OLLI E-News #4-12 of January 27, 2012
Issue #4-12 of Jan 27, 2012
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> SPRING CATALOG: Expected to be posted online within a week, probably early this coming week.
> VALENTINE PARTY: Fri, Feb 10, 1:00, TA-1; sign up in office or by email or phone, 703-503-3384.
CONTENTS FOR FRI, JAN 27, 2012 About OLLI E-News
> "EXPERIENCE CAN OUTRUN BIOLOGY." From the executive director. By Thom Clement
> BOARD HIGHLIGHTS. Last Friday's Board of Directors meeting. By Rod Zumbro

> DIRECTOR PROFILE. New Board member Nancy Scheeler. By Carolyn Sanders
Wed, Feb 1 at 2:00 – "What Did Harry Read?"
> CHANNEL 10 PRODUCTION. An upcoming OLLI Players play.
> OLLI MEMBER HONORED. Roz Schanzer's Witches! receives book award.
> DISSERTATION STUDY. Looking for OLLI members to participate.

Courtesy of the OLLI Poetry Workshop.
> MASON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Fairfax performances. By Jan Bohall

> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other Mason events. By Helen Ackerman

> HYLTON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Manassas performances. By Sheri Siesseger
> COMING ATTRACTIONS. Upcoming non-class events at OLLI.

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
THE TITLE QUOTE is one of the memorable tidbits from the New York Times article "A Sharper Mind, Middle Age and Beyond," published on January 19. Columnist Patricia Cohen notes that the quest for understanding the effects of aging on the mind can be illustrated by questions such as, "Why does your 70-year-old neighbor score half her age on a memory test, while you, at 40, have the memory of a senior citizen?" She goes on to note that "there is no preordained march toward senescence."
     Several OLLI members have contacted me about this article, which can be found by clicking here. I encourage you to read the whole article. You will learn more about the concepts of "fluid" and "crystallized" intelligence. You will hear that education is a significant factor in the development of "mental fitness."
     As many OLLI members could have predicted: "Everyone in the study who regularly did more to challenge their brains – reading, writing, attending lectures or completing word puzzles – did better on fluid intelligence tests than their counterparts who did less."
     Just one more reason to tell your friends and neighbors about OLLI!
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Last Friday's Board of Directors meeting
By Rod Zumbro, OLLI E-News Editor
THE OLLI BOARD OF DIRECTORS met Friday, January 20 at Tallwood. Executive Director Thom Clement advised that OLLI has 983 members, with membership expected to exceed 1,000 during 2012. He noted that work is underway to make the online registration system more user-friendly and accessible (any suggestions should be sent to him); target date for implementation is August 2012. Thom discussed the final 2011 budget report, which shows total funding of $383,613 and total expenses of $372,967 – the surplus of $10,647 will be carried forward as part of working capital. Treasurer Dave Mason reported that "OLLI is in very sound financial condition as we go forward."
     The Board approved providing a total of $14,500 in Friends of OLLI funds to various Mason departments for their awarding of 2012 OLLI scholarships to deserving Mason students. This annual tradition shows OLLI appreciation to individual Mason departments for their efforts in encouraging faculty to teach at OLLI.
     The Board changed the name of the Public Relations Committee to the Outreach Committee at the request of the chair, Dave Ryan.
     There was considerable discussion about the many changes to the Board Handbook proposed by Gordon Canyock, chair of the ad hoc committee established six months ago to review the Bylaws and Handbook, and about whether or not any change to the Bylaws is appropriate. Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting of the Board.
     The Board approved providing $1,500 in Friends of OLLI funds to the 2012 Fall for the Book Festival; this is a $500 increase over the amount provided last year and reflects the very substantial support to OLLI provided by the festival.
     The next meeting of the Board will be at 10:00 on Friday, February 17 at Tallwood. All OLLI members are invited to attend.
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Nancy Scheeler
New Board member Nancy Scheeler

