OLLI E-News #36-11 of September 23, 2011
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> FLU SHOT CLINIC: Tallwood, Fri, Oct 7, 1:00-3:00. Sign up in the Tallwood office, or contact the office (703-503-3384 or email).
> NEW EXHIBIT: OLLI Photography Club photos in the Tallwood social room annex.
> MEMBER HANDBOOK: For your light reading, the new 2011 edition of the Member Handbook is now available at this link (pdf).
CONTENTS FOR FRI, SEP 23, 2011 About OLLI E-News
> THE CULTURE OF OLLI. From the executive director. By Thom Clement
> BOARD HIGHLIGHTS. Last Friday's Board of Directors meeting. By Rod Zumbro

> THIS “RED DOT” WANTS TO TALK TO YOU! Profile of committee chair Dave Ryan. By Carolyn Sanders
. 1991 – 2011. By Jan Bohall
> BUSTING THE MYTHS. Dispelling the rumors about the OLLI Walking Group. By Doris Bloch
> PHOTO OF THE MONTH. Selected by the OLLI Photography Club.
> JOINT VENTURE SUCCESS. Climate change lecture at Prince William campus.
Selected by the OLLI Poetry Workshop.
> MASON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Fairfax performances. By Jan Bohall

> HYLTON ARTS AND MUSIC. Upcoming Manassas performances.
By Sheri Siesseger
> COMING ATTRACTIONS. Upcoming non-class events at OLLI.

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
AT THE SEPTEMBER 16 RECEPTION recognizing our 20th anniversary, it was evident to me why OLLI-Mason has been so successful. We had 165 members in attendance, which was a great turnout considering it was the last Friday prior to the beginning of our fall term. Regardless of the turnout, one could not help but be impressed by the powerful message we heard from our past and present leadership. That message was loud and clear: it is the tremendous dedication, foresight and passion for learning of our members that has enabled us to grow.
     Our numbers have increased from fewer than 100 in 1991 to almost 1,000 in 2011. Our program offerings continue to expand both in quantity and in variety, with more than 400 courses and special events each year. We now offer classes on three main campuses and in several off-site locations. None of this would have occurred if the OLLI members themselves had not taken the initiative to organize, lead and teach.
     I enjoyed the comments from our past presidents in the video produced by Rod Zumbro. Their intelligence, humor and intellectual acuity were obvious, and their messages were all on the theme of deep interest in continual growth for the Institute.
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Last Friday's Board of Directors meeting
By Rod Zumbro, Board member, OLLI E-News Editor
THE OLLI BOARD OF DIRECTORS met Friday, September 16 at Tallwood (the Board did not meet in August). The Board approved President Manny Pablo's appointment of Wendy Campbell to fill the vacancy on the Board; Wendy then joined the Board and will serve as director until June 2012 (our Organization page has photos and profiles/bios of all Board members).
     There was brief discussion of a recent Executive Committee decision taken in early September to donate $1,000 from Friends of OLLI funds to the Dr. Linda Apple Monson Music Endowment Fund with the understanding that this amount would be deducted from our 2012 scholarship funds for Mason's School of Music. Our $1,000 donation is expected to be matched by an equal amount from other private gifts.
     Executive Director Thom Clement reported that OLLI has 972 members. Through August, $24,174 has been donated this year to Friends of OLLI (used for items such as classroom enhancements and scholarships to deserving students in Mason departments supporting the OLLI program). Thom noted that this included $7,500 recently donated to the Lilyan and Abe Spero Memorial Fund, of which $5,000 came from the estate of the late Lilyan Spero, OLLI Founding Member and third president. Friends of OLLI has a balance of $18,430 after obligations.
     Treasurer Dave Mason reported that OLLI is in "pretty good shape financially" at present but that 2012 will be a "tight year" and a dues increase may be needed to avoid a risky drawdown in working capital; the current thinking is for a $10 dues increase to $360. The Finance Committee will be meeting soon to finalize the proposed 2012 budget for presentation to the Board at the October 21 meeting (10:00, Tallwood). All OLLI members are invited to attend.
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Dave Ryan
Photo by Gordon Canyock
Profile of committee chair Dave Ryan

