OLLI E-News #35-07 of September 14, 2007
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ALERTS > GUEST EDITOR OF OLLI E-NEWS. John West will be guest editor for the next two weeks. Please email to him all articles and notices for the Sep 21 and Sep 28 issues.
> COURSE 702/"Politics & Foreign Policy" changes: Mon, Sep 17, (11:30, Church of the Good Shepherd) will feature Dr. Justin A. Frank, author of Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President. The  Oct 22 class will feature Lisa Curtis on The Tension in Pakistan.
REMINDERS > NEW MEMBERS' COFFEE. Fri, Sep 21, 10:30, Tallwood. This is for all members; get to know your colleagues and Board members.
OLLI YARD SALE. Sat, Oct 27. Volunteers needed. Details.
ARTICLES AND NOTICES > WELCOME. From the president. By Pat Carroll
. Tuesday's meeting. By Susanne Zumbro

> FALL FOR OLLI. Welcome new members. By Elizabeth Crawford
JUST WHEN YOU THINK IT COULDN’T GET ANY BETTER… Welcome to Madeline Lynn and Bill Walsh. By Dick Chobot
> OLLI SENIOR OLYMPIANS. OLLI members plan to participate.
. It's just around the corner! By Paulette Lichtman-Panzer.

> SALUTI AMICI. Italian conversation club. By Janet Buck
> TECH TIP. Easily donate your PC. By Rod Zumbro
OLLI CYCLING CLUB. New club being formed in Reston.
DEPARTMENTS > PROFILE. OLLI's Special Forces: Leo Brennan, chair of the Economics & Finance Resource Group. By Elizabeth Crawford
. Arts and music events. By Jan Bohall
> MASON HIGHLIGHTS. Other events at Mason. By Barbara Kyriakakis
Upcoming non-class events.

From the president
By Pat Carroll, President
I WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF OLLI at a meeting of the Board of Directors on Aug 31, 2007. Debbie Halverson felt she could no longer provide the attention that was required because of personal reasons. You have all seen her last president’s message explaining her views. I am very happy to have the opportunity to serve this excellent organization. This is my fifth year on the Board and during that time I have served as vice president, treasurer, Finance Committee chair, Facilities Committee chair, and Planning Committee chair.
      The new fall term starts next week, and I believe we have the finest program that we have ever had. It seems that every term manages to be better than the last. I think the new registration system was a big improvement and a time-saver for the staff. It will become more efficient and effective with further use. The executive director and the staff are always looking for ways to improve registration, so suggestions are always welcome.
     I am sure all of you are aware to one degree or the other that we have an agreement with George Mason for the use of Tallwood Annex and for the university's support. We have just recently completed the negotiation of a new five-year Affiliation Agreement and Lease for the Tallwood Annex, thus we can expect to remain on the George Mason campus with university support for another five years. OLLI members are eligible for George Mason ID cards, which provide numerous benefits. The card application forms and benefit data can be obtained from the OLLI office.
     Also, we are in the final stages of renegotiating a new five-year parking agreement with the pool next door. That should be final by the time this E-News is published.
     I look forward to speaking with all of the members and especially our new members this term.

Tuesday's Board of Directors meeting
By Susanne Zumbro, Secretary
THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING OF THE OLLI BOARD OF DIRECTORS was held at Tallwood on Tue, Sep 11, at 10:00.
     Debbie Halverson and Bob Lawshe encouraged volunteers to sign up and to help out for the OLLI yard sale, which is scheduled for Sat, Oct 27.
     The Treasurer’s report included initial data on fall registration, which indicates that we took a net loss of 31 members. Actual current membership as of Sep 10 was 724. A loss of 31 members translates to $10,850 in revenue.
     Friends of OLLI received $2,135 in contributions during August. Last year we received $3,950 for the same month. The year-to-date contributions this year are $6,100; last year they were $13,200, suggesting that some members may have decided to reduce their contributions to offset the increased dues.
     Dick Chobot announced that Madeline Lynn has been hired as a new site associate for Loudoun and that Bill Walsh has been hired to fill the administrative assistant position vacated by Diana Richards at Tallwood. Bill brings extensive audiovisual experience to the job.
     The Affiliation Agreement and Lease with Mason are now completed, and signing ceremonies are being planned.
     Sandra Driesslein reminded everyone to attend the new members' coffee at Tallwood on Sep 21, at 10:30.
     In executive session, the Board approved the following resolution:

> Due to financial considerations, the contract of the incumbent Executive Director shall not be extended past December 31, 2007.