By Carolyn Sanders, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
LIKE MANY OLLI MEMBERS, Nancy Scheeler—OLLI's newest Board member, appointed this past October—began life in another part of the country. In fact, her desire to leave the Midwest and seek greener pastures – Go East, young woman – led her to college in Georgia (Agnes Scott College, two years) and North Carolina (UNC, B.A. in English), then to Maryland (University of Maryland, M.A. in English). Only the birth of her first child interrupted her work toward a Ph.D. She also has a Master's in Information Systems from American University. Wow! English and numbers in the same person – we are lucky. In her career, Nancy was an IT project and line manager for defense contractor TASC, working for a variety of government customers.
     Guess what? Nancy sometimes writes profiles for E-News. This profile of her was written during her recovery from a January 3 total knee replacement. Be well soon, Nancy, because a new term has begun, and your newest title is Reston program chair for the Literature, Language and Theater Resource Group.
     She and husband Jim, also an OLLI member, share a love of theater. They are subscribing members of four Metro-area theaters, and they go to London for an annual dose of British theater too. Foreign travel and a combined total of eight grandchildren are other interests Nancy and Jim share.
     Nancy says she reads “serious contemporary fiction,” primarily British and American novels. She’s planning to teach a course in the novels of British author Rose Tremain in the fall term. She also tries to never miss a Gourmet Club outing or an OLLI special event luncheon.
      A Reston resident, Nancy has taken classes at all three locations and is especially interested in expanding offerings using the resources at each of them. Take a good look at her photo because you’re likely to see this lady anywhere. Heal fast, Nancy. You’re a very special OLLI asset, and we thank you for all this volunteering within 16 months of joining OLLI!
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Wed, Feb 1 at 2:00 – "What Did Harry Read?"

THE OLLI HISTORY CLUB, awakening from its winter slumber, will meet at Tallwood on Wednesday, February 1 at 2:00. Frequent OLLI presenter Jim Hubbard will give a presentation on “What Did Harry Read?" The presentation will look at the interactions between President Harry Truman and Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace surrounding Wallace's foreign policy speech at Madison Square Garden on September 12, 1946. Jim will describe the impact of the speech and its aftermath – their significance for the orthodox views of Truman and the Cold War as well as for the approaches adopted by many historians. 
     OLLI members and guests are always welcome; bring a friend.
-- By Bob Persell, History Club Coordinator
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Watch OLLI Players during February on cable TV

The cast, from left: Alan Wenberg, Patricia Daly-Lipe, Veronica Herczogh and John Henkel. Photo by the writer.
"OPT to Watch!" The OLLI Players' Theater production of The Turing Test, written by OLLI member Conrad Geller, will air on Fairfax Public Television Channel 10 in February. Both Cox Cable and Verizon FiOS carry Channel 10, as does Comcast Cable in Reston.
     Conrad Geller's play deals with the question asked by British mathematician and "father of computing" Alan Turing: Are machines conscious? Unlike past productions done in readers' theater style, cast members were challenged to not only act their roles but also memorize their lines. Following is the list of performances of this 30-minute show.

Thu, Feb 2, 10:00pm
Sat, Feb 4, 12:30pm
Thu, Feb 9, 5:00pm
Fri, Feb 10, 8:30am
Sun, Feb 12, 5:30am
Mon, Feb 13, 6:30pm
Thu, Feb 16, 7:00am
Sat, Feb 18, 3:00pm
Mon, Feb 20, 7:30am
Tue, Feb 21, 9:00am
Fri, Feb 24, 10:00am
Sat, Feb 25, 12:30pm
Mon, Feb 27, 7:30am
Mon, Feb 27, 11:00am
Wed, Feb 29, 8:00pm

     Look for comments from the cast and producer on the making of the play in a future issue of OLLI E-News.
-- By Karen Hauser, OLLI member and producer of the play

Web links: Channel 10's schedule page; info on how to find Channel 10 on Cox.
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Roz Schanzer's Witches! receives book award