By Carolyn Sanders, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
DAVE RYAN HAS BEEN AROUND OLLI only a short time—he's still a "Red Dot"—but he's already volunteered to be the first chair of the OLLI Public Relations Committee and to put his professional experience in public relations at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to good use. Now that's the OLLI spirit!
     Dave wants you to have his email address (daveryan1@cox.net) and telephone number (703-593-1008) at your fingertips so you can share ideas with him, make suggestions and volunteer to help get the word out about OLLI.
     The son of a U.S. Air Force pilot, Dave was born in Brazil and went to 1st and 2nd grades in Japan. He has both a BA and an MA in advertising from Michigan State University. This slim, in-very-good-shape man likes to run and enjoys reading. His favorite book is Mario Puzo's The Godfather.
     Dave first heard about our wonderful organization from his wife, Nancy Scarborough – an OLLI member since 2007. He loves to travel and spend time in his Ocean City condo. Dave likes to cook, but also enjoys ethnic eating out. He has two sons and three grandchildren. 
     Be sure to look for Dave and help him get OLLI in the media's attention. We will all benefit.
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1991 – 2011
By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer

Cakes at 20th anniversary reception; photo by Dan Feighery.
NOSTALGIA AND MEMORIES ABOUNDED as OLLI members gathered at the Church of the Good Shepherd last Friday afternoon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of OLLI. They heard Carol Ferrara, first staff/program director/woman-Friday tell tales of our beginnings in one classroom/office within a local Fairfax City building in 1991. In a well-done video, former OLLI presidents—including early leaders Kathryn Brooks, Shirley Fox and Lilyan Spero—gave individual reflections on the growth of our Institute over the years. Other highlights:
  • Members from the early days of OLLI were introduced, including Helen Lapitsky of Arlington, Marjorie White of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and current member Audrey Markham of Vienna.
  • Kathie West directed the OLLI Players in three vignettes illustrating pitfalls in romance.
  • Three OLLI poets, Claire Hasselbeck, Nancy Jarvis and Margaret Trent, read samples of their work, ranging from humorous to poignant.
  • Two mounted collages of photos of the Mason campus taken by members of the OLLI Photography Club were unveiled; they will be presented to President Alan Merten and Provost Peter Stearns on October 21.
  • A representative of the Mason Office of Military Services acknowledged OLLI's upcoming gift of $20,000 from our recent 20th anniversary fund drive that will aid veteran students at Mason.
  • The student Brass Quintet from Mason played while attendees sampled a buffet of tidbits from the Swiss Bakery.
     Appreciation was extended to longtime member/former president Jan Dewire, 20th Anniversary Task Force Chair and planner of this reception, who was unable to attend due to her recent surgery.
     Emcee/current president Manny Pablo brought the afternoon to a close by leading members in a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to OLLI," after which members lingered to reminisce, enjoy cake and look to the future with new plans.

The "Reflections of Former OLLI Presidents" video is available online; click here to see it at the OLLI Video News page. To learn more about OLLI Founder Kathryn Brooks, click here to visit her page on our site.
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Dispelling the rumors about the OLLI Walking Group
By Doris Bloch, Walking Group Co-Coordinator

Members of the OLLI Walking Group at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, May 2009.
OLLI MEMBERS MAY HAVE SEEN a pack of seniors strolling around the environs of Tallwood or read the occasional articles in OLLI E-News about a mysterious "Walking Group" ... and might have said to themselves, "What's with that?"
     It's time to rediscover the truth about the OLLI Walking Group: let's bust the following Five Myths.
1 All OLLI Walking Group members use walkers.
     This is false; hardly any of the walkers use artificial aids. Artificial hips, artificial knees, artificial shoulders, artificial teeth, sure, but not walkers. (The group is not currently nicknamed "OLLI Walker-Users Group.")
2 All OLLI Walking Group routes are the equivalent of Iron-Man competitions in length and difficulty.
     One only needs to look at a photo of the group to dispel this myth.
3 All OLLI Walking Group outings end up at the same place.
     This is related to the myth that the OLLI Walking Group gets lost on every outing. Not counting the time that we bushwhacked through thicket in Sky Meadow State Park and the time that we got lost in Hidden Pond Park, there are no instances of the OLLI Walking Group ever being lost. This is proven true by the fact that we always return to somewhere, usually where we are parked. We have never been permanently lost, only temporarily misplaced.
     If we end up at the same place frequently, that is because our final destination is very often Tallwood. (Not to be confused with our final, final, final destination – we are postponing that trip for as long as possible.) Also, it is not true that certain walking laggards have been left behind, never to be seen again.
4 OLLI Walking Group members each pay the group coordinators a $10 initiation fee and $5 every time they walk.
     This is, unfortunately, untrue. If it were true, the coordinators would be living on the Costa del Sol by now.
5 The OLLI Walking Group members are no fun at all.
     This can be readily refuted by the fact that Walking Group members recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the founding of the group. With great hilarity and camaraderie, we commemorated this great occasion by having a communal lunch last month at a local restaurant – walking about a mile from/to Tallwood for the event.

