OLLI E-News #36-08 of September 26, 2008
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> ABOVE IMAGE: Last Friday's reception for Ann Hartmann; photos by Gordon Canyock.
> REMINDER FOR TEACHERS USING LAPTOPS: Our presentation mouse will allow you to remotely control PowerPoints; have a staff member or a "Swiftie" set it up before your class.
TABLE OF CONTENTS: FRI, SEP 26, 2008             Read about OLLI E-News
> MASON TREATS US WELL! From the executive director. By Thom Clement
> BOARD HIGHLIGHTS. Report on last week's Board meeting. By Kathleen Meyer


Our new Tallwood Administrator and Registrar.

Update on Saturday's events
and a reminder.
> THANK A TEACHER. Expressions of gratitude mean a lot. By Bruce Reinhart
> INOVA FLU SHOT CLINIC AT OLLI. Mark your calendar for Fri, Oct 17.
> OLLI MILITARY OUTREACH. An update. By Helen Goff

> AMERICA AND THE WORLD. About course #702. By Gordon Canyock
> TWO BRIEF NOTICES. History Club meeting; Cold-War conference.
> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other events at nearby Mason. By Barbara Kyriakakis
> COMING ATTRACTIONS. Non-class events through Oct 10.
A Profile of Doris Bloch, Co-Chair of the Language, Literature and Theater Resource Group.
By Elizabeth Crawford

at Mason.

By Jan Bohall

From the executive director
By Thom Clement, Executive Director
ALTHOUGH MANY OF US TAKE IT FOR GRANTED, we should be mindful of our outstanding relationship with George Mason University. Our relationship began with the founding of OLLI in 1991 and was strengthened when the University allowed us to use the Tallwood facilities in 1994. According to the Affiliation Agreement signed in 2006, we have the use of Tallwood for $1 per year! The University also pays for regular maintenance and housekeeping. We also have use of the wonderful classrooms in the Loudoun-GMU campus building at no cost.
     At its June meeting, the OLLI Board of Directors directed me to find ways to "spruce up" the social room and annex at Tallwood. President Pat Carroll and I visited with Mason's Director of Maintenance Operations to discuss our needs. Within days, I met with the Assistant Director, and we had an agreement to replace all of the carpeting at Tallwood and to repaint most of the walls at no cost to OLLI! We expect most of that work to be accomplished shortly after the end of the fall term.
     During this process, I inquired about the possibility of adding gravel to the grassy area next to the pool to gain some parking space at Tallwood. Mason provided a reasonable estimate for the work, the Board approved funds from the Friends of OLLI last Friday (Sep 19), and the work was completed this past Tuesday (Sep 23)!

New parking area below the 'loop' at Tallwood; photo by Gordon Canyock.
     I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Mason treats us well and join with me in thanking them whenever possible.
Report on last week's Board meeting
By Kathleen Meyer, Secretary
ON FRI, SEP 19, THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MET for its regular monthly meeting. Reston Coordinator Al Roe presented an update on the Reston organization and its focus. Of interest were his emphatic re-affirmation that Reston is not interested in becoming independent or having a different dues structure than Tallwood. According to Al, 196 full OLLI members reside in a Reston-associated ZIP Code (Reston, Oakton, Herndon and western Vienna); this represents 26 percent of OLLI membership and generates $68,600 in revenue vs. $21,500 in direct Reston expenses (e.g., the OLLI employee at Reston, rent of church spaces).
     Executive Director Thom Clement reported that there are now 756 full members (i.e., $350 in annual dues), a slight increase over this time last year. Thom also announced that he has arranged for Mason to re-carpet Tallwood and re-paint most of the walls later this year at no cost to OLLI.
Loudoun program.
     Treasurer Gordon Canyock advised the Board that he believes the executive director has an impossible assignment in trying to achieve a balanced budget (revenue equal to expenses) for the Loudoun pilot program during 2009. The fall 2008 registration of some 72 Loudoun members at $125 each raised approximately $9,000 -- enough to put the Loudoun program in the black (no deficit) for 2008 -- but this new Loudoun dues structure makes it very difficult to raise enough money to match expenses during 2009. Gordon asked the Board to consider two possible options: 
    1.  Eliminate local staff support, which would reduce expenses by almost two-thirds; however, Gordon feels not having staff support would effectively kill the Loudoun program because it would not be able to continue to operate effectively.
    2.  Allocate $5,000-$7,000 from either Friends of OLLI or income from the Osher Endowment to fund Loudoun over the next year or two to give it a chance to get on its feet and become self-sustaining, either as a fully integrated part of OLLI or as an independent entity.
     Gordon posed the matter this way: Did the Osher Foundation give us the $1-million endowment so that we could keep our dues down, or did the Foundation expect OLLI to use the endowment's income to expand our outstanding program?
     Development Committee Chair John Woods proposed that the Board authorize up to $3,000 from the Friends of OLLI account to put gravel on part of the grassy area below the 'loop' for additional parking spaces; this project would make the area usable during the winter and when the area is soggy. The Board approved the resolution.
     The next Board meeting will be held at Tallwood at 10:00 on Fri, Oct 17. All members are invited to attend.
Our new Tallwood Administrator and Registrar

