizes the French language that was in vogue when the Acadians settled in Nova Scotia in the 17th century. So Jim and I shared a few words in French ... or should I say, in ‘Acadian.’
     So talk to your classmate; you may speak the same language and you might even be related!

Norbert Michaud, a retired economic intelligence branch chief at the Defense Intelligence Agency and an avid tennis player and golfer, joined OLLI in fall 2007. Jim Brown, a CPA who recently retired after a career with government followed by private consulting, is a new member, having joined OLLI for the winter 2008 term.

Editor's Note. I concur with the writer's advice because a similar thing happened to me at OLLI. Hospitality Chair Sandra Driesslein and I are distant cousins, which I discovered only after she saw my name tag at OLLI several years ago and introduced herself. Our respective sixth-great-grandfathers were two of four Zumbro brothers who were born in Switzerland and emigrated as young adults from Germany to America, arriving in the port of Philadelphia in the early 1750s. A bonus -- now I get invited to Sandy's Zumbro/Barnes reunions!
-- Rod Zumbro

Reflections on a moving Loudoun class
By Madeline Lynn, Loudoun Site Administrator

Left to right, course moderator Bill Aird, attendees Verna Miller
and Anne Sharpe,
WETA's Pat Callaghan; photo by the writer
AT THE LAST MEETING OF THE WETA CLASS IN LOUDOUN on Ken Burns' series The War, attendees Verna Miller and Anne Sharpe each spoke at length with enormously deep feeling about personal experiences -- their own and those of loved ones -- during the war years.
     Verna told about some very real instances of discrimination in the service in WW I and WW II and how painful it was to black soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice, putting their lives at stake for America. It was an intimate moment of difficult truth and enlightenment. OLLI education at its finest.
     Anne, who was a young girl during the war, spoke of the careful protection and liberation of her town in Luxembourg by American soldiers and of how grateful she and her people are to this day to the those young men who came to their rescue. Citizens of the town put our soldiers up in their homes in some cases and Anne had wonderful old photos of the soldiers her family took in.
     Bill Aird, our moderator for this course, did a fine job. When told so, he responded, "It's easy. You just have to ask our people a few questions, and off they go..."
      I don't often sit in on classes, as I am meant to be tending the shop, but I'm glad I didn't miss this experience!

Madeline Lynn, one of OLLI's newest employees, joined the OLLI staff in September 2007.

     YES, THERE'S ONE MORE WEEK OF CLASSES! Loudoun classes are in session for one more week. OLLI members are welcome to attend them (details in the Loudoun winter catalog), but please call first (Loudoun office, 703-993-4488) to make sure space is available before driving there. See map for directions.
     The following five classes have space and lend themselves well to a one-time visit:
          #190 - The Genius of Thomas Jefferson Through an Architect's Eye
          #191 - Introduction to Digital Photography 
          #290 - Financial Planning and Investing
          #690 - Explorations in Religion
          #990 - Trip Tales
     Mason Provost Dr. Peter Stearns' World History class has two more sessions because he had to start late. It meets both Mon, Feb 25, and Mon, Mar 3.
     Read recent news about OLLI-Loudoun from the Loudoun program chair.
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Free lectures on three consecutive Sundays in March

     • Mar 2, "Was it Fatigue or Was it Washington? Why Did the Framers Get the Presidency Wrong?" by David O. Stewart with opening remarks by George Mason (portrayed by Don McAndrews).

Don McAndrews as George Mason in an OLLI class on Feb 13, 2007
     • Mar 9, "The War Powers of the President and Congress: Who Holds the Arrows and Olive Branch?" by W. Taylor Reveley with opening remarks by James Madison (portrayed by John Douglas Hall)
     • Mar 16, "American Regicide: The Fate of America's Post War Presidents" by Russell Riley.

     The lectures begin at 3:00 in the Ann Mason Room, Visitors Center. FREE and open to the general public. Light refreshments at 2:30. Tour of Gunston Hall included at no charge. Reservations are recommended: 703-550-9220. Gunston Hall Visitors Center, 10709 Gunston Road, Mason Neck, VA 22079.