The above article was modeled after the Five Myths feature in The Post's Outlook section. For photos and details about the OLLI Walking Group, click here to view its web page.

Selected by the OLLI Photography Club

"Lilium" by Don Allen
THIS MONTH'S PHOTO may be viewed in various sizes at this page. To view other photos by members of the OLLI Photography Club, visit the Club's website.
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Climate change lecture at Prince William campus

Full house at lecture on Wednesday, September 21 in Discovery Hall; photo by Thom Clement.
AT MASON'S PRINCE WILLIAM CAMPUS, OLLI and the Lifelong Learning Institute of Manassas (affiliated with Northern Virginia Community College) jointly sponsored a lecture and seminar on Climate Change this past Wednesday – presented by Keith Dixon, research meteorologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Princeton, New Jersey. For details and recommended reading for members interested in this topic, click here for the E-News notice about this joint venture.


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Selected by the OLLI Poetry Workshop

Window Dressing

In the exhibition,
woman in a sari,
yellow, orange, red,
paints what she walks by –
yellow Rajah Bazaar
orange Royal Exchange
red Dollar Plus –
to join her friend in
day glo green illuminating Cricket

Sarah Munson
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Upcoming Fairfax performances, Sep 23 - Oct 2
By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or buy online (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets is at the CFA tickets page.

Michael Feinstein & Marvin Hamlisch
The Great American Songbook
Sat, Sep 24, 8:00
     Two revered personalities team up to highlight popular music from Broadway to Hollywood. Mr. Feinstein—vocalist, pianist, musicologist and foremost interpreter for the Great American Songbook—with his rich voice has been nominated for five Grammies. Mr. Hamlisch—composer, conductor and musical director—has won numerous Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes and  a Tony. He is known for his film scores for The Way We Were, The Sting, Sophie's Choice and Ordinary People and for the music of The Chorus Line. Each artist will play and sing his own choices, then perform together. For details and two short videos, click here. This concert is part of the ARTS by George! benefit (click here for info).
Admission: $70, $55, $40
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a pre-performance artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.
Faculty Artist Series
Philippe Chao, viola
Tue, Sep 27, 8:00
     The performer, Philippe Chao, is an adjunct faculty member at Mason. With four other musicians playing viola, two violins and violoncello, he will perform 18th century music of Alessandro Rolla and Johann Sebastian Bach, and a composition of Johannes Brahms. For photo and full program, click here.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
Harris Theatre

Faculty Artist Series
Kenneth Law, cello
Visions and Virtuosity
Thu, Sep 29, 8:00
     Kenneth Law is an adjunct faculty member at Mason. With guest artist Stephen Buck on piano, he will perform compositions of Maurice Ravel, Robert Schumann and Charles Valentin Alkan. For photo and full program, click here.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
de Laski Building, Rm 3001
Music Faculty Artist Showcase
Fri, Sep 30, 8:00
     Various members of the music faculty, many well-known to OLLI, will present a sampling of their skills, including pianists Anna Balakerskaia, Kelly Ker-Hackleman, Linda Monson and Patricia Parker; sopranos Lisa Berger and Kate Hearden; percussionist John Kilkenny; and Larry Snitzler on classical guitar.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
Harris Theatre
School of Music Alumni Concert
Sat, Oct 1, 4:00
     A band/orchestra concert will run simultaneously with a choral concert as part of Alumni Weekend. Among the featured conductors for the band/orchestra will be Anthony Maiello, Mark Camphouse and Brian Wuttke. Featured conductors for the chorus will be Stan Engebretson and Lisa Billingham. For photos and more info, click here.
Admission: Free, non-ticketed
de Laski Building
Kings of Salsa
Sat, Oct 1, 8:00
     The young Cuban choreographer, Roclan Gonzalez Chavez, will bring a spicy blend of street salsa, Afro-Caribbean hip-hop, contemporary dance and Cuba’s classics: the mambo, rumba and cha-cha-cha. A nine-piece brass band will enhance the energetic dancing. For details and video, click here.
Admission: $46, $38, $23
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a pre-performance artistic discussion on Grand Tier III