     This issue is being addressed in a separate President's Message.
     After returning to open session, the Board heard a report from John Woods, chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on ED Job Description. The purpose of the committee is to review and make suggested refinements based upon two years’ experience. A draft revised job description was presented and compared with the original job description of Jul 2005. The committee recommended that Board approval of the proposed job description be tabled for a vote at the next Board meeting after the members have had a chance to review the materials and the draft has been discussed.
     Ben Gold reported that tour buses are now restricted from the vicinity of the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court, and this is causing problems with Ben’s arranged tours of the Court. Permission has now been granted to park on 3rd Street, which is about two blocks from the court.
     The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Wed, Oct 24, at 3:30 at Tallwood. (Please note the time change.) All OLLI members are welcome to attend.

Welcome new members

By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News staff writer
OUR FRIENDS AT MASON and other community organizations have combined the season and the emotion in the title of their festival, "Fall for the Book." Fall seems to have a special significance for OLLI as well. It signals both a beginning of classes and a time in our lives, "these golden days," as the old song goes, that we have chosen to spend together.
     The red dots (not the most obvious fall color, but a fall color still) on the nametags of new members indicate that they too have fallen for OLLI. Please commend them on their good judgment, and welcome--
Ed Alexander

Robert Anderson

Mary Bellamy

Jack Berson

Rhoda Berson

Henry Botuck

Joan Botuck

Pat Bredthauer

Tom Buschman

Marjorie Buzzelli

Richard Buzzelli

Jack Coffey

Don Conwell

Tota Conwell

Pamela Cooper-Smuzynski

Veronica Coughlin

Mary Lou Cunningham

Arnie Daxe

Kevin Deasy

Herb Dern

Barbara Fanslaw

Jennifer Ferrer

Lloyd Fleck

Sharon Gilman

C. Helen Goff

Janice Green

Constance Greenspan

Dave Gustin

Barbara Hall

George Hammer

Oscar Hayes

C. John Hedman

Harry Herchert

Jeanette Hohlstein

Joan Houston

Bruce Houston

Phyllis Huene

Edward Janusz

Marcia Janusz

Pat Jordan

Amy Kales

Lynnea Kowaleski

Gisela Leon

Mary Martin

Marti Maust

Jack McLaughlin

Marjory Melnick

Bruce Mercer

Norbert Michaud

Kathryn Mitchell

Winston Moore

Sonya Mylls

Barbara Nelson

Carol Norsworthy

Anita Ohlhausen

Edward Parker

Catherine Parker

Herb Persil

Susan Poretz

Christopher Randolph

Marilyn Renfield

Martha Rich

Blanche Riordan

Gloria Rothman

Anthony Rounds

Nancy Scarborough

Jacqueline Schroeder

Jeff Sirmon

Julia Taylor

Christa Tedeschi

Ruth Thoenelt

Lorraine True

Harry Tunis

William Walker

Charlene Ward

Virginia Wheeler

Kathryn Wilson

Marianne Zawitz

Welcome to Bill Walsh and Madeline Lynn
By Dick Chobot, Executive Director
OLLI HAS BEEN BLESSED with an extremely competent and professional part-time staff that has won repeated member accolades for its work. To this cast of exceptional characters – Ann Hartmann, Rae Schafer, Karen Nash, and Ann Youngren – we add two new stars: Bill Walsh and Madeline Lynn.
     William C. (Bill) Walsh replaces Diana Richards as the person about Tallwood. But in addition to coffee, cookies and classroom set-up and support, Bill is a technology wiz. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, knows the ins and outs of personal computers through much hands-on experience, and is conversant with the full range of A/V equipment installed at OLLI.
     It might help to explain that Bill was brought to our attention by Paul Howard, the intrepid leader of that new band of A/V warriors called the Tom Swift Squad. Together, Bill and "the Swifties" have been fine-tuning the A/V and sound systems this past week.
     Madeline Smith Lynn, who holds a Master's degree in Literature and Drama and who is a published short-story author, is the new site associate for Loudoun-Sterling, replacing May Rosendahl. Madeline and her husband, Larry, have resided in Hamilton, Virginia for 11 years. She came on board last Monday, in time for the Loudoun Open House, and jumped in with both feet. (A word about the Open House … it was a great event! We picked up more than 10 additional members and a lot of attendees increased the number of courses for which they signed up. Kudos to Sheila Gold and Eileen Duggan, who did yeoman service as co-chairs for the event.)
     An interesting fact about Madeline is that while a graduate student at American University, she was present at the birth of what has become the OLLI at AU. This past Tuesday, Madeline was asked to stand in for a speaker and talked about OLLI at a local garden club. A significant part of Madeline’s job will be to work with the executive director and the Loudoun-Sterling Resource Group to promote the program.
     Please join me in welcoming these two outstanding additions to the OLLI staff. Things have indeed gotten better!
Photo of Bill by John West; photo of Madeline by Gordon Canyock