This notice was submitted by OLLI member Barbara Farner, who is a docent at Gunston Hall and will be teaching course #301, "George Mason: The Man and His Times," at Lake Anne in the spring term.
Social opportunities outside of OLLI
 By Debbie Halverson, Membership Committee Chair
THE HANDWRITING THAT WAS ON Tallwood’s social room wall on index cards offering social opportunities has been sorted out as have similar cards from Reston with the following conclusion: 14% of OLLI members want to play after school.
     At least 68 OLLI members from the Tallwood area and 34 from the Reston area responded to the invitation to become proactive in creating social groups of OLLI members who wish to enjoy various special interests together outside of the usual OLLI program. The most popular groups were museum-goers, singles, international and domestic travel, and movie–goers.
     Others fared well too: walkers and/or hikers showed enthusiasm generated probably by the hunger for spring and its outdoor attractions; same thing for those who wish to visit public gardens. And, we have a small group of late-day would-be elbow-benders from both Reston and Fairfax who signed up for "happy hour."
     A slight glitch to be dealt with for those who would like company dining out: The card that was on the wall at Tallwood has disappeared, and I have only those names available from the questionnaire that was sent out late in the fall. Pending reappearance of that card, do please email me if you had signed that card so I can get you on a list to be distributed at a later date.
     I have sent out emails to all who signed up with the lists of groups and will send out hard copy to those without email. To contact those on your list, please refer to our membership directory.
     From now on, the people on the lists need to get involved; one or two of you from each list should take it upon yourselves to contact Ann Hartmann in the office to set up an organizing time for your group. Between terms the office is open from 9:00 to noon. Once your group gathers, you can outline what you would like to do. After that you are encouraged to meet off campus, perhaps in a coffee shop or at someone’s home. We haven’t space at Tallwood to accommodate meetings during term; already we have clubs that are scrambling for places on the schedule.
     I’ll be interested in how you progress and hope you will keep me in the loop. In fact, we’ll keep the rest of the membership in the loop with notices on the bulletin boards at both of our sites.

Florence Adler, Special Events Resource Group Chair

By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
about OLLI, the intellectual stimulation of the courses may be primary, but a close second is the social interaction offered in many areas. The Special Events Resource Group, under the able leadership of Florence Adler, seeks to combine the two with trips to historic sites, museums, operas, plays, and wineries. Special events include presentations by poets, musicians, and historians as well as lunches at restaurants featuring international cuisine. A glance at past catalogues will reveal the impressively wide range of special events available to us.
     Florence was asked to chair the Special Events Resource Group in 2002 while she was a member of the Board of Directors. Even though her two terms on the board have expired, she has continued to work on special events, earning the gratitude of all. Because the Special Events Resource Group covers so many areas, Florence depends upon her committee to maintain contact with various groups that send announcements of upcoming events and to comb the newspapers for anything new in the area that might be of interest to OLLI members. Florence maintains the calendar of special events, which take place on Wednesday afternoons and some Fridays. She plans some events herself, oversees the events her committee members are working on, coordinates the descriptions for the catalog, and interacts with the chairs of the other resource groups to present a balanced program.
     In her life before OLLI, Florence spent seventeen years as the executive director of the Linden Nursery School/Flushing Country Day School in Queens, New York. She changed course in 1981, working as the Assistant to the Vice President, later President, of a furniture design company located in the Long Island Interior Design Center. She "retired" in 1991 and moved to Virginia to be near family but continues to substitute teach at Bonnie Brae and White Oaks Elementary Schools. Florence welcomes suggestions for special events and new volunteers willing to make our outstanding program even better.

Arts and music events at Mason, Feb 22-Mar 2

By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer

FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 (phone orders are handled by tickets.com) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets at the CFA tickets page.

Virginia Opera
Eugene Onegin

Fri, Feb 22, at 8:00
Sun, Feb 24, at 2:00
     A jaded young Russian aristocrat carelessly rejects the love of a beautiful, passionate young girl, much to his later regret. Tchaikovsky brings to life many aspects of Russian life in his opera, which is based on the epic poem by Pushkin. Sung in Russian with English subtitles.
     Click this Virginia Opera Web page for details, including full synopsis, video preview, stage director's notes and "about the composer."
Admission: Friday $86, $72, $44
            Sunday $94, $78, $48   
Concert Hall   
     A cheese-tasting will be offered on Fri at 6:30 in the Lobby of the Concert Hall.
     Come 45 minutes early to each performance for an artistic discussion in the lobby of the Grand Foyer.
     Note: The 2:00 performance on Sun, Feb 24, is an OLLI Special Event.
GMU Players #2
Humble Boy, by Charlotte Jones