Upcoming Manassas performances, Sep 23 - Oct 2 
By Sheri Siesseger, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 or click "Buy Tickets" at the event listing in the calendar (phone and online orders are handled by tickets.com; a service charge applies) – or visit the box office in the lobby of the Hylton Performing Arts Center on Mason's Prince William Campus in Manassas, Wed-Sat, noon to 6:00. More info on tickets is at the ticket purchase page. Note: Two OLLI members have advised E-News that tickets for events at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas are also routinely available at the Center for the Arts box office on the Fairfax campus, open Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00.

Alexandria Harmonizers
Road to Harmony
Sat, Sep 24, 2:00 and 7:30
     This DC-area a cappella-performing chorus has performed at the Supreme Court, the White House and Carnegie Hall. They are 2010 bronze medalists of the International Barbershop Harmony Society (IBHS). They will be joined by Crossroads, the 2009 IBHS quartet champions and Da Capo, the 2011 Harmony Sweepstakes Champions. Click here to watch a video on the Harmonizers' website.
Admission: $25, $30, $35
Merchant Hall
Vpstart Crow
The Mousetrap
Preview event, Thu, Sep 29, 8:00
Fri, Sep 30, 8:00
Sat, Oct 1, 8:00
Sun, Oct 2, 2:00
Fri, Oct 7 and Sat, Oct 8, 8:00
Sun, Oct 9, 2:00
     The Hylton Center’s Resident Arts Partner Vpstart Crow presents the Agatha Christie murder mystery.
Preview is free, non-ticketed
Admission: Adults $20, Students and Seniors $15
Gregory Family Theater
Hylton Family Series
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical
Sat, Oct 1, 4:00
     Based on a Caldecott Award-winning picture book, this event is presented in partnership with the Kennedy Theater for Young Audiences on Tour. The book's author, Mo Willems, an Emmy Award winner, teams with Michael Silversher, a Grammy Award-winning composer to tell the tale of a little girl, her father and her favorite stuffed animal. It could be a nice outing with grandchildren.
Admission: $15 Adults, $5 Children
Merchant Hall
Kings of Salsa
Sun, Oct 2, 4:00
     Acclaimed young Cuban choreographer Roclan Gonzalez Chavez has fashioned this program with dancers and musicians from his native country. The performance includes cool street salsa, Afro-Caribbean hip-hop, contemporary dance and classics such as the mambo, rumba and cha-cha.
Admission: $30, $38, $36
Merchant Hall

Upcoming non-class events at OLLI
THE FOLLOWING LIST covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office, with direct web links added when available. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource group meetings. For more activities specifically related to the Loudoun site, see Roberta Sherman's latest Loudoun Notes (pdf). For more activities specifically related to the Reston site, see Sharon Gilman's latest Eye on Reston (Word document).
     Note: The below list is accurate as of mid-week but for the very latest information, please see Upcoming Non-Class Events to view the real-time OLLI online calendar maintained by the office.
Fri Sep 23   9:00am   Travel Club - Cottage
     10:00am   New Member Coffee - TA-1
     10:00am   Loudoun Classic Fiction Book Club - Room 205
     10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11:00am   Homer Club - Annex
Mon Sep 26   11:30   New Member Coffee - Loudoun Social Room
Wed Sep 28   1:45pm   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3
Fri Sep 30   10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11:00am   Homer Club - Annex
Wed Oct 5   1:45pm   Special Events Resource Group Meeting - Annex
     1:45pm   Tallwood Bridge Club - TA-3
     2:00pm   History Club - TA-2
Thu Oct 6   11:15am   Loudoun Program Committee Meeting - 236
Fri Oct 7   10:00am   Recorder Consort - TA-2
     11:00am   Homer Club - Annex
     1pm   Flu Shot Clinic - Tallwood
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