OLLI MEMBERS MAY HAVE NOTICED A NEW PERSON bustling around the Tallwood classrooms this week. As of Mon, Sep 22, Maria Buczek (pronounced BU’ zeck) is the Tallwood Administrator and OLLI Registrar. She is replacing Ann Hartmann, whose last day was Sep 19. Maria’s primary responsibilities when classes are in session will be to coordinate the setup for each classroom and handle correspondence and scheduling. She will also process registrations throughout the year.
     Maria’s most recent work experience has been managing office operations for DB & A, Inc., a small business and technology consulting firm. Prior to that, she worked with three real estate firms as a Realtor and as an appraiser. She also has experience as a sales assistant to brokers in E.F. Hutton & Company. She is happily married to Dave, has three wonderful school-aged children -- Tyler (16), Daniel (12) and Natalie (10) -- and lives in the Franklin Farms community, Oak Hill, Virginia.
     We are happy to welcome Maria to the wonderful world of OLLI! Please introduce yourself when you have a chance.

Contributed by Executive Director Thom Clement. Photo of Maria by Gordon Canyock.
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Expressions of gratitude mean a lot

By Bruce Reinhart, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Resource Group Co-chair
NOW THAT WE HAVE ANOTHER WONDERFUL FALL TERM UNDERWAY, it is time to show our appreciation by thanking our teachers and our coordinators for the hard work they have contributed to make these courses available. Let us not forget that OLLI is a voluntary organization, and expressions of gratitude mean a lot to all who give voluntarily for the welfare of others.
     When The Bernard Osher Foundation gave us the endowment of $1,000,000, its leadership said that OLLI at Mason has "a mature program that serves as a model for others." That is our legacy. We need to thank all those who give of their time and efforts to make our legacy live.
     You can thank a teacher or coordinator personally, or you can send him or her an email or written thank-you note. For email and postal addresses and phone numbers of OLLI members, consult the online Membership Directory (log in to the Registration Portal); for non-OLLI members such as Mason instructors, you can send your email or note to the OLLI Office for forwarding, or you can ask the office for their contact information.
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FLU SHOTS WILL BE GIVEN 1:00-3:00 on Fri, Oct 17, in the Tallwood Annex. Please sign up for a time slot beginning Mon, Sep 29.
     You may email olli@gmu.edu or call 703-503-3384 to request a time slot. Cost is $25 (cash or checks payable to INOVA but no credit cards). Medicare Part B is accepted as full payment.
     Further information about flu shots is available by calling the 24-hour "Fight the Flu" Hotline at 1-877-895-5BUG or on this Inova Web site: www.inova.org/flu.

An update
By Helen Goff, OLLI Liaison to Mason Military Outreach Committee
THE MASON MILITARY OUTREACH TOOK A BREAK for most of the summer. We only had one activity: a barbecue catered by Famous Dave’s Barbecue for military personnel in long-term recovery at the Mologne House (shown at right) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Those volunteering visited with the service members at the barbecue who wanted company, or we respected those military personnel who wanted to be left to their thoughts.
     The veterans ranged in age from 19 to 77. The oldest veteran needed help with his laptop computer, so the young George Mason University volunteers helped him get his computer up and running while he enjoyed the great food. Not being all that good with software glitches, I put my time into discussing the 1969 Camaro that I owned many, many years ago with a 19-year old veteran. This veteran suddenly became interested in talking when he realized the new Camaro he hopes to get this fall has tail lights similar to the 1969 version. Some veterans wanted to show off their new high-tech limbs, and some wanted to talk about anything but their current situation. We let our guests direct our conversation and actions.
     Thank you for your continued support of Mason Military Outreach. OLLI has donated a total of $210 towards mailing boxes of donated items to our troops and two boxes and two shopping bags full of items to fill the boxes. The dollar contributions that go into the can in the OLLI office help to ensure that there is funding to mail the boxes and makes a huge difference in what can be done to support the soldiers.
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About course #702

By Gordon Canyock, Communications Committee Chair
THIS PAST MONDAY, COURSE #702 ("AMERICA AND THE WORLD") coordinated by Carlyn Elder began with a highly insightful analysis of the state of American public diplomacy entitled "Winning the War of Ideas." The guest speaker, retired foreign service officer Steve Monblatt, subsequently provided OLLI E-News with the following list of references for those in the class and other members who wish to pursue further this interesting topic.