OLLI members plan to participate -- starting this weekend

Three OLLI medalists from last year
THE NEXT Northern Virginia Senior Olympics will be held starting tomorrow, Sat, Sep 15, and running through Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at various local venues. Here are the names of OLLI members that we know about who plan to participate--

     > Richard Deringer, track events (Sat, Sep 15, Thomas Jefferson Community Center)
     > Nancy Robinson, track (Sat, Sep 15, Thomas Jefferson Community Center)
     > Bill Hume, bowling (Mon, Sep 17, Bowl America Shirley), chess (Tue, Sep 18, Lee District Park), bridge (Thu, Sep 20, Lincolnia Senior Center)
     > George Ewing, swimming (Fri, Sep 21, Lee District Park)

     This is a fun, free occasion. If you have time, come out and cheer your fellow OLLI members!

     > OLLI E-News article (Jul 13, 2007)
     > Northern Virginia Senior Olympics Website (includes schedule of events, times, locations, etc.)

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It's just around the corner!
 By Paulette Lichtman-Panzer, OLLI member
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the six-day Fall for the Book Festival running from Sep 23–28. What could be more enjoyable than seeing many of your favorite authors up close and personal and having an opportunity to ask them questions? The festival celebrates literature, learning, and all types of books (both fiction and nonfiction), poetry, and plays.
      A very short list of the prime time authors includes Mitch Albom, Jonathan Lethem, Alice McDermott, Walter Isaacson, and Rita Mae Brown. For you poetry lovers, there are Nikki Giovanni and Mark Strand. And the best part -- all events are free.
     Meryle Secrest is the bestselling author of nine biographies, including Somewhere for Me: A Biography of Richard Rodgers, Frank Lloyd Wright and Duveen: A Life. Her most recent book is Shoot the Widow: Adventures of a Biographer in Search of Her Subject, and she will be appearing in our very own Tallwood meeting room at 4:00 on Mon, Sep 24. Be there and learn about the many challenges of writing a biography … from overprotective family members, to death threats, to growing too close to her subject.
     Scott Berg is the author of Grand Avenues: The story of the Visionary Who Designed Washington, D.C. He will be speaking in Reston at the Lake Anne Church on Thu, Sep 27, at 2:00.
     Other events will be held at Mason, and OLLI has conveniently arranged for buses to get you there so you don't have to worry about parking. And please take note that Rita Mae Brown is newly scheduled to speak at 6:00 on Wed, Sep 26, at the Johnson Center Cinema.
     If you have any questions, email or call me. 

     > Fall for the Book Website (complete list of daytime and evening events, list of participants, etc.)
     > OLLI events
        >> Bus transportation from Tallwood to Mason with block of seats reserved for OLLI members: Walter Isaacson, Sun, Sep 23, 4:45 bus; Mitch Albom, Tue, Sep 25, bus 7:15; Rick Atkinson, Wed, Sep 26, 4:15 bus (note: this is a new time, with a new location: Concert Hall); Nikki Giovanni, Fri, Sep 28, bus 11:15.
        >> At Tallwood: Meryle Secrest, Mon, Sep 24, 4:00.
        >> At Lake Anne: Scott Berg, Thu, Sep 27, 2:00.

Italian conversation club
By Janet Buck, OLLI member

ARE THERE OTHER OLLI MEMBERS, like me, who miss the opportunity to improve their Italian speaking skills?
     If you are interested in forming an Italian Conversation Club that would meet once a week during terms, please contact me. Once a list of interested members is compiled, a get-together will be arranged to form the guidelines for the club.
     Grazie mille.