Click above image or here to watch Roz's 23-second award acceptance.
AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR AND OLLI MEMBER Roz Schanzer has just received a Sibert Honor Book Award for her book Witches!: The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem, published by the National Geographic Society. This American Library Association award was one of four given for Honor Books this year. Congratulations, Roz!
     Last October the book was awarded the Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for Best Illustrated Children's Book of 2011. Roz entertained and informed OLLI members about the Salem Witch Trials during a special-event lecture last September.
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Looking for OLLI members to participate
OLLI HAS AGREED to assist a Georgetown University Ph.D. student by publicizing the need for participants in her dissertation study on foreign-language learning in older adults. The study consists of three sessions, each averaging about one and a half hours, which will take place in a public location convenient to the participant and the student. Participants will be compensated for participation.
     Requirements for participants:
  • Age 60 or older; have never studied Latin and do not attend religious services in Latin; comfortable with computers (i.e., can type with two fingers and use a mouse, with no need to be a proficient user of particular programs), and have at least a high-school education.
  • EITHER monolingual (never studied a foreign language for more than one year) OR bilingual (read, write, speak and hear English and Spanish daily).
     To find out more about participation in the study, please contact the doctoral student, Jessica Cox, by email (jgc48@georgetown.edu) or phone (302-354-7122), or her advisor, Dr. Cristina Sanz, by email (sanzc@georgetown.edu), as soon as convenient but no later than March 15, 2012. Sessions will be conducted between March and May.
-- Coordinated by Thom Clement, Executive Director


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Courtesy of the OLLI Poetry Workshop

Poetry On A String

Write your thoughts.
Hang them on a string
in the market place,
so people have to
more than a penny
to read them. 

be happy when the
wind whirls them away,
leaving you
in peace.

Claire Hasselbeck
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Upcoming Fairfax performances, Jan 27 - Feb 5
By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or buy online (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets is at the CFA tickets page.

River North Dance Chicago
Fri, Jan 27, 8:00
     This jazz-based contemporary dance ensemble is known for its emotive dancers, electrifying music and dramatic choreography. It remains one of the most popular national repertoire companies in the U.S. and abroad and prides itself on developing the true flavor of Americana choreography. Click here for details and a short video.
Admission: $42, $34, $21
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.
Honors Music Festival
Fri, Jan 27, 8:00 with Mason Jazz Ensemble
Sun, Jan 29, 2:00 with Mason Wind Symphony Orchestra
     The High School Honors Music Festival offers talented young musicians three days of musical immersion with George Mason's music faculty and master classes with guest artists.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
Harris Theatre
Aquila Theatre
Shakespeare's Macbeth
Sat, Jan 28, 8:00
     This renowned British/American touring company brings a fresh look to the classic and chaotic tale in which men combat their own madness and fates. The Scottish general meets three witches in a wood, who prophesize that he will one day be king. Lady Macbeth has other plans in "this wickedly troubled work."
Admission: $40, $32, $20
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.
Keyboard Conversations®
with Jeffrey Siegel
Russian Rapture: Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky
Sun, Jan 29, 7:00
     In his third concert this season, Mr. Siegel returns with his musical gifts and illuminating and witty commentary. He will present the Russian-tinged Preludes, Etudes and Humoresque.
Admission: $38, $30, $19
Family friendly: Youth grade 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall
Come at 6:15 for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.
Chucho Valdés
Fri, Feb 3, 8:00
     Legendary Cuban jazz pianist Chucho Valdés, winner of five Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy awards, has made more than 80 recordings. Well-known as a talented musician, composer and arranger, he will make his first appearance at the Center with his band, the Afro-Cuban Messengers. Click here for details and a video.
Admission: $46, $38, $23
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.

"Tschaikowski" St. Petersburg State Orchestra
Roman Leontiev, conductor
Alexandre Pirojenko, piano
Sat, Feb 4, 8:00
     Since its founding after World War II, this orchestra has developed a diverse repertoire from Baroque music through 20th century compositions. Their program will feature Ravel's Daphne et Chloé: Suite No. 2 and Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade for Orchestra. Mr. Pirojenko will join the orchestra for Prokofiev's Concerto No. 1 in D-flat major.
Admission: $50, $42, $25
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.