Fri, Feb 22, at 8:00
Sat, Feb 23, at 2:00 and 8:00
Thu, Feb 28, & Fri, Feb 29, at 8:00
Sat, Mar 1, at 2:00 and 8:00
Sun, Mar 2, at 2:00
     The setting is an English country garden, in this play directed by Kristin Johnsen-Neshati of the Mason theater faculty. Felix is a gentle scientist whose stammer returns when he is asked to speak at his father’s funeral. His mother, Flora, has little patience with him and believes that he plots to disappoint her. There will be a post-performance discussion with the director and members of the company.
Admission: $8 seniors/students, $12 other adults
Harris Theater
     Note: The 2:00 performance on Sat, Feb 23, is an OLLI Special Event.
The Embassy of Estonia
Presents the Tðnu Naissoo Jazz Quartet

with vocalist Anna Pðldvee

     Naissoo was influenced by West Coast jazz—think Gerry Mulligan, Jimmy Giuffre and Dave Brubeck, as well as Miles Davis and Stan Kenton. The group’s music also reflects that of the Hi-Lo’s and Ella Fitzgerald, with uniquely Estonian additions. The concert tour celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.
Tue, Feb 26, at 8:00
Admission: Free, tickets available at the CFA Box Office
Harris Theater
GMU Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band
Winter Concert

Tue, Feb 26, at 8:00
Admission: $10 seniors/students, $15 other adults
Concert Hall
Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
Masterworks 4
with Amanda Gosier, soprano

     Remembered for her performance in the summer 2006 Rodgers & Hammerstein program at Shenandoah Valley Music Festival and with the FSO on the 2004 "Opera Gala," Ms. Gosier will sing Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate and Mahler’s Symphony No. 4 in G Major.
Sat, Mar 1, at 8:00
Admission: $55, $45, $35, $25
Concert Hall
Rik Reppe
Staggering Toward America

     Rik Reppe gave up his career after 9/11 and made a cross-country odyssey to visit the crash sites at the Pentagon and in New York City and Pennsylvania. In this one-man show he recalls his experiences with people met along the way and weaves a picture of patriotism as he asks, "What does it mean to be an American?"
Sun, Mar 2, at 7:00
Admission: $30, $22, $15
Concert Hall

Other Mason events
By Barbara Kyriakakis, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
     • Top That! - Waffle Day 2008 - Giveaways, prizes, sing-a-longs and waffles with toppings of your choice. Dewberry Hall, Johnson Center, Mon, Mar 3, 11:30 to 12:30. Open to the university community. For more information contact Mecca Marsh at mmarsh3@gmu.edu.

     • AVT Lecture Series Visual Voices - "Links Between Religion and Contemporary Art," presented by James Elkins. Thu, Mar 6, 7:30 to 9:00, Harris Theater.

Visiting Writer Liam Callahan
     • Visiting Writers Series – Mason alumnus Liam Callahan, author of The Cloud Atlas and All Saints. Mon, Mar 17, 7:30, room 163, Research I.

     • Cinema SeriesLove Jones, Thu, Feb 28; Beowulf, Fri and Sat, Feb 29 and Mar 30. All showings 6:00 and 9:00. $1 with Mason ID, JC Cinema.

Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks

The following list covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office (see the Forecast of Non-Class Events for more details, including active links to more information on certain events, and to view the actual OLLI online calendar used by the office). Note: Board, committee, resource-group and 'membership-type' meetings/events below are highlighted in bold. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource-group meetings (except during executive sessions).

Friday    Feb 22     9:30am    Photography Club - TA-1
          10am    Italian Club - Annex
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          1:30pm    Homer, etc. - Annex
Saturday     Feb 23    2pm    959-Humble Boy - GMU-Harris Theatre
Sunday    Feb 24     2pm    960- Eugene Onegin - GMU-Center for Arts
Monday    Feb 25    10am    Communications Comm Mtg - Annex
Wednesday    Feb 27         SPRING TERM Registration Begins
          10am    Investment Forum - TA1 or TA 2
          10am    Bridge Club - TA-3
Thursday    Feb 28    2pm    Watercolor Makeup - Annex
Friday    Feb 29     10am    Italian Club - Annex
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          1:30pm    Homer, etc. - Annex
Tuesday    Mar 4    9:30am    Planning Comm Mtg - Annex
Wednesday    Mar 5     10am    History Club - TA-1
          10am    Investment Forum - TA1 or TA 2
          10am    Bridge Club - TA-3
Thursday    Mar 6    11am    Fiction Writers' Club - Kings Park Lib
Friday    Mar 7         SPRING TERM Registration Ends
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2

Rod Zumbro

Karen Hamilton
Deputy Editor

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