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Easily donate your PC
By Rod Zumbro, OLLI E-News editor
DO YOU HAVE A COMPUTER that you want to get rid of? After a little research, I discovered a place convenient to Tallwood where you can easily donate your PC.
     Sensei Enterprises, Inc., 3975 University Dr., Suite 225, Fairfax (a block down from Old Town Hall in Fairfax City), is a "community Microsoft authorized refurbisher." The company refurbishes donated computers for local charities that provide computers to underprivileged families.
     They want only the hardware (no software), and they wipe the hard drives clean before donating them. Just to be sure, I wiped the hard drives myself, using a free program recommended by the Washington Post's technology writer; it's called Darik's Boot and Nuke. You copy the program to a floppy or CD, then reboot the computer so the program starts from the floppy or CD. Takes awhile (six hours to wipe two large drives), but it does a thorough job. Of course, before wiping any drives you would want to transfer all essential data to another computer or to CD/DVD.
     A Sensei employee with a cart took my PC up to the company's offices, and the receptionist gave me a charitable contribution acknowledgment. Point of contact at Sensei is Mike Maschke; telephone 703-359-0700. Disclaimer: I have no connection with or financial interest in Sensei or Darik's Boot and Nuke.

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New club being formed in Reston

INTERESTED IN CYCLING? A new Cycling Club is being formed in Reston. The first meeting, without bicycles, will be held at Lake Anne Coffee House on Wed, Sep 19, at 9:00 am. The purpose of this meeting is to organize the club and decide on such things as frequency, length and pace for rides. We will accommodate riders of all levels and abilities.
     For further details, contact Ben Gold, 703-860-8798.

HERE'S HOW to express your views--
> Publicly (if you would like your comments published in this newsletter): Email your "Letter to the Editor" or "Letter to Ms. Ollie Ettakit" to the editor. Anonymous submissions are acceptable if you provide contact information so we can verify that you are an OLLI member. Whenever an official response is clearly appropriate, the editor will obtain and publish the OLLI response in the same issue so members will have more complete information and a balanced picture of the matter.
     > Privately
          > Contact any Board member or the Executive Director;
          > Send an email to the entire Board (email the editor or the office to have your message forwarded to all members of the Board);
          > Submit a suggestion online or in the box in the Tallwood social room or on one of the "parking lots for ideas" in classrooms; or
          > Contact the office by email or phone (703-503-3384).

Profile of Leo Brennan
Chair of the Economics & Finance Resource Group

By Elizabeth Crawford, OLLI E-News staff writer
UPON JOINING OLLI THREE YEARS AGO, Leo Brennan enrolled in finance courses to pursue his interest in personal money management. Soon he included economics courses as well because they provide an understanding of the local, national, and international issues that affect personal financial decisions.
     A year later Bob Bohall recruited Leo to take over as chair of the Economics & Finance Resource Group, a position he takes very seriously. While all resource groups strive to present courses to enlighten and entertain our members, Economics & Finance has a special responsibility: what members learn in these courses can determine real-life decisions on estate planning, identity protection, or survival on a fixed income.
     Leo and his group share the general challenge to develop courses and find instructors to teach them, but they have an added responsibility--to keep out the wolves who would prey on relatively affluent senior citizens. Instructors in literature courses will not try to sell us a poem, but representatives of financial organizations may volunteer to speak with sales in mind. Leo must set guidelines to ensure speakers present an informed but balanced view on complicated topics affecting our financial well being.
     Leo says, "The only person in charge of your financial future is the person you see in the mirror daily." He is pleased to be in a position of service, to arrange courses that tell members "what they need to know to enjoy retirement."
Photo of Leo by Gordon Canyock

Arts and music events at Mason, Sep 14-23

By Jan Bohall, OLLI E-News staff writer

Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
Dr. L. Subramaniam, Classical Indian Violin
A "Grand" Piano Celebration
All Steinway School Piano Dedication & Celebration Concert
Featuring Mason’s Piano Faculty and Scholarship Students
Dr. L. Subramaniam composed Freedom Symphony particularly for this performance, to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of India’s independence. He is called the Paganini of Indian classical music. The work features his wife, Kavita, said to be one of India’s most celebrated Hindi film singers.   
Sat, Sep 15, at 8:00
Admission: $55, $45, $35, $25
Concert Hall
Among the eight scholarship students who will perform is Min Son, whose OLLI scholarship allows him to combine a piano performance major with pre-med studies. Faculty artists will include OLLI instructors Dr. Linda Monson, pianist, and Professor Patricia Miller, mezzo-soprano; Dr. Anna Balakerskaia, pianist, and Miron Yampolsky, cellist.
Sun, Sep 16, at 4:00
Admission: $10 seniors, $15 adults, students free
Concert Hall
Reception immediately following in the Concert Hall Grand Tier III
Young Artiste Musicale Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel
America—Fascinatin’ Rhythms
Sun, Sep 23, at 6:00
Admission: Free
Concert Hall Lobby
Known for his concerts with commentary, Siegel presents works of Gershwin, Bernstein and Copland. This is the first of his four concerts this season.
Sun, Sep 23, at 7:00
Admission: $38, $30, $19
Family Friendly: Children 12 and under, half price with an adult
Concert Hall