Music Faculty Artist Series
Peter Haase, violin
Kelly Ker-Hackleman, piano
Sun, Feb 5, 2:00
     Prof. Haase, an adjunct faculty member at George Mason, has been with the National Symphony Orchestra since 1984. Dr. Ker-Hackleman is an associate music professor at Mason and principal pianist for the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra. She has been a guest lecturer in OLLI's Music Sampler and is co-coordinator of the course.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
Harris Theatre

Other Mason events, next two weeks
By Helen Ackerman, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
> Vision Series Lecture. Dan Cohen, associate professor in Mason's Department of History and Art History and director of the Center for History and New Media, speaks on "The Future of History." Dr. Cohen's talk will explore the promise and perils of a new era of history based on computers and networks, including vast digital libraries and archives; tools for saving and communicating history; and what the coming decade will hold. Mon, Jan 30, at 7:00. Center for the Arts, Concert Hall. Free. Read more here; read his bio here.
> W.E.B. DuBois Lecture. The 2012 W.E.B. DuBois lecture features artist/performer Brenda Dixon Gottschild. Thu, Feb 2, at 1:30. Harris Theatre. Free. Click here to read about the artist.
> Economics Community Forum Lecture. Tyler Cowen, Holbert C. Harris Chair of Economics and general director of the Mercatus Center at Mason, speaks on the European financial crisis. Prof. Cohen's topic is "What Has Gone Wrong with Europe?" He writes a column on economics for The New York Times. Tue, Feb 7 at 7:30. Student Union Building II, Ballroom. Free. Click here to read about the presenter. Note: RSVP date has passed (RSVP by Wed, Jan 25 to dmulaj@gmu.edu).

Upcoming Manassas performances, Jan 27 - Feb 5 
By Sheri Siesseger, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or click "Buy Tickets" at the event listing in the calendar (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) – or visit the box office in the lobby of the Hylton Performing Arts Center on Mason's Prince William Campus in Manassas, Wed-Sat, noon to 6:00. More info on tickets is at the ticket purchase page. Note: Two OLLI members have advised E-News that tickets for events at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas are also routinely available at the Center for the Arts box office on the Fairfax campus, open Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00.

Aquila Theatre
The Importance of Being Earnest
Sun, Jan 29, 4:00
     Aquila, a British-American touring company, presents the witty comedy by Oscar Wilde. The New York Times has called Aquila "Gleefully engaging … almost unbearably fun."
Pre-performance discussion begins at 3:00
Admission, $24, 32, $40
Merchant Hall
Prince William County Public Schools
Fine Art Exhibit
Wed, Feb 1 through Sun, Mar 4
     The exhibit is open to the public Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon to 6:00, during this period.
Admission: Free
Buchanan Partners Arts Gallery

Upcoming non-class events at OLLI
THE FOLLOWING LIST covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office, with direct web links added when available. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource group meetings. For more activities specifically related to the Loudoun site, see Roberta Sherman's latest Loudoun Notes (pdf). For more activities specifically related to the Reston site, see Sharon Gilman's latest Eye on Reston (Word document).
     Note: The below list is accurate as of mid-week but for the very latest information, please see Upcoming Non-Class Events to view the real-time OLLI online calendar maintained by the office.
Fri Jan 27    9:00am   OLLI Travel Club - Cottage
     10:00am   Loudoun Classic Fiction Book Club - Room 205
     10:00am   Financial Roundtable Meeting - Loudoun
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2 & TA-3
     10:00am   New Member Coffee - TA-1
     11:00am   Homer, etc. - Annex
Tue Jan 31   10:00am   Knitting and Needlework Club - Lake Anne Coffee Shop
Wed Feb 1   1:45pm   Special Events Resource Group Meeting - Annex
     1:45pm   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3
     2:00pm   History Club - TA-1
Fri Feb 3   10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2 & TA-3
     10:00am   Program Committee Meeting - Cottage
     11:00am   Homer, etc. - Annex
Tue Feb 7   10:00am   Knitting and Needlework Club - Lake Anne Coffee Shop
Wed Feb 8   1:30pm   Book Club at Tallwood - TA-2
     1:45pm   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3
Fri Feb 10   9:30am   OLLI Photography Club - TA-1
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2 & TA-3
     1:00pm   Valentine's Day Party - TA-1
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