Next week's class: "Choosing a President, Can History Help?"
     Since this course is being held at the Church of the Good Shepherd, there is plenty of room for drop-ins, so feel free to attend any class session. The topic on Mon, Sep 29, is "Choosing a President, Can History Help?" by Mason's Richard Norton Smith, who many of you may have seen on TV during the recent convention coverage.
Photo of Steve Monblatt by the writer


ALERT FOR HISTORY BUFFS – The History Club will meet at Tallwood on Wed, Oct 1, from 2:00-3:30. Don Ferrett will present on "The French in North America, Part 2," a continuation of an earlier presentation.
     OLLI members and guests are always welcome to drop by at any History Club meeting. For more information, see the History Club's newsletter.
ALERT FOR OLLI COLD-WAR WARRIORS – "Cold War Conversations III -- The Prague Spring," an educational conference that will commemorate the events that led to the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact nations, will be held Sat, Oct 11, in Lorton, VA. OLLI member Palmer McGrew is a speaker.
     If you plan to participate, please contact Palmer.

Update on Saturday's events and a reminder

Top: Rod Zumbro and Ave Tombes. Bottom: Rod in the standing broad jump; Ave in the 200-meter run.
Photos by Rod's son, Steve Zumbro, of Zumbro Photography.

SAT, SEP 20, WAS OPENING DAY AT THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA SENIOR OLYMPICS. Participating OLLI members on Saturday included Richard Deringer, Ave Tombes and Rod Zumbro. Especially impressive were the number of men and women in their 80s and 90s participating in Saturday's track and field events – even the shot put!
     Senior Olympics events continue to take place at various venues through Oct 2.
     If you participate in this year's Senior Olympics, please email the editor with a few words about your participation and a photo (showing medals, if any, you might have won).

A Profile of Doris Bloch
Co-Chair of the Language/Literature/Theater Resource Group

By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
MANY OLLI MEMBERS ALREADY KNOW DORIS BLOCH because she is active in so many areas of our organization. You may have spoken to her in the office where she is a frequent volunteer, or you may remember the major role she played in organizing last spring’s successful Silent Auction. You may have walked with her in the Tallwood Walkers Club, which she started two years ago.
     In addition to these activities, Doris is one of the three co-chairs of the Language/Literature/Theater Resource Group and a member of the Membership Committee. These are her efforts to give back to OLLI for providing the classes and other opportunities that she enjoys. She is typical of many OLLI members who see retirement as a time to pursue enjoyable new interests unrelated to their careers. After college, Doris worked as an analytical chemist in the laboratories of Eli Lilly and the United States Pharmacopeia. Following a career change and a stint of several years working for a local computer systems contractor, she became a federal employee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, developing and maintaining chemical databases. After retiring in 2004, Doris moved to Fairfax City, close enough to walk to Tallwood. She joined OLLI in the spring of 2005.
     Outside of OLLI, other volunteer activities include working at the Fairfax City Museum and Visitor Center and reading and sorting incoming mail and paying bills for a visually impaired person. An enthusiastic theater fan who owns several season’s subscriptions, she also often ushers at D.C. performance venues and attends events in and around Fairfax, including Mason men’s basketball home games (for which she has held season’s tickets for over 30 years.) Doris is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of four. Somehow Doris combines all of this with frequent travel.
     Doris is never too busy to listen to OLLI members' inputs for the improvement of our programs and encourages everyone to become involved in our activities as a way to get to know others.
Photo of Doris by Gordon Canyock
Upcoming performances at Mason, Sep 27-Oct 5

By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
FOR TICKETS, call 1-888-945-2468 (phone orders are handled by tickets.com) or visit the Center for the Arts Box Office, Tue-Sat, 10:00-6:00. More info on tickets at the CFA tickets page.