Other events at Mason
By Barbara Kyriakakis, OLLI E-News assistant editor
> Poster Sale - Beyond the Wall Poster Sale in the Johnson Center Patriot Corner on the Atrium level, 10:30-7:30, ends Fri, Sep 14. Stop by and pick up some wall decorations and gifts.

> MASON DAY at the Washington Nationals Game – Mason’s Alumni Association is currently selling tickets for the Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves game on Sun, Sep 16, at 1:35 at RFK Stadium. Tickets: $15; seating in section 518 directly above home plate. Contact Darren Silvis, Office of Alumni Affairs, 703-993-3847, to purchase tickets.

> Constitution Day Panel - "What Was the Founding Generation Thinking?" Featuring panelists Claire Snyder and Jim Pfiffner (political scientists), and Roger Mellen and Randolph Scully (historians). Sponsored by The Democracy Project and Student Media. Panel will take place on Mon, Sep 17, at noon in the JC Cinema. Cake and coffee served afterward. Free.

> Art Exhibit - Editorial Cartoons, curated by Lynne Constantine. Mon, Sep 17-Fri, Sep 21. Free. Johnson Center Gallery 123.

> Visual Voices LectureWilliam Dunlap, "Look at it — Think about it," at the Harris Theater on Thu, Sep 20, 7:30-9:00.

> A Day with Adobe at George Mason University - Patriot Computers, the Mason Media Lab and Women in Film & Video are co-hosting two Adobe CS3 (Web and video tools) workshops on Fri, Sep 21, from 9:00 to 4:30. Parking and boxed lunches will be provided. $10 with Mason ID. Registration required. Contact Charlotte Rinderknecht for more information at 703-993-3988.

Non-class events at OLLI for the next two weeks

The following list covering the next two weeks is extracted for your convenience from the master calendar maintained by the office (see the OLLI Staff Forecast of Non-Class Events for more details and to view the actual OLLI online calendar used by the office). Board, committee, resource-group and 'membership-type' meetings/events below are highlighted in bold. OLLI members are welcome at all Board, committee and resource-group meetings (except executive sessions).

Friday    Sep 14         Confirmation letters received in members' homes
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          10:30am    Homer Book Club - Annex
          11am    Membership Committee meeting - TA-1
Monday    Sep 17         Fall Term Begins
          1pm    Lake Anne Bridge Club - Lake Anne Church
Tuesday    Sep 18    8:15am    Reston Walking Group - Lake Anne Plaza
Wednesday    Sep 19    1:30pm    Bridge - TA-3
          2pm    Genealogy Club - TA-2
          2pm    Special Event 956 - "The War" - TA-1
Friday    Sep 21    9:30am    Drama Club
          10am    Classic Fiction Book Club - Reston Regional Library
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          10:30am    New Member Coffee - Annex
          1:30pm    Homer Book Club - Annex
Sunday    Sep 23    4:45pm    Fall for the Book Spec Event 951 - Bus Departs Tallwood Parking Lot for Harris Theater
Monday    Sep 24    1pm    Lake Anne Bridge Club - Lake Anne Church
          4pm    Fall for the Book Spec Event 952 - TA-1
Tuesday    Sep 25    8:15am    Reston Walking Group - Lake Anne Plaza
          7:15pm    Fall for the Book Spec Event 953 - Bus Departs Tallwood Parking Lot for Dewberry Hall
Wednesday    Sep 26     1:30pm    Bridge - TA-3
          2pm    Spec Event 957 Plant-A-Holics - TA-1
4:15pm    Fall for the Book Spec Event 954 - Bus Departs Tallwood Parking Lot for CFA Concert Hall
Friday    Sep 28    9:30am    Drama Club
          10am    Recorder Group - TA-2
          11:15am    Fall for the Book Spec Event 955 - Bus departs Tallwood for Johnson Center
          12pm    Spec Event 958 Lets Do Lunch - Jaipur Royal Indian Cuisine-Fairfax
          1:30pm    Homer Book Club - Annex

Rod Zumbro

Karen Hamilton
Deputy Editor

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