ARTS by George!
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Sat, Sep 27, Gala 5:00, Concert 8:00
     This event supports student scholarships at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Center for the Arts Great Performances at Mason program. The gala starts at 5:00 and features a silent auction of arts-related items and experiences, music by students and faculty, delectable food and beverages, a concert by Mr. Mitchell, and a post-performance champagne reception on-stage with the artist. Baritone Brian Stokes Mitchell has won a Tony for his work in Kiss Me Kate, and has starred in Porgy and Bess, Man of La Mancha and South Pacific among other Broadway hits. He promises show tunes, ballads and such classic love songs as "Embraceable You," "They Can’t Take That Away From Me" and "The Impossible Dream."
Admission: Gala, $200; Concert only, $60, $52, $30
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion in the Grand Tier Lobby.
GMU Wind Symphony Concert
Sun, Sep 28, 3:00
Admission: $10 seniors/students, $15 other adults
Concert Hall
Shakespeare and Company
Sat, Oct 4, 8:00

     In its 30th season, based in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, the company brings Jason Asprey as the brooding Danish prince torn between moral integrity and vengeance, with Tina Packer, the company’s founder and Asprey’s mother, as Queen Gertrude. With a remarkable commitment to Elizabethan language and ideals, the group has gained a reputation for making Shakespearean classics accessible and appealing.
Admission: $36, $28, $18
Concert Hall
Come at 7:15 for a free artistic discussion on Grand Tier III.

Other events at nearby Mason
By Barbara Kyriakakis, OLLI E-News Staff Writer
     Does Ethics Matter? The “Facebook” of Political Leadership (see pdf flyer) – Moderated by WJLA reporter Rebecca Cooper. Tue, Sep 30, 6:00, JC Cinema.
     Astronomy Observing Session – Wed, Oct. 1, 8:00, Research I Observatory.
     Vision Series – "Endgame: The Last Month in Presidential Elections, This Year and Every Time." Speaker is Prof. Jeremy D. Mayer, Mason School of Public Policy. Mon, Oct 6, 7:00, Concert Hall. Free, followed by reception in lobby. Reserve free tickets.
     Human Resources Class – "Don't Be Fooled or Look Foolish Again: Reading and Using Body Language to Your Advantage." Tue, Oct 7, 9:30, SUB II, Front Ballroom. Registration required.
     Mason Investment Series – "Finding the Right Investment Strategy," presented by Christopher Greenlaw, Fidelity Investments. Get the tools and direction to help understand an appropriate investment mix. Wed, Oct 8, SUB II, Room 3.
     Introduction to Library Research – Get acquainted with the basic elements of the research process in this introduction to the George Mason University library system. Thu, Oct 9, 2:00 to 3:30, JC 228.
     Gunston’s Green and Gold CAA Blood Challenge – George Mason’s Athletic Department and INOVA Blood Donor Services will host the Gunston’s Green and Gold CAA Blood Challenge from 9:00 till 7:00 on Wed, Oct 15, in Dewberry Hall, JC. This competition between all CAA schools is to see which institution can donate the most blood within a 24-hour period. Donors will receive complimentary t-shirts and other giveaways. For more information, contact Nena Rogers at 703-993-3594.
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Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks

The following list covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office (see Upcoming Non-Class Events to view the real-time OLLI online calendar used by the office). Note: Board, committee, resource-group and 'membership-type' meetings/events below are highlighted in bold. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource-group meetings (except during executive sessions).

Friday    Sep 26    9:30am    Drama Club - TA-3
         9:30am    Photography Club - TA-1
         10am    Italian Club - TA-Annex
         10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
         10:30am    Classic Fiction Book Club - Cascade Library/21030 Whitfield Place/Potomac Falls
         1:30pm    Homer, etc. - TA- Annex
Wednesday    Oct 1    1:30pm    Bridge Club - TA-3

         1:30pm    Special Events Resource Group Meeting - TA-2
Thursday    Oct 2    11am    Fiction Writers' Club - King Park West Library
Friday    Oct 3    9:30am    Drama Club - TA-3
        10am    Italian Club - TA-Annex
        10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
        1:30pm    Homer, etc. - TA- Annex
Wednesday    Oct 8    1:30pm    Bridge Club - TA-3
         1:30pm    Book Club at Tallwood - TA-2
Friday    Oct 10    9:30am    Drama Club - TA-3
         10am    Travel Group
         10am    Italian Club - TA-Annex
         10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
         1:30pm    Homer, etc. - TA- Annex

Rod Zumbro

Karen Hamilton
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